Saturday, December 25, 2010

Putting the X back in Xmas

Let's put the X back into Xmas

Fundamentalists and traditionalists are always whining about how Christmas has lost its "true meaning" in our culture. Even more galling, from their perspective, is the trend of secularization that allows for public display of colored lights and the general Santa theme, but not nativity scenes. The popular use of the abbreviation "Xmas", beginning in the '60s, prompted their cry to "put Christ back in Christmas".

Of course, anyone who has studied the roots of Christmas tradition realizes that the Christ never had anything to do with it. Decorating evergreen boughs and burning Yule logs hearken back to ancient traditions that preceded the purported Advent of Christ. Because the early Catholic church, as part of their fabrication of the religion known as Christianity, co-opted certain pagan rituals, it is claimed that this holiday and its trappings is primarily about the birth of Christ.

So sorry to have to disappoint my readers, but the charming story about the baby born in the manger is pure myth. The swaddling clothes, the wise men bearing gifts, guided by a strange star - sorry, never happened! If your sense of faith is offended by this revelation, then all I can offer is what part of "metaphorical liturgy" don't you understand?

An objective overview of the Gospel accounts of Jesus suggests that they are meant to be read as liturgy, not history. That much is obvious when one considers the context - authored decades after the purported events, by those who no longer lived in Palestine or even spoke the common language of Palestine. Another clue is found in the tendency to mirror Old Testament prophecy foretelling the coming of a Messiah who was to reclaim the title of King. The Gospel authors make it clear that the details of their story are drawn from the Old Testament prophecies, not from historical record - thus the Christian Advent story is based on romanticized projection, not fact.

Liturgy is nice if you enjoy it. Perhaps it gives you a warm feeling to go to church and light candles and see the nativity scene reenacted, and that's ok. Religion is purely a human creation, and presumably designed to meet certain needs of the adherents. As long as we all understand this, then we'll get along just fine. Problems only arise when religious faithful try to impose their worldview upon everyone else.

Much of Christmas tradition is rooted in Sol Invictus and Saturnalia, with Mithras featured as the God-Man whose birthday was celebrated on December 25. This coincided with even more ancient celebrations of the "rebirth" of the sun following the solstice. From the Druids and Germanic tribes came the tradition of the Yule fire, decorating evergreen trees, and mistletoe.

The Roman observances of Saturnalia became debauched and violent during the declining years of the Empire, but the original premise of celebrating the solstice is rooted in an authentic appreciation of nature.

For me, the only authentic aspect of this holiday season is to observe the solstice as a day when the darkness of winter halts its progression and begins to recede. The sun begins to climb higher and heralds the promise of spring eventually returning.

As for the custom of cutting down live trees, so that they may be dragged into homes and observed as they die, I have this story to tell:

While on business in Billings, Montana several years ago, I read an article in the local newspaper that featured an interview with an elderly Native American. He recalled life as a young boy, living on the reservation. Then came the time when his parents sent him and his siblings to the "white man's" boarding school so they could learn to function in American society. They had to deal with culture shock on many occasions, but most memorable was their first exposure to the rituals of Christmas. An evergreen tree had been cut down, brought into the school and decorated for the holidays. He and his siblings were quite mystified as to the purpose of this ritual. They had been raised to be very sensitive to the nature of all living things, and could see auras around plants and animals. They could see whether something was healthy or ailing based on the aura surrounding it. Here they saw a tree that had been vitally alive, but then cut down and placed in front of them so they could literally see the life force slipping away from it. This made them very sad, but they tried to make sense of the beautiful decorations that had been placed on it. They finally concluded that the decorations were intended to make the tree feel less sad about dying, so they tried using this rationalization to join in the festive mood of the white children.

For me, I'd rather enjoy trees in their natural and living state. I can see no reason to cut them down and watch them die. Like the Native Americans, this only makes me sad.

Thus, my only Christmas celebration will be to look into the southern sky at noon and offer thanks that the sun is beginning to climb again. My New Years celebration is simply to say "I'm so glad December is over!" and then begin looking forward to the progression of seasons into spring and summer.

So, my holiday wishes to all are best summed up with Scrooge's immortal words, "Bah, Humbug!"

If you feel the need for a ritual, then go dance around a tree!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Meme: Secrets Revealed

The predictive linguistics work at has been foretelling for many months that "secrets revealed" would start to become a dominant theme by this time. It began appearing as an unconscious meme in people's verbal output, as if to signal that the collective unconscious knew this was an emerging concept. The recent series of breaking stories caused by Wikileaks confirms that this was a predictive hit.

This is not to over-rate the impact of Julian Assange in particular; he may be the current poster boy for disclosure, but also may simply represent a breaking wave of what is to come. It's not even clear whether his motives are altruistic or whether he has been played by the PTB into taking on his current role.

In a recent interview with David Frost, Assange convincingly projected the image of a journalist fighting for the public right to know about secret policies adopted by governments, which would be strongly opposed if the public knew about them. He described the "tendrils" of the PTB reaching out to cause Swedish authorities to develop trumped-up charges of sexual misconduct, and reaching out to certain journalists to cause publication of details of the allegations from Sweden just prior to his bail hearings in the UK, details which hadn't been officially released and which journalists shouldn't have had access to. On the surface, this appears to be another case of character assassination carried out by certain journalists under secret directive, which is a common tactic of the PTB.

The reaction of certain American politicians has been reprehensible and hypocritical; The likes of Joe Lieberman and John Boehner have suggested that Assange is guilty of espionage and/or treason (treason against whom? He's not an American citizen). AG Eric Holder is reportedly reviewing possible charges to file for extradition once the Swedes are done with him. Question: If leaked documents implicate individuals in high places of criminal activity, should the Justice department just focus on nailing the messenger? Their supposed mission is to investigate wrongdoing, not cover up and protect it.

On the other hand, we must look at the fact that the Wikileaks releases thus far have been merely mildly embarrassing to certain diplomats and foreign heads of state. No major bombshells have been released, and apparently none of the documents were classified as secret. It is rumored and suggested that some bombshells are contained in the multi-GB encrypted file that Assange distributed. Could that be what worries Lieberman, Boehner, and fellow PTB minions? Is this why the Swedes and Brits have been directed to trump up reasons to arrest Assange? If so, why play games with this? If his main motivation is disclosure, why not release it all as soon as possible?

Another chilling possibility is that the PTB manipulated Assange to create the appearance of a "treasonous" and "dangerous" leak operation, in order to orchestrate a crackdown on Internet press freedom. Consider the fact that no real secrets have yet to be disclosed, but some politicians are already calling for a lynching and outright Internet censorship. Remember that one tool of disinformation used by the PTB is to release intentionally some true information, surrounded by a sea of half-truths and falsehoods. As we have seen in the field of Ufology, erstwhile "whistleblowers" disgorging "inside" information, have sometimes been planted by the PTB.

Julian Assange told David Frost that he used his own money to launch Wilileaks and had no profit motive. One interesting question to ask is where his money came from. Did he somehow come into money by some mysterious good fortune, just prior to launching Wikileaks?

The home page at recently displayed an illustration of an opening door, streaming light into a darkened room, containing books with such compelling titles as "Bildeberg Meetings" and "Bank of America". This obvious hint at things to come would be most fascinating to see, but the questions immediately raised are "When" and "Why not now"?

Regardless of what is forthcoming from Wikileaks, the genie is out of the bottle regarding the "Secrets Revealed" meme. This is a building force that the PTB will ultimately be unable to contain. The light will flood into darkened rooms everywhere, and public wrath will be increasingly difficult to contain.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Republicans stand by their principles - such as they are

Former budget director David Stockman has been at it again, irritating Dems and Repubs alike with his embarassingly factual numbers. This time around, he referred to as "silly", soon-to-be House speaker John Boehner's passionate defense of tax cuts for the wealthy .

Republicans think they have been given a new mandate for implementing their ideology in congress, but I'm not so sure that the typical voter was motivated over concern for the well-being of the rich. Rebublican rhetoric on cutting taxes has always been devoid of logic, and they have combined it with blaming soaring deficits on the Democrats. What stirs my ire is that they have never been compelled to explain just how borrowing money to pay for government programs is somehow preferable to raising the needed revenue through taxation. The massive national debt got a huge jump-start from the Reagan tax cuts, then the Bush Jr. tax cuts coupled with an Iraq war charged on credit. Attacking the Democrats for the national debt is really ringing hollow.

There is so much other news to comment on, it's difficult to keep up. The ongoing Wikileaks dump of secrets is rumored to seriously impact a number of large banks. This would be a good thing, even if the markets are thrown into panic mode along the way. The public anger erupting in Ireland offers a glimpse of what could happen here - in this case, the Irish government bailed out insolvent banks that were playing casino and then caught short when the bubble burst. The cost of the bailout is being passed on to working stiffs through cuts in services, tax increases, and - get this - the minimum hourly wage is being cut by an entire Euro. In effect, the bailout of the uber-rich is being paid for by the hardest working and lowest paid folks. It's a wonder that an armed revolt hasn't already begun. The French revolution executed their royalty for lesser cause than that.

I expect that it's just a matter of time before a wave of disclosure hits the financial powers-that-be in this country. Just where did the massive trillions of bailout funds go, which the Fed is now admitted to have doled out from the off-budget "balance sheet"? Word is that European banks got a chunk. And what were the reasons for swiftly infusing trillions into the likes of Goldman Sachs, AIG, and Bank of America? What type of toxic financial instruments, casino-like gambling and outright fraud did the bailouts cover? When the American citizens discover their part in paying for rescue of the rich, things could become a bit tense over here.

If Republicans think their mandate is to simply attack the other party, let them think again. If they truly want to be agents of reform, let them divorce themselves from servitude to large corporations and bankster interests, and begin credible and impartial investigation into the misdeeds that contributed to the financial crash of 2008 and subsequent great depression. If they don't do this, they run the risk of facing the same recriminations as Democrats and anyone else who had their hands in the corrupt money pie. Disclosure will happen, and someone will begin to shout "off with their heads" before long.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toward a Vision of Utopia

As mentioned frequently here, the structures and institutions of the old 3D Earth are decaying and dying. This much is good news, except for the chaos and disruption that inevitably accompany transition between ages. And a major question naturally arises, as to what will the new age look like? What new structures will replace the old?

This could be the basis of a very broad and far-ranging discussion, but for now I will focus on the area of economics.

As most spiritually-minded people are aware, the present economic system is pervaded by evil and darkness, greed and corruption. Some have even called for those who are spiritually aware to begin withdrawing from the monetary system, even at the risk of greatly reduced material comforts.

While I'm aware of the evil and corruption, and the fact that the system is going down, I can't bring myself to embrace a prematurely minimalist and withdrawn lifestyle. Those that do must assume that money is inherently evil, but I disagree. Money is simply a means of exchange.

In primitive societies, barter is the natural medium of exchange. A hunter/gatherer might exchange 10 animal furs for a farmer's sack of grain. A carpenter might fix the cobbler's roof in exchange for a pair of shoes.

In a technological society, work is too specialized and complex to use barter, so money is used as a convenient means of exchange. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. The problems begin when the ego sees the amassing of money as a means of exerting power and control over others, and also as the only means of providing security for itself.

Our capitalist system may be quite efficient at producing material goods, but there are few constraints on abuse that leads to corruption and oppression. The tendency throughout history has been for power and wealth to stratify and concentrate at the top, leading to a landed nobility class at odds with a peasant class. Industrialization only increased the distortions and disparity.

There is a natural tendency for severe disparity to eventually correct itself through revolution, but this is a violent and messy means of resolution. This is something that our own system may in danger of facing before long.

I continue to hope for a "soft landing", where the shift in consciousness produces enough positive change to offset as the old system is in the process of crashing. This may be less than likely if the evil and dark PTB thrash and fight for control to the bitter end.

What would a utopian society look like? Work would be considered to be whatever activity best expresses the soul's creativity. A creative flow naturally results in creation of material wealth and wellbeing, but such wealth would not be measured in the narrow materialistic terms of today's society. Rather than "working for the man", engaged in mundane or stressful tasks, every person would discover their optimum role. For several reasons, unemployment and poverty would not exist (except for those who might somehow choose that experience).

The vast economic distortions caused by greed and accumulation of wealth could be prevented by simple rules that limit how much money and property anyone can accumulate. If everyone were limited to a net worth of, say $250,000, then the ego would lose its incentive to gain power and oppress others. Perhaps saving more for retirement would be permitted, but everyone would need to understand that money is a form of stored energy and there is a limit to how much can be stored and remain static for long periods of time. Wealth is dynamic and needs to be kept in play.

The ancient Israeli practice of Jubilee had great merits, and is something that would benefit the world today. Every 50 years, all debt was forgiven and wealth was redistributed. Pushing the reset button like that would prevent inequitable pressures from building to the breaking point.

However, it's hard to imagine our present leaders instituting reforms like this. Politicians of both parties are thoroughly bought and paid for by the Banksters and corrupt money interests. Leaders such as Patrick Leahy in the Senate and Barney Franks in the House are essentially employees of the Bankster's Guild and carry out their bidding in total disregard of constituent's interests. Now that the balance of power shifts to Republicans in the House, we will undoutedly see business as usual as the money conduits simply readjust. Looks like things will need to come crashing down before any real change begins. I'm just sayin'.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Into the Shift

Having now passed the long-anticipated "tipping point" on November 14, I'm looking about me to determine what, if anything, seems different. No mega-catastrophe was reported, nor the obvious beginnings of a collective slide into Hell (so sorry to disappoint the fundamentalist Christians looking for Armageddon). Since this shift involves a change in spiritual consciousness, it seems reasonable to expect changes to be subtle, at least in the beginning.

Over the following months and years, several waves of shifts in consciousness will be percolating through the world. Following are a number of characteristics that I believe will mark this period in history.


The Earth has been ruled for millennia by dark forces; primarily non-human entities operating through a minion class of humans. The rise in consciousness threatens to break through the darkside's control grip, and bring about true liberation of the human spirit on this planet. Of course, the darkside fails to appreciate any challenges to its control, so expect it to lash out and strike back in various ways in futile attempt to keep a lid on things.

Major events of the next few years will be a product of the underlying conflict between light and dark. At times it may be difficult to make sense of chaotic twists and turns in events as the line of scrimmage moves like a writhing serpent. One example could be in the field of economics: Last Friday, news stories focused on fears of a crashing Dollar, while on Monday, reports were that the Dollar was strengthening and now China reportedly is concerned about its own inflation. Today the markets are down again over fears of debt default by Ireland, Spain and Portugal. There is fear that a major global crash could begin as any one of a myriad weak links gives way, but at the same time happier news is announced for domestic retail sales, employment, and manufacturing. We could be entering a time of slow-but-steady recovery, or staring over the edge of a huge cliff. If it seems difficult to determine a trend, it may well be that there is none. This uncertainty means that really bad things could happen at any time, but equal possibilities favor really good things as well.

Those who understand what is occurring can surf the waves of chaos rather than being swamped by them. The ability to create is enhanced when surrounding elements are in flux, and the shift in dimensional boundaries further affects this. The primary trick is to remain grounded and avoid fear.


The meme of "secrets revealed" is pervasive throughout the collective unconscious at this time. As this wave travels through global structures and institutions, it threatens to wreak havoc. The PTB sense the danger to themselves and their grip on power. As the Light newly shines into dark places, it's a good and necessary part of the Shift, but the resulting wreckage can be ugly and scary at times.

Disclosure means dark, evil secrets being made public. This can include information on government Black Ops, involvement with ETs, human sacrifice by Satanic ritual at the highest levels of society and government, Nazi ideologues still in power 65 years after WWII, the true darkside of major religions exposed, true identity of those in control, etc.

Setting aside for now the more esoteric possibilities, we have the front-and-center spectacle of widespread fraud in the mortgage and financial industry. This has been a huge, well-kept secret until now, but it could be set for unraveling. Several Congressional hearings are now scheduled to investigate mortgage document fraud, and major institutional investors are pressing ahead with lawsuits over mortgage-backed securities. Thus far, the PTB has lined up against common homeowners in their fight to keep their homes. Some courts have been rubber-stamping obvious document forgeries by the banks, as detailed in this article. Despite the government's official program to encourage mortgage modification, banks have made it obvious that they find foreclosure in their best interest, and often use any tactic imaginable to stall and resist helping the homeowner.

The spectacle of beleaguered homeowners being booted into the street as courts and regulators routinely approve fraudulent paperwork should enrage everyone. The problem is that the extent of the fraud has been concealed, so the average citizen passively buys into the bankster's argument that "only deadbeats who don't pay their mortgages are in jeopardy". The evident fact is that mortgage fraud is so widespread and pervasive that many in the know are shaking in their boots. When this scandal is fully revealed, the damage to the banking system will be incalculable. Revelation is coming, because the investors who are discovering that their mortgage-backed securities are nearly worthless are not going to cooperate with the banksters & fraudsters and remain silent.

Earth Changes

This has been touched on in previous posts, and we'll return to it again. A cyclic period of natural catastrophic destruction appears to coincide with transitions between ages of civilization, as evidenced by diverse ancient legends and prophecies. This could involve galactic alignments or the solar system moving through various types of interstellar dust clouds. Physicists such as Dr. Paul LaViolette have speculated on how periodic supernova explosions or outbursts from our galactic center can explain past extinction events.

Whatever the cause, many indigenous traditions warn of earth changes and upheavals as we approach 2012. The alignment of the Zodiac and the Mayan calendar may just be markers in time for some natural phenomenon that occurs on a cyclic schedule.

Alternately, a shift in collective consciousness may be enough to send waves of disruption throughout the Earth and surrounding space/time. Some prophetic sources, including the Bible, refer to this as "birth pangs" of a new age (Matthew 24:8). In any case, earthquake and volcanic activity have definitely increased recently (even more in recent weeks), and the Sun is exhibiting heretofore unseen behavior.

How far the upheavals go is anyone's guess. There could be multiple timelines to choose from, and it could be up to enlightened souls to take charge and begin the healing of the planet. Some ET contactees have been told that it's up to the people on Earth to reach out to their sun and stabilize it before it sends forth deadly flares. This is something that we can do, that has been long forgotten during our millennia of slumber. Now is the time to awaken.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conscious Creation

Andromeda galaxy -  as our own galaxy is thought to look from afar

In my last post, I mentioned how even the celestial hierarchy that we count on to "run things" is unsure of how the massive ascension shift will turn out. Many might react adversely to this prospect, and insist that of course God is in control of everything. I'd like to explore this thought in more depth.

My spiritual understanding has evolved to a place where I see the external God as a concept that has been invented by humans, insecure and desperate as we are for a higher power to be in control.

As explained in my blog profile, my understanding of the cosmos includes a Godhead of sorts, but in the Hermetic tradition of a single, unitary consciousness pervading all that is. We are all splinters from this primordial soul, engaging in the collective illusion of being separate. Those who have chosen to incarnate in physical form on this planet are engaged in a grand adventure.

Channeled sources tell us that ascension is a bold experiment, and as such the outcome is uncertain. This is not really so shocking when one contemplates how each individual life is a bold experiment. Souls tend to arrive here with ambitious agendas, and many appear to fail, but judgment concerning failure should be withheld unless you understand the extent of what was undertaken. From spirit's perspective, no life can be deemed a failure, because experience is what it's all about.

As the present dark Age of Iron winds down, we need to realize that our dependence on a belief that the external God controls everything is really holding us back. It's a scary thought, at least initially: What if it turns out that there is no external control? What if we are - what if I am - in the driver's seat? What if no one is going to rescue us and fix things for us? Welcome to Ascension 2012.

So here we arrive at the core of my point: Perhaps the reason that Angelic Hosts and Ascended Masters are sounding uncertain about the outcome of the Shift, is that the torch has been handed to us. Perhaps it's graduation time for the Human Race. Perhaps the reason they don't know the outcome is that it's up to us to determine the outcome.

If this is true, then it's truly a marvelous time to be alive. The dimensional veils are thinning, and pure creation can happen more easily than ever. This would explain a lot about how my own life has evolved up to this point. It would explain my lifelong fascination with nature, with trying to see the "big picture" in everything, with fantasizing what my role could be if a new world were to be recreated from scratch. This could be what it's all about.

Dolores Cannon reports that the entire universe is focused and fascinated with the ascension process on Earth at this time. Souls have clamored to incarnate and be here at this momentous occasion, which is why global population is climbing past 7 billion.

During coming weeks and months, news reports could become increasingly grim. The old system must crumble and fall in order to make way for the new. It will be disruptive at times. The PTB will lash out in desperate attempt to hold control. The Earth will groan and creak under the duress of change, as the current upswing in volcanic and earthquake activity attests. Today, as the G20 summit convenes to discuss global economic issues, China has already announced a downgrade of US Treasury bond rating. This could be the first shot in the coming economic war.

Rather than fret about our security, we should each be asking of ourselves the question,  "what do I wish to create?" What to create in our personal lives, and also collectively on a global scale. No one is going to step in and do it for us. Earth has a brutal reputation throughout the galaxy, and now we can finally begin to change that. Those who dare incarnate here are exceptional souls, with exceptional purpose. Let's see what we can do with that.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Collectively Holding Our Breaths...

As I've been mentioning repeatedly, something BIG is brewing in world events and global consciousness. By this time next week more should be known.

I'll mention a few likely possibilities that news reports will focus on, but it should be remembered that the catalyst behind it all is the emerging shift in global consciousness.

The major initial story will likely be economic and financial. The ingredients are in place for a major upheaval. The Fed is pushing ahead with a $600B "quantitive easing" which means "printing" of Dollars to purchase Treasury Bonds. Supposedly this improves liquidity and lowers mortgage interest rates even further, but it's been likened to pushing on a string. Many economists question why the Fed is pressing ahead on this now, with nascent signs of recovery already appearing in some sectors. The huge risk is that foreign trading partners will react to deliberate inflation of the Dollar by launching a trade war, and China may retaliate in some fashion due to their holdings of a $Trillion or so in Treasury Bonds.

Overlooked in the reporting by Mainstream Media (MSM) is the possibility that the Fed is taking this action now in a desperate gamble to head off a major collapse in the mortgage market. There appears to have been massive fraud involved with issuance of mortgage-backed securities during the real estate bubble. The word is that major players fraudulently used the same mortgage equity many times over as backing for derivative investments. By slicing and dicing the individual mortgages and rolling into investments that were sold as high-grade and low-risk, the paper trail disappeared so that the fraud was difficult to detect. Now many holders of these securities realize that their true value may be a fraction of the face amount. The banks holding these investments have found it in their interest to keep it under the radar as long as possible in order to stave off a system-wide collapse.

The recent controversy over "robo-signing" of foreclosure documents could be one tip of the iceberg starting to show. Some courts are beginning to insist on the foreclosing bank producing a verified copy of the mortgage note. Since the digital database known as MERS was the black hole which swallowed the original paper trail, authentic mortgage notes will never be found in many cases. Once widespread knowledge of this sets in, the entire banking system could collapse. By many estimates, there are many $Trillions worth of toxic derivatives still floating about. This exceeds the annual economic output of the entire world, so it's difficult to imagine a happy outcome.

David Stockman (former Budget Director under Reagan) was interviewed over the weekend, and he had some sobering math to discuss. Freed now from partisan concerns, he predicted that major cuts in Social Security & Medicare will need to be combined with equally brutal tax increases. In other words, the only choices left are severe austerity or national bankruptcy, and both political parties are failing to address the issue truthfully. Republicans continue to insist on tax cuts for the rich, while Democrats seem to believe that spending can rise indefinitely.

Turning now to a more spiritual angle, many sense that we are moving closer to a major shift in consciousness. Apparently the dark PowersThatBe (PTB) that control the world are also aware of this to some extent, although it's likely that their understanding is distorted. They are afraid that their grip on control may be threatened (it is), so they may be inclined toward taking rash actions.

Another fascinating angle is that many scientific sources have recently surfaced that lend some credence to the New Age teaching that a "Photon Belt" will engulf the Solar System by 2012. This will supposedly result in a planet-wide shift toward a higher dimension. A scientific study released in 1978 recently resurfaced, which describes a very strange "magnetic ribbon" dust cloud in our galaxy that we are moving into. This could be a cyclic phenomenon that the ancient mystics knew of, which results in massive disruptions in the Sun and Earth. The channeled information concerning the Photon Belt suggested that it's made of esoteric, non-physical matter. Of course science has no vocabulary for that (as of yet), but many of the articles popping up use phrases like "unknown", and "no current models explain this" etc. ("Dark Matter" may turn out to be more esoteric than physical.) The Sun is apparently already reacting to the presence of this galactic cloud, so this topic is sure to receive more attention in coming months. Here is a link which summarizes these emerging reports.

Most disturbing for me, personally, is the apparent lack of certainty of the outcome of this shift - even among angels and ascended master beings who make it their business to oversee such things. In her book series "The Convoluted Universe", Dolores Cannon encountered the message repeatedly, that this type of ascension has never been tried anywhere else, and no one of celestial guide caliber seems to be certain of how it will turn out. There is tremendous polarization between light and dark in our part of the galaxy, and moving an entire planet upward in vibrational frequency must involve some risks. Those that continue to choose the dark path must continue their existence somewhere, and can't be forcibly ascended to higher frequency. Some channeled sources suggest that a new Earth is being prepared for the higher frequency ascension, although this might be more of a backup plan in case things really tank here.

My personal sense has been that in recent weeks, a true uncertainty has settled upon the spirit world. It would seem that many things are on hold, and this would explain why many are finding that forward progress of any kind in their lives is difficult at this time. Are others sensing this too? I hear clues in many conversations that others sense something big is approaching - most often this seems to be unconscious by the speaker. The Jungian theory of the collective unconscious being aware of the near future has been exploited by an Internet data-gathering technique at . They predict major turmoil beginning on November 14. Interestingly, a website promoting the late Terrence McKenna's "TimeWave Zero" concept and purporting to offer channeled information, has picked the same date of November 14 as an important "tipping point". 

Perhaps things will look more clear at that time.


Friday, November 5, 2010

In the Aftermath of the Elections

Most are very glad it's over (except media ad salespersons). Whether it resolved anything is anyone's guess. Looks like we're in for stalemate at the federal level and in many states.

Here in Minnesota we are set to endure another recount, this time in the gubernatorial race. If Dayton's apparent victory is sustained through the recount, we will have the odd outcome of both legislative and executive branches switching party control. Perhaps stalemate is not all bad, if it neutralizes the worst impulses from either party. Whoever sits in the governor's seat will face a difficult time dealing with the budget. All the available gimmicks and shifts have been played out, so the only solutions left involve lots of pain.

If anyone thinks that swinging the pendulum back to the Republicans will help resolve the nation's problems, think again. Both parties have been equally guilty of selling out the interests of ordinary citizens and selling themselves to the highest corporate bidders. Shame on them all! Nothing will change until people realize that democracy requires actively holding elected officials to account. Even then, behind the obvious money trails lurks shadowy darker centers of power, who likely won't yield without a fight.

One hopeful element is the Republican resolve to repeal Obama's health care legislation, although this seems rather unlikely. The Dems still hold the Senate and a veto override just isn't gonna happen.

Major concerns on the horizon are the risk of widespread war, a sinking dollar causing trade wars and hyperinflation, and perhaps Earth changes kicking into higher gear. The incidence of earthquakes and volcanoes has been increasing along the Pacific "ring of fire", and faults along the US west coast have been increasingly rumbling.

This is not meant as "doom and gloom", just saying. A major shift in consciousness looms ahead in November, and the physical reality reacts to it. What waits for us on the other side of the shift? Many of us intuitively know something. I have heard certain topics come up repeatedly in conversations, perhaps without conscious knowlede of the implications: focus on local solutions, small-scale cooperatives, Green and Earth-friendly technology. Forget big banks and institutions as they fade from relevance.

Something BIG is definitely around the corner. I can feel it. The past weeks have seemed like a slow-motion daze, as if the shoreline recedes to presage an incoming tsunami.

Here is an interesting link to ponder.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

More On the November Shift


Many people are feeling that something big is imminent. The past few weeks have seemed eerily quiet and subdued, as the tide might recede just prior to a tsunami. Some intuitives sense a major shift in consciousness is just ahead; others warn that it's time to store food and water and head for the hills.

As I've mentioned before, the predictive linguistics technique employed at half past human has been foretelling of major events coming during the period of November 8-12. Just what the events are isn't clear, but they term it a major "tipping point" that will be followed by 3-4 months of "emotional release" in the populace.

We have speculated here on several possibilities, and it could be that several events combine for a larger effect.

Another possibility has caught my attention: The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is scheduled to go online on November 9. A great deal of controversy has erupted over this device, with some credentialed physicists expressing concern. One scientific theory has it that the HSC could produce minature black holes, which could eventually grow large enough to swallow the Earth.

While most physicists dismiss the fears, there could be some reason for concern from a metaphysical perspective. We know, for example, that nuclear explosions affect several energetic dimensional levels beyond the physical plane. This is apparently the reason that ETs stepped up their involvment on this planet following the first atomic blast in 1945, and why many incidents continue to get reported of UFOs deactivating nuclear missile installations.

Rumors persist that the time travel experiments at Montauk have seriously screwed up our timelines in ways that affect everyone. While this might border on woo-woo land for many, it's not implausible to me that black-ops activities could be intruding into the basic fabric of reality in this universe. The geniuses in Atlantis apparently blew themselves into oblivion, and this could be a repeating cycle that ends civilizations.

So the theory is that the LHC could produce exotic particles of matter that affects higher dimensions. This comes at a time in history when a major shift in consciousness is already underway, and some channeled information suggests that this will feature a split in physical timelines.

If the timelines don't split, something has to give as the critical mass of global consciousness tips toward a more enlightened state. The world has been ruled by dark forces for thousands of years. The shift into enlightenment challenges their hold over major institutions of society. The ongoing threat of economic collapse and widespread war should be seen in this light. It could be that more bad news on these fronts really means that consciousness is shifting - old forms have to give way at some point for the new to replace them.

The November tipping point could be financial, as major banks are apparently greatly exposed to fraudulent mortgage investments, and desperately trying to conceal the extent of the risk. The emerging story of fraudulent foreclosure documents is the tip of the iceberg that might about to be uncork in a big way.

Remember that events that are viewed as traumatic disasters by some might not look so bad to others. As the old forms get replaced by new, those of higher vibrational consciousness will welcome this, but those of lower consciousness will think that the dreaded apocalypse has finally arrived.

My own meditations lead me to conclude that there is nothing to fear from the November shift, but it could be an interesting month for news headlines. And, the possibility exists that something major and wonderful is about to be revealed on the spiritual level. Stay tuned.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creation & Manifestation Part 3

Living the Prosperous Life

As I've commented before, the movie "The Secret" was a mixed bag insofar as bringing enlightenment on the topic of prosperity. The implication in the title of this knowledge having been deliberately withheld is ludicrous, of course. While the concept of "Law of Attraction" seems valid, the essential purpose in life would seem to be portrayed as "attracting" expensive cars, large homes, and perfect health. These end results are presented as apparent definition of what a prosperous life means.

In my view of things, the definition of success in life goes well beyond how effectively we can attract the trappings of wealth. I wish The Secret had focused more on learning to recognize the soul's path. While it's true that many suffer because ingrained thoughts and attitudes attract negative results, some of life's challenges are scripted by the soul. There is no simplistic formula for determining what the soul considers successful. Health and wealth are nice to achieve, but may mean little to the soul's agenda. Of course, deprivation and suffering are not virtuous in themselves either.

I  speak as one who has embraced the "Law of Deprivation" all of my life, as handed down from parents and grandparents. Not that we ever experienced true deprivation, but "money doesn't grow on trees" and the "wolf" always threatened to "howl at the door". I've generally lived a fairly comfortable life, with basic needs met, but always felt this was somehow difficult to achieve, and required hard work under stressful conditions.

At mid-life, I began to question my values and beliefs about money and prosperity. The motivation for doing this was prompted by the realization that my soul longed for freedom of expression. While I had a good job in my field that paid well, the thought kept running through my mind that "I'm working for the Man", doing things all day that I wouldn't necessarily choose to do otherwise. At the end of the day I felt drained, with little spark left for hobbies or an avocation. I asked myself what things I'd be doing if not working for the Man, and came up with a substantial list. My angst grew as I realized that some of those items were things that I dearly wanted to accomplish while on Earth. "Don't die with your music still in you" as Wayne Dyer says.

The opportunity came for self-employment, so I took it and traded cube life for freedom - and a lot more risk. I found that working as a consultant still involves "working for the Man", just not in a cubicle provided by the Man.

I began to ponder the philosophy behind money - what it is, how we get it and how we seem to become slaves in the process. I wondered what if we were all handed a chunk of cash and told to spend our time as we see fit. Works for me, wouldn't you think?

As I digested the teachings of Abraham and The Secret, I wondered why I couldn't simply utilize the LOA to manifest a big pile of green ones and declare my freedom. I began to place my hopes around this, but thus far it hasn't happened. However, I remain convinced that freedom is a good thing, and is obtainable.

Here is the sum of my conclusions: Money is simply a form of energy. While Source can supply inexhaustible energy, the human desire to store up money and stash it away runs contrary to the natural laws of the universe. This spawns greed and equates money with power, and leads to some of the darker examples of human behavior. Abraham even commented in response to a question that the stated desire for a large bank acount implies fear of deprivation - the human ego assumes that only a large stash will provide security in the future.

One basic principle that I've only recently learned is that prosperity comes through maintaining a creative flow from your inner core. As Stuart Wilde put it in "The Trick to Money is Having Some":

"It is simpler therefore to agree that one doesn't need security. One doesn't even need a system that favors one. All that is ever needed, is what one already has, which is creativity and energy. You don't have to become immortal to be safe. All you have to do is to acknowledge that what you are right now is enough to keep you safe and more than enough to keep you in abundance for the rest of your days in spite of circumstances, You just need you, comfortable inside yourself."

There is nothing wrong with having money. It's just that money represents stored energy and is static; the soul is dynamic and lives in the moment and is interested only in what is flowing right now. Stasis is generally not a good thing in this life. Retirement may be appropriate at a certain age, but even then those who fail to remain engaged in something generally don't live long afterward. Those whose primary goal is to float in bliss without a care are better served in an astral plane on the Other Side.

I assume that my soul is clever and knows how to pull in what it needs, especially if I open the flow of creative expression. The entire world was somehow created from nothing, and may be nothing more than a projection of consciousness. The precise mechanism of how this works is still a mystery worthy of further exploration. We are brought back once again to the high strangeness of stones and books dropping from the aether onto my desk or chair. Can this be directed to provide items of greater value, such as gold coins or large-denomination bills? Just how pliable is reality? The jury is still out on that one.

We know that thought produces instant form on some etheric level, but it takes a bit more process to actually produce the goods in solid material form. There may be ways of mastering this and conjuring things more directly, but generally some action is required to channel creative energy into useful form, i.e. money that can be exchanged for goods. This action can be a creative inspiration taking form as a businesss venture or inovative idea, but it doesn't need to require drudgery or "working for the Man".

It could also be that our financial system is in the process of disintegratng, as the new wave of consciousness shifts out the old. In that case, those who put their faith in dollars could be greatly disapointed, while the principles of creative expression will prove transferrable to whatever system emerges. Thus it behooves us to get the principles of prosperity figured out in a manner that will meet material needs no matter what apocalypse looms ahead.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Creation & Manifestation Part 2

How the Universe Works

Note: This is the continuation of a discussion on creation & manifestation that began with an account of anomalous manifestations in and around my home. These primarily involve the appearance of numerous polished stones, as well as occasional books and other common objects. One key element of inquiry is that these actions defy the laws of physics as we presently understand them, so how do these things occur?.

Classical physics insists that matter cannot be created or destroyed except within accordance to Einstein’s famous equation, which involves enormous amounts of energy. Material objects cannot change locations except by physical motion through space, although some exotic theories postulate existence of wormholes connecting multiple dimensions. In everyday life, the solidity of matter is a given, and objects are guaranteed to remain where they are placed unless physically moved. Consciousness in any case is but an accidental by-product of random physical processes.

Metaphysics offers a radically differing perspective, which begins by informing us that the solidity of matter is but an illusion. Consciousness is the stable foundation of reality upon which all else is derived. Matter is created and rearranged according to the intent of Spirit.

Previously I alluded to information from such sources as mystical teaching, channeling, NDEs and OBEs. Now an attempt will be made to draw from these sources a cogent understanding of how the universe really works.

Out of Body Experiences

Author William Buhlman originally held the common perspective that all reality is encompassed in the material universe. He held no notion that life extends beyond the physical. However, when he began having OBEs he was stunned to discover a multi-layered reality that extends toward infinity. His explorations confirmed that ordinary objects in physical reality have etheric counterparts extending one or more layers beyond the physical. He also found that the higher energy planes are extremely responsive to thought, and eventually concluded that all physical reality originated as thought.

The following excerpts are from William Buhlman’s “Adventures Beyond the Body”:

“I made several startling observations. First, we assume that our physical surroundings are the stable and firm basis of reality. We view density and form as the ultimate test of ‘real’. But what if we are wrong in our assumptions? What if reality is completely relative to the vibratory rate of the observer?

“Matter is not the center of reality as we view it. Instead, reality appears to be the end result of a series of energy interactions occurring in the unseen dimensions. With each out-of-body experience I realized more clearly that matter is only a tiny portion of the energy environments that exist.”

Speaking of an OBE where a huge engine in an ethereal 'museum' transformed into a brilliant source of light, Buhlman says

“I suddenly understand that I am the engine of my life – I’m the creative force within me…For the first time I realize that I can create whatever reality I choose – my creative power is beyond my comprehension. I now know that I have limited myself by the ideas and beliefs I accepted, and I recognize the need to release all my limits, fears, and expectations.”

Buhlman goes into great detail on his many explorations, and includes his ideas on how physical matter is simply the outer crust of a vast energy substrate composed of intricate structure.

Experiences From the “Other Side” Gleaned Through Hypnosis

To offer an example of the native creative capability of the human soul, the following excerpt is from “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton:

“Since it is possible to create any reality in the spirit world, it is not unusual that some souls wish to spend their off periods in the houses where they lived on Earth. Frequently, these souls prefer to suspend the timeline where they lived in a former life and not expose themselves to huge increases in population and alternations in their old neighborhoods."

"These souls may want to mentally construct an exact duplication of familiar settings around where they used to live, such as surrounding countryside, parks and streets, and any structures which remind them of their old hometowns. They only have to conjure up these places from memory and used directed energy beams for the images to appear. To fully implement these projects created out of pure energy, the assistance of others may be required. Once in place, they will disintegrate only when the soul loses interest."

"The bodies souls had during this time when they lived in certain locations are also recreated by them whenever they are in residence. Souls may wish to add their old pets to these scenes, which I will explain more about in the section on animals.”

Is External Reality Simply a Projection from the Unconscious Mind?

Many native spiritual traditions teach that waking reality is but a dream state, and that true reality originates when we are asleep. The aboriginal natives of Australia believe that nothing exists without first being conceived of in a dream, and they greatly honor and value those who can recall vivid dreams.

In his book “The Inner Guide Meditation”, Edwin Steinbrecher presents the case that the unconscious mind projects what we perceive as reality. He came to this belief from experience in exploring his inner “reality” with assistance from his spiritual guides and archetypes.

Drawing from and expanding on the theories of Carl Jung, Steinbrecher found that portions of our personality that we dislike tend to get deeply submerged in the unconscious mind. This includes the familiar “shadow” concept, but also may include personality archetypes that are so deeply buried that we are unaware of them.

Most significant to consider is the fact that archetypal energies are quite powerful, and possess a strong desire for expression. Those that are repressed tend to project themselves into aspects of our external reality that we find most unpleasant. Thus, the difficulties found in life are thought to result from these projections. Conversely, those areas of life that we find to be relatively satisfying and successful tend to be projected from archetypal energies that find easy expression in our personalities, and that we are at peace with.

Steinbrecher claims to have discovered that virtually any area of personal reality can be changed or improved by locating the archetype responsible for projecting it, and then negotiating a peaceful coexistence with it. He offers a systematic method of achieving this through exploring our inner landscape.

The concept of reality being a projection of the mind harmonizes with a great deal of mystical teaching. Channeled sources such as Seth and Abraham elaborate at length on this theme.

The implications of this are staggering; if no event or condition can be forced upon us by some outside force or agency, then claiming victim status is no longer an option. If every aspect of our personal reality is our own creation, then the inward journey is the most effective means of self-improvement. This process involves waking up and becoming more aware. We have the choice between sleepwalking through life on autopilot, in which case the soul may still achieve some of it’s intended lessons and goals, or of consciously actualizing all of our potential.

This blog and article series is dedicated toward encouraging and facilitating the latter.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Criminal Behavior Behind the Foreclosure Mess

The recent news that major banks have been "robo-signing" inacurate foreclosure documents is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. To add insult to injury, Bank of America has now announced it will resume foreclosure action, having "fixed" the problem. The fix may be in, but the truth is not as it would appear.

Mainstream media (MSM) has not reported much on this, but an explosive issue is behind the difficulty banks are experiencing with establishing chain-of-custody to mortgage notes. That issue potentially involves massive amounts of criminal fraud. As a few astute observers have reported, the real estate bubble culminated in a frenzy of investment in mortgage-backed derivitives. Large numbers of mortgages were often rolled up into something called collateralized debt obligations, or CDO. The original mortgage notes were supposed to be tracked by a digital database known as MERS, but as the CDOs were sliced up and parceled out, the chain-of-custody became less clear.

Real estate securitization was vastly profitable as long as the bubble expanded. Legitimately-achieved profits were apparently not enough for some. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, some CDOs were created using the same collateral over and over - the mortage notes were simply duplicated. Once the data was input into the black hole of MERS, who's to know the difference?

Another layer of complicity was added by the notorious credit default swaps, in which some investors bet on investments defaulting. Some reporting was done on this in the aftermath of the scary crisis in the fall of 2008. For the real estate market, it amounts to betting on homeowners falling into default and losing their homes. This could be one reason why mortgages were agressively pushed for people that couldn't afford them.

What we seem to have now is many banks coming to realize that their real estate portfolios are worth much less than face value. This is not simply due to some individual homeowners defaulting, but rather to the underlying fraudulant or non-existent mortgage note documentation.

Banks like BOA realize that they are better off foreclosing sooner rather than later, even if this depresses the market still further. There is the danger of the fraud being exposed, but also, whoever owns the CDOs on the mortgage securities benefits financially if more mortgages default. Thus, this could explain why the banks have generally stonewalled efforts by homeowners to seek mortgage modification. Many report overcoming numerous delays, lost paperwork, nit-picky requirements, etc only to have the bank still balk in the end without further explanation.

I sincerely hope that the rising tide of consciousness results in the light fully shining on these criminal misdeeds. Some courts have begun to insist that a valid copy of the original note be produced before foreclosure is allowed to proceed. This could result in the extent of fraud being revealed, and could be one reason many banks are not pressing ahead with foreclosure actions and leaving the affected homeowners in limbo. I suspect there is a looming problem that could blow up the entire banking system once it is revealed.

We have been done a serious disservice by our elected officials, who have been bought and paid for by the Banksters. Word was that Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd rushed through emergency legistation that eased bank requirements for notarized signatures on foreclosure documents, to "fix" a looming problem for the banks. Unfortunately this would be business as usual for congre$$.

A congress representitive of citizen's interests would have passed a foreclosure moratorium long ago, and vigorously investigated the allegations of fraud. Perhaps the light will soon shine into those dark places, and the result will not be pretty.

Voters may be about to swing the pendulum the other direction, and return power to the Republicans. It's vital to remember that this really doesn't matter. Both parties line up at the same feeding trough. Both sides speak of change, but change will be recognized only when the interests of ordinary people starts to come first.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Big Shift Coming?

Those who follow the predictive linguistics work at have been wondering for several months what their predicted November 8th-11th "Tipping Point" portends. Cliff High thinks the coming event(s) appears to be of similar magnitude to September 11 2001. He said the data also suggests several months of "release language" following, which is the emotional reaction of the populace to something enormous and paradigm-changing. For an explanation of the concept of predictive linguistics, visit the above website.

Speculation on the nature of forthcoming events ranges from economic crisis, major reprecussions caused by an attack on Iran, to the possibility of a major outburst of solar storms. Let's review the plausibility of each type of event.

The attack on Iran would not be surprising, with the warmongers having been beating the drums of war for some time. However, the likelihood of an actual attack is difficult to assess. For one thing, the sheer stupidity of attacking Iran would seem to work against it. If the warmongering fools go ahead with it, it's likely that nuclear "bunker buster" bombs would be needed to penetrate the hardened underground facilities. This would risk touching off a regional nuclear exchange between Iran, Israel, and US naval vessels in the area. Iran is not defenseless, and likely already has nuclear weapons in its arsenal. We know that Israel has a tremendous nuclear arsenal, and is willing to use them if attacked. The US naval forces in the area would be likely targets if Iran strikes back. Even if the action is brief and limited to the region, the reprecussions would be enormous. The flow of Middle East oil would be disrupted, sending oil prices to the stratosphere. Speaking of stratosphere, any nuclear exchange would spread radioactive contamination around the globe. Life in the US would go on, but the effects would be huge.

The economic threat is a no-brainer, due to the slow descent into depression over the past two years. However, recent trends do highlight the distinct possibility for a renewed crisis, and crashes always seem to happen in the fall. The Federal Reserve recently issued a statement saying that a second round of  "quantitive easting" (the buzzword is QE2) may be necessary to keep the economy from sinking further. This essentially means printing vast amounts of money and pumping it into the economy by means of Fed purchase of treasury bonds. The world monetary system has already reacted quickly to the hyperinflationary implications by causing the dollar to drop precipitously against other currencies. If the trend continues, prices for oil and other imports will escalate, and an overvalued stock market could be ripe for a plunge.

The third possibility is that of a major event on the Sun. Again, there are recent trends that bear watching. The sun has been acting strangely during the current cycle, to the extent that astrophysicists are openly puzzled. NASA has even published articles expressing bewilderment and concern. Within the past few days, an enormous magnetic filament has appeared stretched across the sun, (shown in picture above) prominent enough to see with backyard telescpoes.

One theory is that magnetic lines of force in the sun get twisted and tangeled over time, leading to a cyclic period when pent-up energy bursts through in a dramatic release of flares and coronal mass ejections (CME). If strong enough, these can penetrate Earth's magnetic shielding and cause electrical havoc on the planet. In 1859, a solar storm was strong enough to throw sparks and cause fires at telegraph stations. The miles of telegraph wires were energized by the intense geomagnetic storm, nearly knocking out the only long-distance communication system of the time. If the telegraph system had used today's electronics it wouldn't have survived. It doesn't take much imagination to visualize what could happen to satellites, electronics, and the power grid if the solar events of 1859 were to repeat. The loss of power grid and communication satellites for the weeks or even months it would take to repair infrastructure would certainly threaten civilization as we know it.

Hopefully, the predictive linguistics overstates the significance of upcoming events. Their predictions for next year and beyond are rather dark. My thinking is that their mechanism for glimpsing the collective unconscious mind is picking up fears and anxieties of worst-case projections, rather than hard data concerning what will likely take place. November 8th will be an interesting test of how accurate of a predictive tool this is.

BTW, the PTB evidently feels threatened by Cliff High's work at Someone from within the eschalons of power convinced Cliff's ISP to pull the plug on his web site last week, apparently without visible reason or pretext. The site is now back up on a different server, but this action only adds interest to the drama. What could they be so concerned about?


Monday, September 27, 2010

How the Truth is Distorted


A reader commenting on the last post brought up an excellent point on how Ahmadinejad is capable of speaking clearly and intelligently, but when delivering political rhetoric, he can fall into the same gutter as western politicians and pundits. I would also add that the US media further smears the guy by quoting him selectively to help reinforce that 'whackjob' persona they have projected upon him. Have you noticed they always print photos of him that happened to catch his eyes blinking shut or narrowly squinting? Any public figure can be made to look like that.

The threat of war against Iran is quite real and will be an incalculable folly. The drumbeat of warmongering in the press has been stepping up the tempo of late, trying to build the (misleading) case that diplomacy has exhausted every avenue, while Iran flips off the international community and continues to develop nuclear weapons.

In the midst of this propaganda barrage, mention is never made of how Iran is a soverign nation, which is free to develop defensive weaponry as does everyone else. Many nations have developed nuclear capability, and we have not attacked them for it. Pakistan is an example of a far more dangerous situation, where instability could lead to a militant Islamic faction taking control of the nuclear arsenal. Then we have North Korea, actually having detonated one or two warheads and threatening to invade South Korea. Their "Dear Leader"  is a dictionary definition of whackjob, but no drumbeat of attack plans is heard for that part of the world.

The primary threat that is cited is against Israel, but it's widely known that Israel has its own huge stockpile of nuclear weapons. They developed it covertly and never cooperated with any non-proliferation programs. Nothing has ever been said about this by American leaders. Obvious double standard, but generally not mentioned in press coverage.

One is left to conclude that the PTB have their own reasons for fomenting war in the Mideast, and will fabricate whatever justification needed. This was done for Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Iran.

The reader's comment reminded me of a old post I wrote early in 2009. Here is an excerpt that shows a different side of Ahmadinejad:

Offered here is a dramatic example of the disconnect between reality and what is reported by the MSM: Think of several countries that are depicted as “evil” and in need of “regime change”. Then read the following speech excerpt, and imagine that it could have been part of a sermon in your neighborhood church:

"The Almighty created the universe for human beings and human beings for Himself.

He created every human being with the ability to reach the heights of perfection. He called on man to make every effort to live a good life in this world and to work to achieve his everlasting life.

On this difficult and challenging journey of man from dust to the divine, He did not leave humanity to its own devices. He chose from those He created the most excellent as His Prophets to guide humanity.

All Prophets called for the worship of God, for love and brotherhood, for the establishment of justice and for love in human society. Jesus, the Son of Mary, is the standard-bearer of justice, of love for our fellow human beings, of the fight against tyranny, discrimination and injustice.

All the problems that have bedeviled humanity throughout the ages came about because humanity followed an evil path and disregarded the message of the Prophets.

Now as human society faces a myriad of problems and a succession of complex crises, the root causes can be found in humanity's rejection of that message, in particular the indifference of some governments and powers towards the teachings of the divine Prophets, especially those of Jesus Christ.

The crises in society, the family, morality, politics, security and the economy which have made life hard for humanity and continue to put great pressure on all nations have come about because the Prophets have been forgotten, the Almighty has been forgotten and some leaders are estranged from God.

If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would stand with the people in opposition to bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist powers.

If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would hoist the banner of justice and love for humanity to oppose warmongers, occupiers, terrorists and bullies the world over.

If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would fight against the tyrannical policies of prevailing global economic and political systems, as He did in His lifetime.

The solution to today's problems is a return to the call of the divine Prophets. The solution to these crises is to follow the Prophets - they were sent by the Almighty for the good of humanity.

Today, the general will of nations is calling for fundamental change. This is now taking place. Demands for change, demands for transformation, demands for a return to human values are fast becoming the foremost demands of the nations of the world.

The response to these demands must be real and true. The prerequisite to this change is a change in goals, intentions and directions. If tyrannical goals are repackaged in an attractive and deceptive package and imposed on nations again, the people, awakened, will stand up against them.

Fortunately, today, as crises and despair multiply, a wave of hope is gathering momentum. Hope for a brighter future and hope for the establishment of justice, hope for real peace, hope for finding virtuous and pious rulers who love the people and want to serve them – and this is what the Almighty has promised."

OK, here is the source of this speech: Iranian President Ahmadinajad in his “Christmas Address” to the British People. What, it didn’t run in your newspaper? The talking heads on Fox didn’t show clips of the speech? How can this be? The press covered it in other parts of the globe.

I saw a few stories mentioning the speech, along with adjectives like “disgusting” and “insulting”, but with no actual copy included. Can’t have that; guess that wouldn’t support the establishment line that Iran is led by a crazed warmonger who is a threat to world peace. Even worse: What if some of his words actually make sense? Can we allow people to be subjected to this? Can people be entrusted with raw data and be allowed to do their own critical thinking?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sometimes The Truth Hurts

News item: Iranian president Ahmadinejad addresses the UN general assembly, and delivers some plain talk about who was behind the 9/11 attacks. This resulted in the US and many allies walking out of the session. Predictably, the mainstream media (MSM) took the opportunity to once again paint Ahmadinejad as a whackjob crackpot.

My take on it: The MSM has virtually blacked out any reporting of research and evidence that discredits the official account of what happened on 9/11, despite the fact that the official account reads like a fanciful but poorly constructed "conspiracy theory". It must be highly embarassing to the PTB that a foreigh head of state could get a few contrarian words in edgewise, as it were. Whatever might be otherwise thought of him, at least he is not subject to censorship by the MSM and PTB.

MSM reports will be sure to mention that Ahmadinejad is also a "holocaust denier" and this supposedly discredits anything else he might have to say. Well, let's just say that there is scant evidence supporting holocaust denial, but tons of independent research that questions the credibility of the government's 9/11 explanation. If he states that roses are red, are you going to therefore conclude they must be blue?

Some things are rather obvious.

Friday, September 17, 2010

creatio ex nihilo

creatio ex nihilo : Creation out of Nothing

No, this isn't a spell from Harry Potter.It's the concept that God created the universe from nothing. It gained traction during the early Christian church, even though the phrase does not appear anywhere in the Bible. This was perhaps prompted by a desire to discredit Gnostic ideas that the material world is inherently evil.

The concept of creation seemingly out of nothing is fascinating. What is the true nature of physical matter? I am curious to understand it in relation to the hierarchy of dimensions within commonly held spiritual thought. The science of physics has its own theories of multiple dimensions. Although some great minds are attempting to merge science and spirituality together, it's still a work in progress. I don't feel the need to choose one over the other, but simply note that each discipline has its own tools for gathering data. At some point the data tends to converge.

Those adept in spiritual thought are aware of higher dimensions being the realm of spirit, while our physical lives take place in the relatively dense dimension of matter. While traditional Christianity really downplays the role of spirit in human incarnation, the interaction between spirit and flesh forms the core of my spiritual philosophy. The basic concept is that spirit, which is the soul, temporarily forgoes the trappings of its higher dimensional home to experience life on the dense physical plane.

There are many sources of information regarding existence on the higher spiritual planes; these include near-death experiences (NDE), recall of the soul's life-between-lives through hypnosis, channeled information from discarnate beings (ascended souls, ETs or angels), and conscious exploration of higher dimensions via out-of-body experiences (OBE).

The gist of all collected information essentially tells us that the existence of the physical universe is maintained by the consciousness that pervades everything - call it God or Source or "spirit in the sky" if you wish. The Source consciousness is constantly creating, and since souls are really fragments of the central Source, we are all creators as well.

In the spiritual realm, creation occurs at the speed of thought, for this is a fundamental characteristic of the soul entity. When the soul incarnates into physicality (i.e. you and I living on the Earth as humans), tremendous limitations begin to apply. Of course, this is intentional, for it has to do with the very reason we are here (see this earlier post). Creation still takes place, but at a much slower pace. So slowly that we generally remain unaware of our role in shaping the physical reality around us. The fact is that everything in our personal world and environment has been created by us and by consensus of everyone else we interact with.

I would like to explore the very mechanism by which we create and mold the daily reality around us. The strange materializations reported in this earlier post have added fuel to my curiosity. How do solid objects spontaneously move from one location to another? How do mystics from India or Tibet embed a fork into a solid table as if it were putty? They obviously have developed conscious control as their minds interact with matter.

More to come on this.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things That Go Bump in the Night revisited

This tale is likely to be an ongoing saga. Many thanks to those who are leaving comments, which I read with great interest.

At this point, the most plausible explanation for the anomalous materializations is the thinning of dimensional boundaries and subsequent overlay of one or more alternate dimensions. There may be something in this particular location that predisposes for this activity, and the proximity of psychically active minds seems to help.

To those who suggest that demonic activity is involved, let me just say when you're brainstorming, you can't reject anything out of hand. However, having met demons in person on occasion, it's hard to mistake their signature dark energy for something else. It's like a black hole, and I think Christians tend to give them too much credit for guile and subtlety. They're about as subtle as a brick hitting you in the head.

For those wondering (perhaps humorously?) whether materializations at my house is connected to disappearances at yours, certainly this gets me to thinking. Are the objects a fresh creation from energy, or simply relocated from somewhere else? Does someone now have corresponding objects missing? Did some bookseller come up short on inventory? If the gold coins I seek finally show up, does an investor somewhere wonder who got into their vault?

I'm certainly not out to steal from anyone, and would prefer to think in terms of unlimited energy from Source creating unlimited supply of material needs. Hopefully this is what we are learning to consciously do. Author Ann Albers likes to point out that demons are simply misguided entities that are cut off from source because they deny the existence of Source. If you don't believe in Source, then your alternative is to conclude you must steal your energy from elsewhere, and that's what they do. Conversely, if you believe in Source, you can create abundance and have enough to give away.

My focus is on exploring the specific mechanism by which the material universe is created from energy and conscious thought. Seth covered this topic thoroughly in "Seth Speaks" and "The Nature of Personal Reality":

"The objective world is the end result of inner action. You can indeed manipulate the objective world from within, for this is the means and definition of true manipulation..."

"Thoughts and images are formed into physical reality and become physical fact. They are propelled chemically. A thought IS energy. It begins to produce itself physically at the moment of its conception."

"Your spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness, to help create a dimension of reality of colors and form. Your spirit was born in flesh to enrich a marvelous area of sense awareness, to feel  energy made into corporeal form. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body. You are here to aid in the great expansion of consciousness. You are not here to cry about the miseries of the human condition, but to change them when you find them not to your liking through the joy, strength, and vitality that is within you; to create the spirit as faithfully and beautifully as you can in flesh."
Seth even states in "Seth Speaks" that certain locations are more inclined to produce manifestation more quickly, and mentions Minneapolis/Saint Paul as one. (Where I live).

The flip side to this is the possibility that negative thoughts can produce unpleasant manifestations. The old sci fi flick "Forbidden Planet" comes to mind, where an alien machine turned thoughts into reality. The mad-scientist type experimenting with it discovered to his dismay that his Freudian "Id" mind created the monster that killed off nearly everyone else.

In future articles I'll be exploring the topic of creation and manifestation, and how to create the abundant life. I'm still in the process of learning how to do this, but I'll share as I'm learning. The strange manifestations around me are the perfect laboratory in which to explore. Hopefully it can be consciously directed. If it's us doing it, then why not? If not, then who is?