Sunday, January 17, 2010

Candidates for The Hall of Shame

There appears to be a need for a Hall of Shame to bring recognition to public figures who stray from the bounds of commmon decency in pursuit of their agendas. The currently unfolding horrendous disaster in Haiti seems to have brought out the worst in some people. Topping the list is erstwhile evangelist Pat Robertson, ever a reliable source of ludicrous gaffes, who has outdone himself once again.

Seems that each time disaster strikes in some unfortunate part of the word, Roberston feels the need to link events with The Wrathful Almighty God. By his twisted logic, hurricane Katrina was a logical response by God to the "sinful" reputation of New Orleans. So, with Haiti undergoing unimaginable horrors, Roberston links it to a "Pact made with the Devil" by slaves during French colonial rule. One wonders how much credibility he retains with Christians of any stripe anywhere, so he should be a shoo-in to the Hall of Shame on the first ballot.

The next Hall of Shame candidate is far more popular and should certainly know better: Rush Limbaugh. His quick reaction to scenes of devastation and misery in Haiti was to accuse Obama of planning to use it for political gain. He blasted the idea of rushing aid to Haiti, suggesting that paying income taxes was already enough sacrifice. This was too much for even some of his conservative listeners, and those who called in to disagree were dismissed on the air as "blockheads".

Limbaugh's arrogant stupidity may cost him some listeners, but there is probably a segment of his audience that applauds notoriety and resonates well with the lowest gutter nonsense that spews into the microphone. Many of these people still have not accepted the notion of an African-American in the White House, and gleefully latch on to attack phrases such as "socialist agenda" as code words for racial bigotry. On this wavelength, Obama is sure to be attacked no matter how successful he is. Not surprising, since Rush has already told us how he "hopes Obama fails". Apparently, if nothing is done to halt the downward spiral in this country, Rush and his listeners will be overjoyed.

- Darkwave