Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Economic Crisis?

The markets reacted favorably to the latest announced European bailout agreement for Greece, but reaction on Greek streets went opposite. The terms called for increased austerity measures, which in plain terms means the common people get screwed to pay for the sins of the Banksters. Just how much austerity can be forced the "PIIGS" nations of Europe without open rebellion remains an unanswered question.

Back on the domestic front, Republicans walked out of congressional budget negotiations because Dems offended them by broaching the dreaded T word. This time it was the suggested phase-out of certain tax breaks that benefit wealthy corporations and individuals that wedged Republican shorts into a bind. Again I'll ask the rhetorical question of why Republicans think borrowing is better than taxation. Why is the ending of tax loopholes that benefit a wealthy few considered a tax increase?

The debt situation in this country is becoming so dire that one wonders how soon the IMF will be dictating austerity terms to the United States. What will be the response in our streets? It certainly behooves congress to address the escalating national debt while we still posess some sovereignty. However, the solution required goes beyond spending cuts or tax increases. The interest on the debt alone threatens to reach gridlock levels. It's difficult to foresee an end game that doesn't involve default or hyperinflation. The present system is unsustainable, and perhaps was designed that way intentionally.

The opening phase of Great Depression II has been relatively painless due to extended unemployment benefits and other safety net programs. The initial stimulus spending facilitated denial for a time, but a new phase is about to begin in which the harsh reality is fully revealed. This appears to be a necessary aspect of the ending of the pesent age.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

The New Digital Divide

John Rash writes in the Star Tribune about the "New Digital Divide", which doesn't involve income disparity or socio-economic status, but refers instead to the widening partisan polarization associated with digital media. The part that caught my eye was how liberals and conservatives tend to view the world from increasingly divergent perspectives. The article discusses how the proliferating choices in alternative media may be either cause or effect.

Of course, the increasing polarization in politics is of concern, especially when deeply divided legislators at state and national levels must resolve thorny economic issues. The result is often stalemate and impasse, as is presently the case here in Minnesota.

Rash points out that 40 years ago, political opponents at least agreed on the basic facts of an issue, whereas today opposing camps come from differing views of reality. Depending on one's version of reality, raising taxes to balance the budget could be seen as a necessary annoyance or extremely detestable. Common sense asks why the two sides can't split the difference and avoid a nasty shutdown of government, but within each polarized version of reality, the obvious compromise solution doesn't seem so apparent.

Rash also touched on the increasing tendency to view fundamental facts of science through an ideological lens. Quoting Seth Lewis, he writes "The idea of empiricism is being questioned as never before."

While it's regrettable that Christian Fundamentalists wish to replace scientific theory with religious beliefs, this issue is not so simple. What Rash and Lewis are leaving out of the discussion is that there are divergent views of reality because stratified power structures in science, medicine and academia have often suppressed open-minded inquiry and alternative research. Paradigm defense generally takes precedence over exploration of new ideas, so innovators are marginalized and not published. Because alternative media can provide ordinary people with access to alternative thought and research, it's only natural that distrust of mainstream information would increase.

Plausible examples of alternative science abound, from Michael Cremo's Forbidden Archeology, Richard Hoagland's exposé of NASA concealment of ancient artifacts on the Moon and Mars, or even Minnesota physicist James McCanney's theories on the electrical nature of the solar system.

Is it a problem that many are beginning to distrust the mainstream oracles of truth? Or is this simply a reflection that critical thinking is not dead and that alternative media allow free thinkers to cast their nets a bit wider? I guess the answer depends on which version of reality you embrace.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Perceiving Reality

This photo is of my maternal Grandfather, who died about 20 years ago at age 95. On his birthday in mid-October last fall, this photo mysteriously opened itself overnight on my computer. When I turned on the monitor in the morning, his face greeted me. I had forgotten that images scanned from a photo album were even on that computer, and the file names consisted of the long numerical format assigned by digital cameras. Unless viewing thumbnails, no one would guess what each picture contained. As if to make sure this trick had caught my attention, the same thing was repeated the following morning. Some intelligence had picked out the proper image from among several hundred, and opened it on the desktop,

This is an example of the many anomalies that happen frequently in our home, and is not particularly remarkable or unusual in itself. Objects frequently move, polished stones appear from thin air, and our little dog Sophie somehow routinely moves her favorite chewy treats into the far end of my pillowcase or under the bottom bed sheet at bedtime. She accomplishes this while appearing to be curled up and sleeping. Quite a trick.

This is my reality. Is it shared by anyone else? I've collected a few stories in response to my blog articles, but I suspect that for most people, these anomalies would not fit into their definition of reality. As pointed out repeatedly in the channeled Seth material, reality is uniquely perceived by each individual, and yet there is a collective version of reality experienced by most everyone.

This blog is largely about how I perceive reality, and the tentative conclusions reached by my analysis of it. I consider this to be a spiritually-oriented blog, despite commenting frequently on news items or political subject matter. I view my reality through a deeply spiritual lens, and am convinced that we are experiencing a remarkable shift on our planet as one age ends and another begins.

I've made frequent mention that our nation plays a leading role in the "The Evil Empire", for understanding this is vital for understanding the Shift. I'm fascinated by history, and have researched the roots of "Evil" in our nation. Of course I use the term "Evil" in a qualified sense, not propounding a moral or religious slant. The term does seem to fit in a metaphorical sense, since the dark acts perpetrated by the PTB (Powers That Be) would clearly fit most definitions of evil. For example, killing millions of people and contaminating vast areas of Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium (DU) is Evil in my opinion.

I may do a series on the contribution Nazi philosophy has made to the Evil Empire; it's fascinating to trace the history of this.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

War Powers Showdown

Speaker of the House John Boner (ok it's Boehner, but who can resist?) is threatening a showdown with Obama over the illegal war action in Libya. If he carries through and fights this battle to the finish, my opinion of him will definitely improve.

The intervention in Libya is a clear illustration of how US governmental policy does not reflect the will or interests of the American people. There was absolutely no defensible reason to pick a fight with Muammar Gaddafi. Whatever high-sounding principles we ever pretended to have for "spreading democracy" in the world have long since crumbled into DU-contaminated dust.

Despite looking like a street thug, Gaddafi is one of the least objectionable dictators within that particular genre. He has done a great deal to improve the lives of his people, including a massive water project that promised to turn desert into arable farmland. He "found religion" after Reagan ordered bombing of his palace, and totally swore off terrorism of any kind. He has done NOTHING that threatens our interests  for nearly 30 years.

What are Gaddafi's sins that put him on the shit list with the US and NATO? He refused to play ball with the Globalist banksters. He kept Libyan monetary reserves stored in gold in Libyan vaults. His policies were tailored to Libyan interests, rather than be sumissive to the Globalist masters. Most significantly, he kept Libyan oil out of the dominating reach of the Globalists.

For these sins, Gadaffi is as good as dead. The so-called "color revolution" is led by - guess who - Al Qaeda operatives. These are the supposed "good guys" we are blasting up Libya to support? Wait a minute! I thought these were the "bad guys"! We often hear of predator drones taking out Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and just a few weeks ago the legendary Bin Laden was supposedly dispatched to his reward. What gives? How to tell good Al Qaeda from bad?

Well, do you s'pose that the entire thing is just a ruse? One clue might be that Al Qaeda was invented and chartered by the CIA during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Since they fall into the category of "CIA asset", this understanding should put a different spin on the situation. By the way, one of their first acts in areas of Libya they control was to establish a central bank under control of the Globalists. The oil they are shipping now pours proceeds into Globalist coffers. Look surprised!

Look for every regime in the middle east to be threatened by "color revolutions" unless they submit to Globalist control. We'll see how many get the message following the Libyan example.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Lunatic Right and Beyond

News Item: Newt Gingrich's nascent presidential campaign crashed and burned as his entire staff bailed. Newt took it in stride, evidently feeling no pain as he and his wife continued on the two-week pleasure cruise that his advisers had urged against.

Newt's a "big picture" kind of guy, who can't be bothered with arcane details, so the patience of his staff apparently was tested beyond its limits. One item that made waves was Newt's recent trashing of Rep. Paul Ryan's proposals for health care an example of "right-wing social engineering".

Newt's comments illustrate the shocking reality of just how far right the political spectrum has shifted since back in the day when he helped define the radical edge of right-wing thought with the infamous "Contract with America". Now Newt can position himself as a mainstream conservative while the new generation of extremists take up their positions on the edge.

The radical right is flirting with fascist philosophy, attacking Big Government while remaining quite comfortable and cozy with Big Corporations shifting power into their domain. In addition, we see elements of class warfare emerging as the Depression deepens. We saw how passionately Republicans defended tax cuts for the rich; Banksters and Wall Street have raked in record profits as the rest of the economy struggles. The first targets on the budget cutting block are unemployment benefits and anything benefiting the poor.

Unfortunately, progressive forces are bereft of leadership. There is no standard bearer leading the battle against creeping fascism. Despite a Liberal-sounding platform, Obama is difficult to distinguish from his predecessor. He squandered his initial political capital on the ill-conceived health care bill, the Gulag at Gitmo remains open for business and warmongering is more robust than ever. The nefarious Patriot Act was renewed with little debate, and the environment continues to be trashed as the EPA apparently allows industry to write the regulations.

My use of the word fascist is not merely a partisan attack on the Right; There is ample evidence that elements of Nazism survived Germany's defeat in WWII. This has been well documented by authors such as Peter Levenda and Joseph Farrell. I find it fascinating to study how this has influenced the rise of the Evil American Empire. More will be forthcoming on this.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

War Pigs

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death's construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds
Oh lord yeah!

Who would have thought when the Vietnam war ended in 1975 that nearly 40 years later this song by Black Sabbath would still be tragically relevant. The illegal and immoral invasion of the sovereign nation of Libya continues to ramp up and has already cost $664M as of mid-May.

As noted by Gerald Celente and many others, economic depressions are often accompanied by increased warmongering. The reasons could range from distracting the populace to full employment for defense contractors, but the risk is real that an escalating number of conflicts will soon be ignited.

The Libyan issue threatened to inspire Congress to develop an unusual amount of backbone, and Speaker John Bonehead had to hurriedly fend off rebellion in the ranks. As Pat Buchanan reported, “Last week, House Speaker John Boehner had to scramble to cobble up a substitute resolution to prevent half his GOP caucus from joining with Democrats to denounce President Obama’s war in Libya as unconstitutional and to demand a total U.S. pullout in 15 days.”

Of course intervention by congress would be a welcome development, but the danger is that the PTB would up the ante and arrange another false-flag terrorist event to corral the populace into a state of fear. They don't take kindly to increased levels of individual awareness, so the next few years of shifts and ascension will likely be a rocky road.

It's frightening to realize that the seat of power has shifted out of the hands of elected officials and into a shadowy "corptocracy" that answers to no one (except possibly boards of directors and shareholders). This will be illustrated in startling clarity if and when voters try to change the course of governmental policies by exercising pressure on elected representatives.

My description of "corptocracy" probably rates as conspiracy theory by the mainstream, but conspiracies by corporate powers are real and laws have been passed to combat them (i.e. antitrust legislation). Conspiracy theorists presumably allege that certain government officials in the white house basement planned the 9/11 attack or even the JFK assassination, but more likely these events are incited and perpetrated by organizations outside of government. Individuals within the government may be involved, but not as part of official policy. Likewise no monolithic governmental agency would likely be controlling the "UFO coverup"; there appears to be a dark and shadowy power center involved that transcends governments and even corporations. The world of Black Ops is mysterious indeed, but not likely under the aegis of the CIA director. Intel agencies are probably involved with Black Ops but to an unknown degree.

I seriously doubt that the Libyan operation was decided upon by Obama or the Joint
Chiefs. If congress forces his hands with the war powers act, it will be embarrassing for him because he must defend the policies that are dictated to him as if they were his own. If that happens, look for new events to quickly overshadow the situation, as I have described above.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Following The News

Rep. Weiner got in trouble for sending cellphone pictures of his weiner. Lady Gaga flashed her boobs in yet another "wardrobe malfunction" (from the tenuous looks of her wardrobe design, this was no malfunction).

So with these vital news stories grabbing what little attention span remains in the average citizen, it's easy to forget about those other stories out there: Criminal acts of war by the American Evil Empire in Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Radiation continuing to spew into the air and ocean from Fukushima. Greece near bankruptcy while Obama hints at a bailout for them even as US debt continues to soar to unsustainable levels. Economists continue to warn that the quadrillions in derivatives floating about could bring down the entire global economic system.

So what does our Fearless Leader have to say about these issues? Says he's "not worried" about unemployment. He basically is flipping off Congress on the war powers act with regard to Libya. Pakistan has begun to resist continued violations of its sovereignty by American forces, which could lead to a stare-down crisis with China, but no explanation is forthcoming on that. Nothing at all is being said about the Fukushima meltdown crisis, but Obama wants to permit more deep water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently nothing was learned from the Deepwater Horizon blowout, which is still damaging the Gulf ecosystem.

Catherine Austin Fitts, a luminous soul with insider knowledge, maintains that our economy has only been propped up by the evil American military empire. Essentially, we hold a gun to the heads of foreign leaders to convince them to continue investing in and holding Treasury bonds while we print the money to pay the interest. We are able to coerce favorable terms on trade. Oil continues to be priced in dollars, which is one reason that fuel costs are many times higher in many other countries. Great gig if you can get it.

However, the game may be nearing an end. As the budget cutting battle heats up in Washington, attention has got to turn to the enormous cost of maintaining the Evil Empire. The demented Republicans want to hack away at food stamps, unemployment benefits, and even Social Security while the shadow of the second great depression deepens. Mainstream pundits are beginning to mention the possibility of serious unrest if rightwing loonies get their way. In the midst of their heated rhetoric, Senators and Congressmen should at least stand up and demand explanation as to why US forces are stationed in over 100 countries, and especially what compelling reason exists for the ongoing slaughter of innocents in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya. (On top of the millions already killed in Iraq, Bosnia, etc.) Our tax dollars at work, I suppose.

It's hard not to be cynical, with the present White House occupant working hard to look more nefarious than his predecessor, yet his prospects for reelection are bright given the caliber of possible opponents. Could a Pawlenty/Palin ticket look any worse? At least we might get some comic relief.