Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes The Truth Comes from Strange Sources

Among the babble of voices in the controlled MainStream Media (MSM), occasionally one slips through who nails the truth. Sometimes the controllers let this happen, but generally ensure that the speaker is "on the fringe" and can thereby safely be dismissed.

Louis Farrakhan, the much-maligned leader of The Nation of Islam, condemned the NATO atrocities in Libya in a radio interview. He correctly pointed out the positive aspects of Gadaffi's rule that benefitted the Libyan people. He stated a few other obvious factoids, such as American troops "dying in Iraq on the basis of a lie. They're dying in Afghanistan on the basis of a lie. And now (U.S. military) drones are in Pakistan, drones in Somalia, drones in Yemen. When will it stop? America, do you think that you can get away with this?"

Farrakhan went on to mention the reason why this perspective is seldom heard on the airwaves:

"...the American media, which he said is controlled by banks, willingly tarnished Gadhafi's image. During a commercial break, he said the media "is bought and paid for."

"You don't have a democracy when you don't have a free press," he told the reporters and photographers in the studio during the break. "You're all slaves, and you love it. So you deserve what you get — the erosion of your democracy. You'll soon be the laughingstock of the world."

One doesn't need to be a fan of The Nation of Islam to appreciate that Farrakhan was speaking the truth, just as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright did in his infamous "God Damn America" sermon. It's easy to attack these "extremist" characters and take their message down with no consideration whatsoever. See this post.

Many bright, articulate people share these views, ,and have no connection with extremist organizations. Ron Paul is one such example. Presidential debate moderators roll their eyes and cut him off as he attacks illegal warmongering. Network talking heads analyze Perry vs. Romney, and discuss Cain, Bachmann and Santorum as leading competitors without mention of Paul's strong showing in the polls.

Why can't Mitt Romney come out against American troops "dying for a lie"? Since when did murder of American citizens abroad become legal under the constitution and federal law? No one mentions the obvious, save for a few unsavory "extremists".


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still Waiting for the Crash

For months now, we have been watching ever-shifting news headlines regarding Europe's debt crisis. France and Germany report an agreement; next day some finance minister warns that it's inadequate. Merkel and Sarkozy are probably spending more quality time together than with their spouses. Greek bonds fall below junk status, then European banks are told they may be required to eat them. The Greek government puts the required austerity screws to the populace, while protesters set the streets ablaze.

Meanwhile, back on this side of the big pond, I have noticed a number of mainstream pundits predicting that the European rescue attempts will ultimately fail in spectacular fashion. Their expectation seems to be that this will cause major collapse of American markets, put serious pressure on banks and send the economy over the edge. Interesting to note that prior to September, that sort of dire prediction was limited to "conspiracy theorist" types and the usual perennially bearish analysts. Now it seems commonly accepted wisdom.

A replay of the October 2008 crash would be an ugly event to behold. Given the current political climate, a repeat of the bankster bailouts would be unthinkable - Both Tea Partiers and OWS activists would link arms on that. Sans bailouts, "too big to fail" institutions will fail with huge impact. The nightmarish corn maze of interlocking derivative contracts has never been resolved following the 08 crash. Trillions in bailout liquidity have concealed the threat thus far, but what will happen when the spigot is turned off?

The spectacle of several large banks failing coupled with a stock market meltdown would likely propel the already frail economy into an even steeper decline. Having totally shot the wad on the previous stimulus, what fiscal tools does the government have left? Borrow trillions more from the banksters who own the Federal Reserve? Not likely. The endgame - whatever it is - appears to be in sight.

One caveat must be offered - we have heard predictions of economic Armageddon for quite some time. The world has continued to turn and life goes on. There was talk of an exceptional window for collapse last week, but the Dow still stands within 200 points of 12,000. Warmongering has escalated against Iran, with an apparent false-flag pretext (assassination attempt on Saudi ambassador) conveniently coinciding. Still no attack, no market crash, and Sarkozy & Merkel still spending quality time together. Reality is rapidly shifting, and it's difficult to get a pulse on what's really happening. Maybe when 11-11-11 dawns in a couple of weeks, we will all receive satorial visions of understanding. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 10, 2011

GOP - God's Own Party

Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney invoked his full delusional abilities, in what was billed as a major foreign policy address. While fellow Repubs such as Herman Cain and Eric Cantor focused their vitriol on Wall Street protestors, Romney aimed a little higher rhetorically - at least in theory.

Being an intelligent man, the former Governator must be aware of the terrible abuses dished out by the American Evil Empire against hapless nations around the world. Yet his words mentioned nothing of the kind. Instead, he invoked the Deity - God Almighty - as the progenitor and blessor of all things American.

"God did not create this country to be a nation of followers. America is not destined to be one of several equally balanced global powers. America must lead the world, or someone else will. Without American leadership, without clarity of American purpose and resolve, the world becomes a far more dangerous place, and liberty and prosperity would surely be among the first casualties." ……

"I will not surrender America’s role in the world. This is very simple: If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on Earth, I am not your President."

To this insane rhetoric, I can only respond with this:  If God is the architect of the brutal and bloody American "leadership" of the past several decades, it would certainly be interesting to check out the Devil's position on these matters. Could anyone imagine a Satanic-inspired leadership doing any worse?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"

The words attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette were loosely paraphrased by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in reference to the Wall Street protesters. Well, what he actually said was something like "don't blame the rich - get a job and climb the ladder of success if you don't like being poor".

Cain's heinous remarks illustrate a couple of things about our socioeconomic condition: First, the depth of polarization in this country, and also the delusional state of Republican politics. They really just don't get it.

Public wrath at the Bankster class is building. The trillions spent on bailouts and stimulus have primarily lined the pockets of the Banksters. It has been estimated that every distressed mortgage could have been completely paid off with this money. The widespread fraud in mortgage securitization continues to come to light, even as banks press for foreclosure with bogus mortgage notes.

As I've pointed out before, the serious polarization could lead to civil unrest. The protests on Wall Street and in European cities may be early indications of this.

Is it already too late to prevent a slide toward chaos? A major economic crash  could occur this fall, perhaps triggered by Greece defaulting on its debt. Now would be a great time for some bold leadership by our elected officials. Why not consider the Biblical concept of Jubilee? The levels of debt in our system and worldwide are insurmountable. Default is only a matter of time, and not just for the "PIIGS" nations of Eurpope. One small failure somewhere could rapidly collapse the rest of the global system. The European leaders shuffle around bailout proposals for Greece and Italy, but everyone knows default can't be prevented. The numbers just don't add up.

As for Republican callousness toward the plight of the poor, I'll state my firmly held conviction that we might have had a Communist revolution in this country if not for the New Deal and the rise of labor unions during the 1930's. To those who would dismantle our entitlements and throttle Union activity, this is just the price the rich must pay for a relatively tranquil nation. The welfare state was probably conceived by wealthy industrialists as an insurance policy that allowed them to remain in power.

The GlobalRev meme is definitely building out there, and drastic change may be inevitable regardless of governmental policy. It's what happens as one age ends and another begins. My hope is simply that we can manage a soft landing and try to preserve some of the better aspects of our civilization.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Talk of Impeachment

Is Ron Paul the only intellectually honest presidential candidate? Leave it to him to be the only one pointing out the obvious: That targeting US citizens abroad for murder violates the law and constitution.

What is it with the others - can't they read? Did they all flunk civics in high school? Among the field of candidates, only Herman Cain offered even faint support for Paul's remarks on the Al-Awlaki murder. Michele "Loony Toons" Bachmann and Rick Santorum chose to beat their chests on the anti-terrorist theme, constitutional law notwithstanding. Quite a disgusting spectacle.

Here we have a classic example of the US Evil Empire in action. Imagine the passions stirred in the citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya when they hear and see those dreaded drones buzzing across their skies. If the operators mistake a school or clinic for a Taliban compound, oops - so sorry!!!

The fact is, we are not waging a constitutional, declared war against any of those people or national governments. If Hitler had these weapons at his disposal and used them against the Allies, the Nuremberg trials would have been greatly expanded. Clinton, Bush Jr and Sr, and now Obama would face similar inquisition if the same standard were applied.

Of course, Obama is merely the front man, the spokesman, the mouthpiece for official policy. The real source of power remains cloaked and unaccountable. How else could one explain the results of a presidential election where the majority of voters were quite sick and tired of the previous occupant's policies?

Seeing such brutal realpolitik emerge from an expected progressive leader has thrown the Left into dismay and disarray. Only a few brave voices such as Van White continue rise above the noise (remember him? Obama's original choice for "Green Czar", he was forced to step down after questioning the official account of the 9/11 attack)

So we have the bizarre situation of Obama's warmongering policies being questioned primarily by Republicans. We face a deepening depression, and not only is no major economic initiative on the table, but the president is on his heels while Republicans threaten to shut down the government if one single wealthy person looses a tax break.

This result is not surprising, given the delusional state of both political parties, coupled with the seat of true power residing elsewhere. All the players realize this, but continue to play the game. Brave voices such as Ron Paul will be marginalized at best, or a worse fate could befall him if the sheer number of his supporters manage a breakthrough of the media blockade. The PTB are not about to cede power to a democratic process.

I identify neither as Republican nor Libertarian, but deeply respect the stand Ron Paul has taken against warmongering and other constitutional issues. On the economic side, Libertarians like Paul would just as soon allow the unemployed to wither away and die. Au contraire, what is needed is a bold New Deal plan, coupled with robust measures to reign in the fraud and corruption perpetrated by the Banksters. Their criminal activity caused the economic collapse, yet no serious action has been taken against them under Bush or Obama.

Our leaders lie to us and no serious action is being taken  to save the economy. Many sense this, and are driven to cynicism by the man who dared them to "hope". Such cynicism could become dangerous. The French Revolution fermented because there was no middle ground. When the poor protested, the ruling class simply tightened the screws. When upheavals eventually erupted, the starving peasantry transformed into brutal executioners with startling rapidity. Could this happen again? With our electoral process having been proven to be a fraud, just how much middle ground remains for us? Violence is not an appropriate response, and if we slip down that slope, we all will lose. My hope is based on ascension taking hold before that point is reached, and lifting us intact into the next age.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Same Old Same Old

Many people thought that George Bush Jr had done terrible things to this country during his presidency. A majority of voters agreed with this thought and voted for what they expected was a different direction for the nation's policies. Unfortunately, changing parties doesn't equate with changing policies, not when some hidden power behind the stage is calling all the major plays.

With Obama, we seem to have a smooth continuation of the Bush years. Same old warmongering, same old bailouts for the bankster cartel, same old escalation in the national debt, same old sense of economic crisis about to erupt. If economic indicators are actually worse off than under Bush, it's only because the downward trend needed time to sink to depression levels. It continues to sink further as I am writing this.

With the employment situation stagnating, the dreaded double-dip emerging, and the world economy threatening to collapse over the European debt crisis, one would think the 2012 elections would provide a forum for debating new ideas and solutions. Those expecting this are sure to be disappointed, but I predict more of the same old same old. Here's why:

Although ostensibly a democratic republic, the US has devolved into an Evil Empire, controlled by shadowy forces behind the scenes. The two-party system is a complete ruse. Oh sure, legislative bodies on the state and national level are polarized as never before, to the point of stalemate and gridlock. Polarized because each side clings stubbornly to a flawed and incomplete version of reality.

Republicans are especially deluded in their insistence that big government is at the root of the problem. If only industry had less regulation they would be free to grow and expand hiring. If only the shadow of big government weren't hovering over the average citizen, we could solve our economic problems and move forward. Toward this end they favor slashing "entitlement" spending and further tax cuts for the wealthy "who are the job creators".

While generally more compassionate toward the poor, Democrats are currently in complete disarray over solutions for the economy. Their president has betrayed progressive principles in nearly every category, and appears to have no stomach for providing bold leadership amidst the economic crisis. He shot off nearly all ammunition on a half-baked health care act that favors the large corporate players in the health care field at great expense to consumers. He has caved repeatedly to Republicans and special interests on taxes, environmental regulation, and economic stimulus.

The stark fact that both parties fail to recognize is that the government has been taken over by corporate powers. In attacking big government. Republicans shoot their arrows at the wrong target. Reduce regulation? Monsanto continues to promote the use of nicotinoid-based pesticides, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that they are responsible for the massive decline in bee colonies. GMO "Frankenfoods" continue to be introduced with little oversight. Growth hormone for dairy cows is still permitted and hormone-free milk producers are forbidden to label as such.

The economic crisis is clearly being maipulated by forces outside of any government. These same forces control the election of politicians, such that independent voices are screened out. Perhaps it has been that way since this country was founded. The revolutionary colonists that crafted our constitution consisted primarily of wealthy land owners and the merchant class. They accepted slavery and kept power out of the hands of women and the lower classes by design; the Senate was not elected by voters until 1912.

It is my contention that the United States has never been the free democracy we often fancy it to be. As throughout the entire existence of humanity, power always gravitates toward the top and to a select few. The only change in recent history has been that the ruling PTB have become more adroit at cloaking their control mechanisms. We ostensibly have free elections, but the elections are controlled, and all serious contenders have clear understanding as to who holds the reigns of power. No one is free to voice serious dissent with present policy without facing repercussion. Consequently no one asks who owns the Federal Reserve or how the sophisticated 9/11 operation was carried out and by whom.

The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech from governmental interference, but this right does not extend to the corporate sphere. A coup has taken place but no one notices. Our new rulers are not restrained by a constitution. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...