Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Alignment of a Lifetime

Here it comes, with propitious timing: The astrological alignment of a lifetime.

On July 11, a total eclipse of the sun will pass over (of all places!) Easter Island and hit the southern tip of South America. A series of significant "grand square" aspects began in June, featuring Uranus and Pluto, and now Pluto conjuncts the solar eclipse.

Several years ago it came to my attention that the new moon offers a special mystical moment of leverage on which to focus one's desires and intentions. Practicioners of Magick are aware that powerful rituals can be devised around the lunar cycle.

For me this involves little more than remembering to declare and focus my intention as closely as possible to the time of new moon (July 11 at 2:41 PM CDT). I like to follow up with sighting the baby crescent moon as early in the cycle as possible - of course the sunset sky must be clear, and the viewing location must afford a good view of the western horizon. The early crescent phase will only be visible for a short time after sunset before it sets, and luck will determine how early of a phase is possible to sight. The optimum time is the first day following the new moon, when only a thin crescent might be spotted shortly after sunset. However, this is rarely practical because of the low position of the moon at sunset, so the 2nd day is the next best shot.

My ritual involves repeating the the intentions established on the day of the new moon, and imagining the lower pointed cusp of the crescent moon hooking and lifting my intention through the waxing phases until the full moon brings maximum power to bear. I send my love and appreciation to the moon and thank it for carrying my request through the cycle. Does this sound a bit silly? Of course, as the cognoscenti realize, all ritual is but a "prop" to focus one's intention, wherein the real power originates. (See this earlier post) This is the secret behind most forms of magick. Whatever works for you is your personal point of power.

The July 11 new moon is particularly powerful due to the associated eclipse and surrounding astrological aspects. It portends the beginning of a turbulent period of shifting and changing, both globally and personally. From now through the end of the year will see a marked increase in turbulence as the Grand Square coincides with other factors in already play. This can be unfortunuate if you are afraid of a little chaos, and perhaps weary of the shifting we have already endured. However, if you can learn to surf the waves of chaos rather than be swamped by them, this can be a most wonderful time indeed! Any intention that is focused will have leverage and traction. The flip side to this is to avoid focus on negative thoughts, particularly those born of fear. The last thing we need is fear-based projections leveraged by the powerful moment of cosmic alignment.