Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why religion will soon be obsolete: Focus on Christianity

This is written as the Christmas season winds into full swing. Nativity scenes pop up beside homes and churches, depicting the Christ child lying in a manger. Various decorations feature related themes; Angels announcing the advent, Wise Men traveling from afar to confer blessing upon the newborn king, donkeys and cattle looking in at the scene.
Celebrating the religious aspect of Christmas is a time-honored tradition, but despite orthodox belief to the contrary, this tradition is not based upon historical events. In fact, the entire historicity of Jesus and events depicted in the Gospels is open to serious question and doubt.

The reader may wonder why this even matters enough to write articles about. Couldn’t I promote my own spiritual beliefs without criticizing an established orthodox faith, which is embraced by millions?

Certainly, I could and generally do. However, in order to fully illustrate what it means to raise the vibrational level and spiritual awareness of this planet (The Ascension Shift), it’s relevant to examine the lack of spirituality found in major religions. I am loath to criticize that which I have not experienced, but I happened to have been a solid adherent of orthodox Christianity for over 40 years. Everything I have to say on this subject concerns belief and practice that I once fully embraced. Furthermore, my only reason for parting ways with Christianity was a desire to explore spirituality. In my experience, organized Christianity impedes the path toward deeper spirituality.
And so, driven by a desire for deeper spirituality and curiosity as to the ultimate reason for being here in human form, I began to entertain a wider range of possibilities. No sooner had I began to consider data from a wider perspective, I was shocked at how ingrained and circular orthodox reasoning really is. I was surprised at how weak the arguments are for historicity and legitimacy of the Gospels.  The clincher came when I finally understood that the most basic, essential facts of spiritual life are not even taught by the church. If anything, the spiritual truth that I now embrace would be condemned as heresy!

An important point to stress: I’m not trying to convert anyone to my belief system. As I understand the process of the soul’s incarnation into physicality, it’s not essential that the ego-mind grasp everything. The soul’s agenda generally involves learning lessons, experiencing certain situations, and clearing karmic imbalances. These things can usually be accomplished regardless of a person’s belief system. You can remain blissfully unaware that the principal players in your life drama were probably present in many previous lives without affecting the outcome. Personally, I’m curious to know these things, but it’s not essential.
I am writing this because the time has arrived for increased spiritual awareness. A tremendous shift has begun on this planet, and many can sense this and are curious to know more. Many of the curious are deeply involved with Christianity, as I once was. It is for those that I write this, so they can see that abandoning their dogma does not mean abandoning their sacred communion with God.

In the emerging age to come, those who complete the ascension process will find themselves living with one foot in the physical dimension and one foot "In Atlantis". This is something worth seeking.

Coming: Reasons to Disbelieve

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to Gulag Amerika

So you didn't think it could happen here, did you?

So you let the specter of Gulag Guantanamo Bay slide from your cognizence, thinking it was only for foreign radicals picked up with bomb-making aparatus in their hands?

You probably never figured on Senate Republicans turning their backs on the constitution and the people they are sworn to serve. Well, we've had the unconstitutional Patriot Act with us for a decade, and both parties routinely vote to renew it. But now this goes beyond that...

Senate Republicans inserted a provision in the Defense authorization bill that would require military custody and trial for any American citizen accused of "terrorism", whatever that happens to mean.

As for that little matter of the constitution and bill of rights, it doesn't appear to be much of an obstacle. Apparently most lawmakers are unaware of the protections ostensibly enjoyed by citizens in this country.

Here is a sample of the moronic level of thinking behind this bill:

“If [President Obama] were to veto this bill, it would be saying that giving rights to terrorists is more important than passing the defense authorization, which has many other important provisions,” - Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.)

So only "terrorists" need be concerned, and making sure they don't have any "rights" helps make this country safer? Point of correction, Sen. Ayotte: Those "rights" you speak of aren't something to be dispensed at the whim of congress or the president. And the slippery definition of "terrorist" may someday be extended to anyone who stores extra food, or (gulp) writes blogs like this. And won't we all feel safer with these miscreants and rabble-rousers locked away indefinitely in some military base?

The thing that you gotta ask is, why now? Why is this illegal monstrosity being proposed at this time? Has the threat level suddenly gone up? Or, more ominously, is there another "false flag" terror operation in the works to take everyone's mind off the economy?

Perhaps a bill should be introduced that mandates hard prison time for any lawmaker who votes for illegal and unconstitutional measures.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A look at 2012 : Why religion will soon become obsolete

Our calendars will soon display the year 2012. This will begin a countdown to the much-anticipated date of 12/21/2012, which supposedly marks the end date of the Mayan calendar. Expectations range from a big yawner to end-of-the-world apocalyptic destruction. My money is on something in between.
I have surveyed some of the possibilities for 2012 in previous articles. Basically, I’m not much into mass destruction scenarios. I view the Mayan calendar end-date as just one marker among many that point to a transition point between ages of our civilization. We are already deep into this transition as 2011 draws to a close. Many energetic shifts have already occurred, as anyone who is intuitively aware surely knows.

The most hopeful scenario for planet Earth is for the Age of Iron to fade gracefully as a new Golden Age dawns. This will repeat a cycle that may have occurred many times on this planet, although most of the history has been lost (save for echoes in ancient sources such as the Sanskrit Mahabharata).
Some channeled information coming from higher spiritual sources speaks of an attempt to raise the entire planet to a higher dimensional vibration, so the next Golden Age to come may surpass all previous ones, including the fabled Atlantean era.

In discussing religion, we must first understand its source and origin. More specifically, the source of the primary characteristic of religion must be understood – belief in the theistic God. All humans possess at least a faint remembrance of originating from a higher order. We must survey the ancient history of this planet to understand the roots of this remembrance, and how it became highly corrupted into common beliefs taught by religion.
During the last Golden Age, the spiritual understanding of humanity was at its peak. Humans were aware of their spiritual nature as souls incarnating into flesh, and interacted directly with higher spiritual consciousness. The polarity between light and dark was not nearly as pronounced as experienced today, and knowledge was widespread concerning manipulation of matter and energy was widespread.

Entering the Silver Age, civilization began to evolve in some respects, but devolve in others. Authoritative structures emerged in society along with the concept of owning property. Distribution of power began a subtle shift into the hands of those at the top of the societal structures, but for the most part, peace and harmony reigned.
The Bronze Age may have been hastened by global catastrophe, with previous knowledge surviving with only a select few. The human attraction toward drama became evident. Civilization rebuilt along lines of divided kingdoms, and power was possessed by relative few. The vast spiritual knowledge that had been widespread during the Golden Age was preserved only by the ruling class, which began to function also as a Priesthood. The common people, having lost their knowledge and abilities, had to rely on the ruling priests for this.

Perhaps another round of cyclic catastrophe put an end to the vast empires of the Bronze era. As the remnants of humanity struggled to organize into the “dawn of civilization” as viewed by modern history, only legends remained to tell of past glory. The rulers of the previous era were remembered as gods because they had retained the vast knowledge that had previously been widespread; This knowledge enabled them to act as supernatural beings and wield absolute power over the common people. Thus our mythology embodies a pantheon of gods and goddesses that reflect our collective memory.
As the darkness of the Iron Age increased, remnants of the lost knowledge was retained in pieces by a select few, and passed down through subsequent generations. “Secret Societies” and mystical orders were formed to protect this knowledge, although some was openly published in coded form in sources such as “The Emerald Tablet” and various alchemical texts.

As everyone naturally has some ability to discern spiritual knowledge, and many are curious about the meaning of life, religions began to spring up around fragments of remembered knowledge. In many cases, religions were launched by an adept that retained enough lost knowledge to produce “miracles” to dazzle the people. Supernatural acts are generally enough proof to convince many of a divine mandate and pedigree. Someone calling himself Jehovah may have set a bush ablaze to impress Moses; Projection of an angelic form into a cave may have been enough to convince a discontented shepherd named Muhammad to start a religion. This pattern continues even today as statues weep, the sun dances in the sky, and rose petals fall gently upon a crowd.
This is not meant to debunk the supernatural, but simply to suggest that extraordinary events are not necessarily actions of a theistic god. Humans generally have enough psychic energy at their disposal to make anything happen even as they project their power into manifesting the god of their choice, who can then take credit.
Next: Focus on Christianity


Monday, November 28, 2011

Badly Needed Item For Congress - Some Backbone!

News item: The "SuperCongress" caves to partisan deadlock, and adjourns with no deficit-cutting agreement.

The result is that automatic cuts will kick in that almost no one wants. Conveniently, the real action is delayed until after the election. Although Republicans choke on  the concept of raising revenues through fair taxation, their cherished Bush tax cuts are also schedule to expire at the end of next year.

Unfortunately, world events may not wait for the US to sort out its leadership deadlock. Europe is skating ever closer toward the abyss. A complete collapse of the world economic order is not out of the question. The Dollar benefits from safe-haven attraction for now, but a Eurozone meltdown would be uncharted waters for sure.

Meanwhile, rumors persist that the PTB are gearing up for a major outbreak of war to mask economic issues. Actually "issues" is a polite word - we are really talking about major crime and fraud. When the house of cards really begins to tumble, the massive extent of mortgage and securities fraud that government agencies colluded with will inevitably surface. The public wrath that will arise when people understand how their wealth was sucked out of the economy will make the current "Occupy" protests seem like Sunday School.

Kind of make sense in a twisted, fucked up way - Risk blowing up the world or else watch our political and economic system get blown up. Either way, people's lives are at risk, and the perps are determined to ensure that it's not theirs.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sending Libya Back to the 12th Century

Here you have it, folks...irrefutable proof of what I've been contending. You may have believed the talking heads on network TV when they said the US & NATO were helping freedom fighters to kick out a nasty dictator. You have have thought Hilary Clinton was leading a humane and sensible foreign policy. Now look upon the results as Al Qaeda hoists its banner, and darkness decends upon a once-proud nation.

The Arab "color revolutions" did not occur spontaneously. There is ample evidence of agents provacateur having been planted by western intelligence organizations. In Libya, Al-Qaeda mercenaries were brought in to spearhead the fighting. Yet even this would not have been enough to defeat Gadaffi without brutal pounding by NATO air strikes. There was no popular uprising. Untold thousands were killed by the bombing, and now methodical assassinations of intelligentsia are reported.

Under Gadaffi, Libyan women gained a degree of freedom and dignity unprecedented in the Arab world. They could refuse arranged marriages, achieve education, and avoid repressive Muslim dress requirements. Now Libya could be plunged back into the dark ages. The coalition of thugs, mercenaries and Muslim extremists want to impose strict Sharia laws. The Burqa and Abaya may soon become the dominant fashion, but that may be the least of concerns for Libyan women; Genital mutilation and forced "marriage" for young girls may be the lasting legacy of NATO's regime change policies.

It will be interesting to see what Hilary has to say as the new rulers organize themselves. If anyone is expecting to see a western-style democracy take hold, bitter disappointment most likely awaits. But just remember...Your tax dollars at work!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes The Truth Comes from Strange Sources

Among the babble of voices in the controlled MainStream Media (MSM), occasionally one slips through who nails the truth. Sometimes the controllers let this happen, but generally ensure that the speaker is "on the fringe" and can thereby safely be dismissed.

Louis Farrakhan, the much-maligned leader of The Nation of Islam, condemned the NATO atrocities in Libya in a radio interview. He correctly pointed out the positive aspects of Gadaffi's rule that benefitted the Libyan people. He stated a few other obvious factoids, such as American troops "dying in Iraq on the basis of a lie. They're dying in Afghanistan on the basis of a lie. And now (U.S. military) drones are in Pakistan, drones in Somalia, drones in Yemen. When will it stop? America, do you think that you can get away with this?"

Farrakhan went on to mention the reason why this perspective is seldom heard on the airwaves:

"...the American media, which he said is controlled by banks, willingly tarnished Gadhafi's image. During a commercial break, he said the media "is bought and paid for."

"You don't have a democracy when you don't have a free press," he told the reporters and photographers in the studio during the break. "You're all slaves, and you love it. So you deserve what you get — the erosion of your democracy. You'll soon be the laughingstock of the world."

One doesn't need to be a fan of The Nation of Islam to appreciate that Farrakhan was speaking the truth, just as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright did in his infamous "God Damn America" sermon. It's easy to attack these "extremist" characters and take their message down with no consideration whatsoever. See this post.

Many bright, articulate people share these views, ,and have no connection with extremist organizations. Ron Paul is one such example. Presidential debate moderators roll their eyes and cut him off as he attacks illegal warmongering. Network talking heads analyze Perry vs. Romney, and discuss Cain, Bachmann and Santorum as leading competitors without mention of Paul's strong showing in the polls.

Why can't Mitt Romney come out against American troops "dying for a lie"? Since when did murder of American citizens abroad become legal under the constitution and federal law? No one mentions the obvious, save for a few unsavory "extremists".


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still Waiting for the Crash

For months now, we have been watching ever-shifting news headlines regarding Europe's debt crisis. France and Germany report an agreement; next day some finance minister warns that it's inadequate. Merkel and Sarkozy are probably spending more quality time together than with their spouses. Greek bonds fall below junk status, then European banks are told they may be required to eat them. The Greek government puts the required austerity screws to the populace, while protesters set the streets ablaze.

Meanwhile, back on this side of the big pond, I have noticed a number of mainstream pundits predicting that the European rescue attempts will ultimately fail in spectacular fashion. Their expectation seems to be that this will cause major collapse of American markets, put serious pressure on banks and send the economy over the edge. Interesting to note that prior to September, that sort of dire prediction was limited to "conspiracy theorist" types and the usual perennially bearish analysts. Now it seems commonly accepted wisdom.

A replay of the October 2008 crash would be an ugly event to behold. Given the current political climate, a repeat of the bankster bailouts would be unthinkable - Both Tea Partiers and OWS activists would link arms on that. Sans bailouts, "too big to fail" institutions will fail with huge impact. The nightmarish corn maze of interlocking derivative contracts has never been resolved following the 08 crash. Trillions in bailout liquidity have concealed the threat thus far, but what will happen when the spigot is turned off?

The spectacle of several large banks failing coupled with a stock market meltdown would likely propel the already frail economy into an even steeper decline. Having totally shot the wad on the previous stimulus, what fiscal tools does the government have left? Borrow trillions more from the banksters who own the Federal Reserve? Not likely. The endgame - whatever it is - appears to be in sight.

One caveat must be offered - we have heard predictions of economic Armageddon for quite some time. The world has continued to turn and life goes on. There was talk of an exceptional window for collapse last week, but the Dow still stands within 200 points of 12,000. Warmongering has escalated against Iran, with an apparent false-flag pretext (assassination attempt on Saudi ambassador) conveniently coinciding. Still no attack, no market crash, and Sarkozy & Merkel still spending quality time together. Reality is rapidly shifting, and it's difficult to get a pulse on what's really happening. Maybe when 11-11-11 dawns in a couple of weeks, we will all receive satorial visions of understanding. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 10, 2011

GOP - God's Own Party

Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney invoked his full delusional abilities, in what was billed as a major foreign policy address. While fellow Repubs such as Herman Cain and Eric Cantor focused their vitriol on Wall Street protestors, Romney aimed a little higher rhetorically - at least in theory.

Being an intelligent man, the former Governator must be aware of the terrible abuses dished out by the American Evil Empire against hapless nations around the world. Yet his words mentioned nothing of the kind. Instead, he invoked the Deity - God Almighty - as the progenitor and blessor of all things American.

"God did not create this country to be a nation of followers. America is not destined to be one of several equally balanced global powers. America must lead the world, or someone else will. Without American leadership, without clarity of American purpose and resolve, the world becomes a far more dangerous place, and liberty and prosperity would surely be among the first casualties." ……

"I will not surrender America’s role in the world. This is very simple: If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on Earth, I am not your President."

To this insane rhetoric, I can only respond with this:  If God is the architect of the brutal and bloody American "leadership" of the past several decades, it would certainly be interesting to check out the Devil's position on these matters. Could anyone imagine a Satanic-inspired leadership doing any worse?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"

The words attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette were loosely paraphrased by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in reference to the Wall Street protesters. Well, what he actually said was something like "don't blame the rich - get a job and climb the ladder of success if you don't like being poor".

Cain's heinous remarks illustrate a couple of things about our socioeconomic condition: First, the depth of polarization in this country, and also the delusional state of Republican politics. They really just don't get it.

Public wrath at the Bankster class is building. The trillions spent on bailouts and stimulus have primarily lined the pockets of the Banksters. It has been estimated that every distressed mortgage could have been completely paid off with this money. The widespread fraud in mortgage securitization continues to come to light, even as banks press for foreclosure with bogus mortgage notes.

As I've pointed out before, the serious polarization could lead to civil unrest. The protests on Wall Street and in European cities may be early indications of this.

Is it already too late to prevent a slide toward chaos? A major economic crash  could occur this fall, perhaps triggered by Greece defaulting on its debt. Now would be a great time for some bold leadership by our elected officials. Why not consider the Biblical concept of Jubilee? The levels of debt in our system and worldwide are insurmountable. Default is only a matter of time, and not just for the "PIIGS" nations of Eurpope. One small failure somewhere could rapidly collapse the rest of the global system. The European leaders shuffle around bailout proposals for Greece and Italy, but everyone knows default can't be prevented. The numbers just don't add up.

As for Republican callousness toward the plight of the poor, I'll state my firmly held conviction that we might have had a Communist revolution in this country if not for the New Deal and the rise of labor unions during the 1930's. To those who would dismantle our entitlements and throttle Union activity, this is just the price the rich must pay for a relatively tranquil nation. The welfare state was probably conceived by wealthy industrialists as an insurance policy that allowed them to remain in power.

The GlobalRev meme is definitely building out there, and drastic change may be inevitable regardless of governmental policy. It's what happens as one age ends and another begins. My hope is simply that we can manage a soft landing and try to preserve some of the better aspects of our civilization.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Talk of Impeachment

Is Ron Paul the only intellectually honest presidential candidate? Leave it to him to be the only one pointing out the obvious: That targeting US citizens abroad for murder violates the law and constitution.

What is it with the others - can't they read? Did they all flunk civics in high school? Among the field of candidates, only Herman Cain offered even faint support for Paul's remarks on the Al-Awlaki murder. Michele "Loony Toons" Bachmann and Rick Santorum chose to beat their chests on the anti-terrorist theme, constitutional law notwithstanding. Quite a disgusting spectacle.

Here we have a classic example of the US Evil Empire in action. Imagine the passions stirred in the citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya when they hear and see those dreaded drones buzzing across their skies. If the operators mistake a school or clinic for a Taliban compound, oops - so sorry!!!

The fact is, we are not waging a constitutional, declared war against any of those people or national governments. If Hitler had these weapons at his disposal and used them against the Allies, the Nuremberg trials would have been greatly expanded. Clinton, Bush Jr and Sr, and now Obama would face similar inquisition if the same standard were applied.

Of course, Obama is merely the front man, the spokesman, the mouthpiece for official policy. The real source of power remains cloaked and unaccountable. How else could one explain the results of a presidential election where the majority of voters were quite sick and tired of the previous occupant's policies?

Seeing such brutal realpolitik emerge from an expected progressive leader has thrown the Left into dismay and disarray. Only a few brave voices such as Van White continue rise above the noise (remember him? Obama's original choice for "Green Czar", he was forced to step down after questioning the official account of the 9/11 attack)

So we have the bizarre situation of Obama's warmongering policies being questioned primarily by Republicans. We face a deepening depression, and not only is no major economic initiative on the table, but the president is on his heels while Republicans threaten to shut down the government if one single wealthy person looses a tax break.

This result is not surprising, given the delusional state of both political parties, coupled with the seat of true power residing elsewhere. All the players realize this, but continue to play the game. Brave voices such as Ron Paul will be marginalized at best, or a worse fate could befall him if the sheer number of his supporters manage a breakthrough of the media blockade. The PTB are not about to cede power to a democratic process.

I identify neither as Republican nor Libertarian, but deeply respect the stand Ron Paul has taken against warmongering and other constitutional issues. On the economic side, Libertarians like Paul would just as soon allow the unemployed to wither away and die. Au contraire, what is needed is a bold New Deal plan, coupled with robust measures to reign in the fraud and corruption perpetrated by the Banksters. Their criminal activity caused the economic collapse, yet no serious action has been taken against them under Bush or Obama.

Our leaders lie to us and no serious action is being taken  to save the economy. Many sense this, and are driven to cynicism by the man who dared them to "hope". Such cynicism could become dangerous. The French Revolution fermented because there was no middle ground. When the poor protested, the ruling class simply tightened the screws. When upheavals eventually erupted, the starving peasantry transformed into brutal executioners with startling rapidity. Could this happen again? With our electoral process having been proven to be a fraud, just how much middle ground remains for us? Violence is not an appropriate response, and if we slip down that slope, we all will lose. My hope is based on ascension taking hold before that point is reached, and lifting us intact into the next age.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Same Old Same Old

Many people thought that George Bush Jr had done terrible things to this country during his presidency. A majority of voters agreed with this thought and voted for what they expected was a different direction for the nation's policies. Unfortunately, changing parties doesn't equate with changing policies, not when some hidden power behind the stage is calling all the major plays.

With Obama, we seem to have a smooth continuation of the Bush years. Same old warmongering, same old bailouts for the bankster cartel, same old escalation in the national debt, same old sense of economic crisis about to erupt. If economic indicators are actually worse off than under Bush, it's only because the downward trend needed time to sink to depression levels. It continues to sink further as I am writing this.

With the employment situation stagnating, the dreaded double-dip emerging, and the world economy threatening to collapse over the European debt crisis, one would think the 2012 elections would provide a forum for debating new ideas and solutions. Those expecting this are sure to be disappointed, but I predict more of the same old same old. Here's why:

Although ostensibly a democratic republic, the US has devolved into an Evil Empire, controlled by shadowy forces behind the scenes. The two-party system is a complete ruse. Oh sure, legislative bodies on the state and national level are polarized as never before, to the point of stalemate and gridlock. Polarized because each side clings stubbornly to a flawed and incomplete version of reality.

Republicans are especially deluded in their insistence that big government is at the root of the problem. If only industry had less regulation they would be free to grow and expand hiring. If only the shadow of big government weren't hovering over the average citizen, we could solve our economic problems and move forward. Toward this end they favor slashing "entitlement" spending and further tax cuts for the wealthy "who are the job creators".

While generally more compassionate toward the poor, Democrats are currently in complete disarray over solutions for the economy. Their president has betrayed progressive principles in nearly every category, and appears to have no stomach for providing bold leadership amidst the economic crisis. He shot off nearly all ammunition on a half-baked health care act that favors the large corporate players in the health care field at great expense to consumers. He has caved repeatedly to Republicans and special interests on taxes, environmental regulation, and economic stimulus.

The stark fact that both parties fail to recognize is that the government has been taken over by corporate powers. In attacking big government. Republicans shoot their arrows at the wrong target. Reduce regulation? Monsanto continues to promote the use of nicotinoid-based pesticides, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that they are responsible for the massive decline in bee colonies. GMO "Frankenfoods" continue to be introduced with little oversight. Growth hormone for dairy cows is still permitted and hormone-free milk producers are forbidden to label as such.

The economic crisis is clearly being maipulated by forces outside of any government. These same forces control the election of politicians, such that independent voices are screened out. Perhaps it has been that way since this country was founded. The revolutionary colonists that crafted our constitution consisted primarily of wealthy land owners and the merchant class. They accepted slavery and kept power out of the hands of women and the lower classes by design; the Senate was not elected by voters until 1912.

It is my contention that the United States has never been the free democracy we often fancy it to be. As throughout the entire existence of humanity, power always gravitates toward the top and to a select few. The only change in recent history has been that the ruling PTB have become more adroit at cloaking their control mechanisms. We ostensibly have free elections, but the elections are controlled, and all serious contenders have clear understanding as to who holds the reigns of power. No one is free to voice serious dissent with present policy without facing repercussion. Consequently no one asks who owns the Federal Reserve or how the sophisticated 9/11 operation was carried out and by whom.

The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech from governmental interference, but this right does not extend to the corporate sphere. A coup has taken place but no one notices. Our new rulers are not restrained by a constitution. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Of Things That Go Bump in the Night...Continued...

This is an update of an ongoing saga...the anomalous events in our home.

The polished stones still move daily. New stones appear occasionally. Recently, a string of beads materialized from the aether. Books and CDs that we have never purchased or seen before sometimes appear. For some reason, Marie tends to attract mystery novels, such as by Mary Higgins Clark. These generally show up in her car, on one of the seats, while it is parked and locked.

Most of the activity seems to take place on our bed. Virtually every night, I must check for objects before climbing into bed. These will mostly consist of polished stones that I keep in a drawer in the bedside nightstand. They sometimes are scattered on top of the sheet or blankets, or else under the bottom sheet next to the mattress. My pillowcase generally gets stuffed with stones and dog chews. Our Shih Tzu Sophie has hinted that she is responsible for moving the latter, but understand that everything is placed in the far end of the pillowcase. A small dog attempting to do physically perform this trick would find it quite challenging. Sometimes I leave the room for a moment while she is on the bed and return to find the pillow stuffed, and she will be lying at the far end of the bed.

One change we have noted recently is that objects tend to move more often while we are present. On one recent occasion, the string of beads moved from a spot in front of me while standing near the bed, and materialized on top of Sophie, who was lying at the far end of the bed. I realized that if I had been looking down at the beads at that moment, I might have been able to catch the trick in the act.

Sometimes the stones drop gently onto me or beside me while lying in bed. The lights are off and my eyes closed, so I have no clue as to what propels them. At other times they materialize underneath where I'm lying, which can be quite uncomfortable.

The most recent anomaly has been the window blind moving vigorously just as I fall off to sleep. I open my eyes to see it swaying in a wavelike motion, as if a strong gust of wind had blown in. However, this happens when the night is calm or the window is completely closed. Other variations include knocking on the wall directly behind my head, or the sound of object shifting around on the nightstand or dresser. Sometimes Marie hears sounds that I don't, and sometimes only I hear them.

I have begun to theorize that some form of psychokinesis is involved here. The window blind movement and wall knocking only occur at the precise moment I or Marie begin to fall asleep - referred to as the hypnogogic state. While it can be common to hear or see strange things while passing through the hypnogogic state, having it actually affect physical objects in the vicinity. This is certainly new to me.

The moving objects seem to be attracted to spots where I've been sitting or sleeping, implying a connection to the human etheric field.

Once again, I'll mention that my reason for writing about these anomalies is to perhaps hear of others who have similar stories. It's not something generally brought up in casual conversation; imagine telling a colleague at work that I lost sleep due to stones moving and the window blind billowing. My guess is that most people don't have this problem!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Book Review: The Book of Aquarius by Anonymous

The Book of Aquarius purports to be a no-nonsense, plainly worded guide pertaining to all aspects of the legendary “Philosopher’s Stone”. The author claims to have pieced together the process for creating the Stone from readily available resources, primarily from sifting through the large body of available alchemical literature. Although he appears to speak as one in possession of secret knowledge, he states repeatedly that all salient details regarding the Stone can be referenced to published works of medieval alchemists. Despite the public nature of his sources, he claims this publication puts him at risk, hence the cloak of identity behind Anonymous.

Since ancient times, would-be Alchemists have toiled, with varying degrees of success, in their quest to recreate the magical stone. Many believe that the secrets of alchemy belong to an earlier age, and have long since perished except among a few adepts, who guard it closely. Fiction authors, such as Dan Brown, have woven elaborate plots depicting secret ancient knowledge in the popular Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code. Holy Blood, Holy Grail, a non-fiction classic, tracks the history of the esoteric stream from the mists of the ancient past. Always, secrecy is the constant byword regarding this topic.

Anonymous presents a brief history of alchemy and comments on the ever-pervasive secrecy surrounding it. He concedes that the secrets of Alchemy were not appropriate for public circulation during the dark Iron Age of which we are just now exiting. However, he believes that now begins the time, long foretold by sages and prophets, when secrecy shall end and all hidden knowledge is to be revealed. This theme has cropped up from many sources of late, and indeed appears to have become the ruling meme of the day.

The author recounts the legendary uses for the Stone; The white Stone can heal any disease and transmute metals into silver. The red Stone can reverse aging and produce virtual immortality, increase mental powers, and transmute metals into gold. He assures the reader that this is all literally true, and not merely some form of metaphor.

The reader’s eyes may be excused for glossing over at yet another claim of lost esoteric knowledge being revealed. There are any number of modern-day mystery schools and secret societies that claim an esoteric pedigree of one sort or another. Some take credit for developing a complex system for decoding ancient texts, and therefore can now reveal the long-lost hidden knowledge. Everyone seems to have their own system for discerning the truth, but often these truths overlap or contradict one another.

The Book of Aquarius differs from the above by asserting that alchemical knowledge is plainly revealed in the writings of alchemists from the medieval through 19th century period. A glossary of certain key words is presented, which are used interchangeably for the Stone and its ingredients. The author then goes on to describe in detail the process by which the reader can create their very own Philosopher’s Stone, quoting extensively from the aforementioned texts along the way.

So what does one make of this? Is it the real deal? The author assures that it is, and dismisses common spiritual or allegorical interpretations of alchemical teaching. It’s all about the physical Stone, he asserts. He speaks so confidently of the powerful capabilities of the Stone that the reader is surprised to learn, later in the book, that Anonymous hasn’t actually yet succeeded in creating his own Stone. He claims to be well along in the process, but as of yet no cigar. His avid faith in his interpretation of alchemical texts sounds almost like religious fervor. If this were someone with insider knowledge, one would expect such confidence to be based more on substance and experience, rather than mere faith.

As one who tends to analyze any claim of “secrets revealed” with a degree of skepticism, I struggle as to where on the spectrum of truth to place this particular tome. I’m aware that powerful interests can employ a sophisticated disinformation technique that embeds certain critical falsehoods within otherwise plausible and truthful material. For example, some whistleblower documents on UFO and alien activity fall into this category. And coincidently or not, a chapter in the Book of Aquarius discusses a 1948 UFO crash in New Mexico in some detail, and another touches on the “New World Order”.

I suppose that ultimate proof could be obtained by following the author’s prescription for creating the Stone and let the results speak for themselves. However, the process appears to be tedious, and can take over a year or two to complete. Besides, the author speaks of a coming end-of-age “event” that could greatly reduce the population, and it’s not clear that the Stone would offer any protection from that. He admits that living indefinitely can be overrated, and presumes that most of the medieval sages gave up and checked out after a few hundred years of lonely isolation.

I’m still curious and not ruling anything out, but my money is still on a spiritual understanding of Alchemy.

The Book of Aquarius is freely available for download at http://bookofaquarius.forgottenbooks.org/

A free audio book version is included in the download, along with printed version in PDF.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering the Day

It's great that so many feel the need to remember what happened 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the memory recalled by most is something akin to a "screen memory"; images and illusions projected by the Powers-That-Be (PTB). They were able to do that because they own the media outlets that provided most of the reporting.

Those that seek to uncover the "truth" of what happened are marginalized and villified as "conspiracy theorists". This is almost funny, because the official account of 9/11 events reads like an extreme, whacked example of conspiracy theory. To believe this account strains one's sense of credibility more than the alternatives that have floated about on the Internet.

In reality, this is serious, scary business. While it remains unclear as to who pulled off the operation, the government and media orchestrated the coverup. Someone in the halls of power must surely know more than they are telling, and perpetrating the Big Lie apears to fall squarely within their interests. In addition to the obvious interest of promoting warmongering against Iraq and Afghanistan, the 9/11 coverup could have been part of a bold experiment to see just how effective the propaganda machinery is in promulgating the Big Lie. Recently there appears to have been further experiments along this line, with official release of a crude forgery purported to be Obama's birth certificate, followed by the fabricated murder of the already dead "Bin Laden" in Pakistan. (Please note that I was not among the "Birthers" that previously questioned Obama's citizenship. I was only awed and shocked at the White House decision to release an obvious crude forgery of the birth certificate, and can only wonder why they did it.)

The results are in, and the mind control experts must be slapping each other on the back in exultation. The controlled media, of course, bought the entire package without question. While polls indicate that many citizens have their doubts about the official line, no one seems seriously concerned about it. A sampling of mainstream news commentary on this 10 year anniversery contains nauseating reference to Al Qaeda as being an "Evil Force" that took America by surprise 10 years ago. Of course, serious journalism would take to task the fact that no cogent effort was ever made by the US government to provide evidence linking Al Qaeda to the 9/11 attacks. No commentator asks why we attacked Iraq, which actually resulted in instability and created a haven for terrorists where there had been none under Saddam. A similar goal seems in store for Libya.

We sorely need to awaken from our slumber and think objectively once again. The term "Evil" is copyrighted and owned by the US Evil Empire Inc. (with subsidiary branches in several global locations). My definition of Evil includes killing 6 million in Iraq, 2-3 million in Afghanistan, and who knows how many in Libya. These are countries that never attacked us, and did not threaten our interests.

Not to minimize the sudden dispatch of 3000 souls in the WTC, but wouldn't justice for them be better served to investigate who the real perps were? This was a crime scene, but no forensics were carried out and the debris was quickly hauled away under secrecy. Bush said Al Qaeda did it so that seemed to settle the matter. The Bin Laden brand was trotted out to produce a variety of questionable video tapes taking responsibility; several appeared to feature different actors playing Bin Laden. Such a joke; The incredible sophistication and scale of the operation clearly precludes itinerent bands of bearded terrorists lurking in mountain caves.

The tragic legacy of 9/11 is that the putrid Big Lie has been allowed to hang over the land like a toxic smog. This false-flag operation worked well for the perpetrators, as did the subsequent coverup. What comes next?  Is there any limit to what they will try?

The only defense we have is to wake up and become aware.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Evil Empire Illustrated

NATO bombers over Libya - your tax $$$ at work

The focus of this blog is primarily spiritual. So why, might you ask, does this 'Evil Empire' theme crop up so often? Simple...with Ascension at work, lifting consciousness and vibratory levels of those who "get it", certain other things must necessarily go down. Not to understate the matter, the entire ruling system of this planet is on the chopping block. Some elements of this system are evil by anyone's definition, and have historical roots snaking back for millennia.

Again, I must offer this disclaimer regarding the term "Evil": I do not believe that Evil exists as an organized hierarchy, ruled by "Satan" and hordes of demons as portrayed by the Christian Church. I use the term loosely to describe activity and behavior that normal, sensible people find frightening and repulsive. I have an understanding of why such darkness exists on this polarized planet, but that's another discussion.

If you watch nightly coverage of events in Libya on one of the corporate media networks, you  might think that the US and NATO are doing a good deed by helping plant the seeds of democracy in a nation ruled for 40 years by an iron-fisted dictator. If you really believe that version of reality, then you probably also believe that the World Trade towers were brought down by incompetent terrorist pilots. You probably also believe that the Adobe-edited version of Obama's birth certificate is authentic, and that the hapless guy killed by Navy seals in Pakistan was Osama Bin Laden. Sorry, there's nothing I can do to gently bring you up to speed on the true nature of things. If this is your reality, then the rest of this blog probably will not make sense.

If you are aware of independent news reports from alternative sources, then you may wonder why our government supports a brutal rape of a secular, relatively progressive nation where poverty is rare and women enjoy more freedom than any other Arab country. The rebellion did not occur spontaneously by "freedom fighters" attempting to throw off the yoke of oppression, but rather was incited by mercenaries, Al-Queda terrorists and various factions of Muslim extremists. A major goal of the rebels is to institute a strict version of Islamic Sharia law. This means that Libyan women stand to lose their sovereign status and be subject to genial mutilation and male-dominated slavery as is the case under the Taliban of Afghanistan. All this because Gaddafi would not play ball with the global banksters. Just bomb them back to medieval times - our tax dollars at work!

The US Evil Empire has killed many millions in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. This is done as part of a brutal game of international chess. It's all about raw power, and certainly not for any of the fig leaf explanations offered by our leaders.

What amazes me is how widespread and deep the lies have penetrated the masses. The only whimpers of protest come from a few principled Republicans in congress. The progressive Left has been co-opted and neutered by Obama's betrayal of principle. (Not that anyone should find that surprising)  The corporate media turns a deaf ear and marginalizes any voices of dissent. This video clip of Jon Stewart taking a shot at the resulting massive incongruity is really funny but so instructive of the powerful manipulation at work in the media.

Next in the warmonger's sights could be Iran. How far this evil game can continue depends on how rapidly the old system disintegrates. Cracks are appearing in the wall and the winds of change are blowing. The best anyone can do is to raise personal awareness and consciousness and stay informed of the "true" reality. Don't buy into the fabricated reality being force-fed through corporate media. We have the ability to discern truth if we choose.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Something to Cry About

Noted crybaby and speaker of the House John "Boner" Boehner has a lot to cry about these days. He twisted enough arms to get his version of the debt ceiling increase passed, but the Senate immediately scuttled it. Harry Reid hopes to get an alternative measure approved by the Senate, but what are the odds of a Democratic-leaning bill ever getting through the House?

The really sad aspect to this is that Boner alienated many of his colleagues on the Tea-Party  lunatic fringe in order to muscle his bill through. Many of them are dead-set against compromise of any kind. With religious-style fervor, they believe that any compromise with Democrats is tantamount to cutting a deal with the Devil himself.

Aside from the pressing issue of keeping the federal government solvent, my major concern has got to be the apparent breakdown of representative democracy (insofar as we have known it in theory). The growing ideological polarization threatens whatever shreds of democracy are left in our political system. The spectacle of our elected officicals stampeding over a cliff like lemmings will certainly create a backlash that results in the further centralization of power. People hate indecisiveness and stalemate more than dictatorial excess. Benito Mussolini was swept into power in a fascist wave in Italy for just this reason.

The American system does not accommodate splinter groups as well as a parliamentary-type system. We have survived this far because both major parties have generally been cut from the same cloth, more or less. Extremist factions in both parties have often expressed disgust with this fact, but could do little about it until now.

Parlimentary systems tend to accomodate a wide range of political viewpoints, and manage to share enough power to prevent unrest. Whatever it's root causes, the rise of Tea Pary extremism spells trouble for our system. Perhaps the last election was an aberration, and the pendulum will swing back toward the center next time around. If not, this could mean trouble.

Already there are calls for Obama to simply flip off congress and raise the debt ceiling by executive order. Another idea being floated is to form a "super congress", trusted and controlled by current house and senate leaders, who would debate and approve legislation that the main congressional bodies would only have yes/no votes on. There would be no debate or amendments allowed outside of the "super congress". It seems incredible that this could pass constitutional muster with the Supreme Court, but anything is possible these days. Fascism may be closer than one might think. These trends may not be random events; creeping fascism may fit right into certain agendas within the PTB.

At least the "trains will run on time", you think?


Monday, July 25, 2011

The Federal Debt Drama

There are no good guys to root for in this fight. I tend to take a non-partisan stand by calling both sides evil. And, as demonstrated in the recently concluded Minnesota budget battle, deep ideological polarization makes middle ground a very dangerous place to stand.

Oh, sure - it's easy to vilify John Boner for fighting passionately for such tax perks as deductions for private jets and huge tax breaks to corporations in agribusiness. Boner musters the same evangelical fervor with which he successfully defended Bush's tax giveaways to the rich.

As always, I ask this question of the Republicans: Why is borrowing better than taxation? Why does capping the debt get portrayed as a rather admirable idea, but if it comes down to it, the rich shall have their cake no matter what?

The Dems might play nicer theme music, but under the facade it's the same old ruse. Sure, Clinton balanced the budget, but presided over the inflated 90's bubble economy that had to burst sooner or later. Now they agree with Republican rhetoric that the spiraling debt must be reined in, but a similar question needs to be asked of them; is borrowing better than cutting their favorite pet programs? (Of course, pork spending is popular with both parties)

What neither side tells us is the truth - that the Federal Reserve is not a government agency, but a private bank.  The debt we are incurring is not "owed to ourselves" but puts us in hock with some really powerful players. Who are they? We don't know, but who on earth has more money than God, who can keep the money spigot flowing every time Congress raises the debt ceiling? It seems reasonable to conclude that these super Banksters must have something in common with the shadowy Powers-That-Be that rules the world. We are likely in deep debt to some sinister forces.

Another truth we are not told is that borrowing from the banksters is not necessary - The US Treasury has authorization under the constitution to print money. Alas and alack, the last time this was tried resulted in the white house occupant having his brains blown out by high powered rifles. No subsequent leader has shown any desire to follow in those footsteps.

Still another painful truth must be told: The shadow of the 2nd Great Depression is falling upon us, and the federal government has shot its anti-recessionary wad with little to show for it. Four trillion has been added to the national debt, which probably could have paid off every mortgage in the country. Where did it go? More importantly, what is left to combat the seemingly inevitable double-dip? During Act I of the new depression, unemployment benefits kept many going and shored up consumer spending. Now, with many exhausting their benefits, and social programs on the debt reduction chopping block, we face the possibility of Act II playing out with grim scenarios of homelessness and hunger fueling enormous social instabilities. The dreaded double dip could arrive like a tsunami with little or no cushion remaining.

Of course, much of the deficit cutting could fall on the bloated military budget, and this country could reconsider its role as Evil Empire enforcer of the world. A tax on Wall Street operations and Bankster profits would provide a significant increase in revenue, but of course, our congress -talking both parties now- are bought, paid for and owned by those very same Banksters. Therefore this does not seem like a plausible possibility.

I recently spotted a bumper sticker that says it all: "Politicians should dress like NASCAR drivers - At least then we would know who owns them".


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Political Polarization

The bad guys?

The stalemate in Minnesota behind the state government shutdown is regrettable, but fascinating to analyze.

As Macalester College president Brian Rosenberg put it in a StarTrib op-ed, Governer Dayton has done an admirable job of negotiating with himself. He has retreated significantly from his opening positions, hoping to elicit some reciprocal response from the Republicans. Thus far they have adamantly refused any compromise.

From the standpoint of someone who leans "progressive" like myself, it would nominally appear that Koch, Zellers & the rightwing gang represent the evil bad guys, and that our dear embattled governor is simply fighting for the welfare of the most vulnerable citizens. However, this simplistic analysis may not hold together under examination.

The core conservatives in the Republican caucus exhibit religious zeal with their take-no-prisoners stance on revenue increase. For them to compromise would be tantamount to being assimilated by the Borg. Koch and Zellers are under tremendous pressure to find a solution to the stalemate, but must fear the wrath of their rabid colleagues if they weaken. Plus, they know how to count the votes needed to pass a compromise budget.

I'm no fan of Republican philosophy, but there are forces behind the strident anti-tax hysteria that should be looked at. For the past several decades, there has been an upward trend in the level of state and local taxation. The sales tax was originally introduced at a microscopic percentage, with promises that it wouldn't rise. Many will remember the mileposts that it passed - 3, 4, then 5, then 6% - on the way to the present 7.275% in Hennepin County (we get to pay for the Twins stadium without voting on it!).

I'm certain that the "Minnesota Miracle" has done lots of good, and the taxes we pay go for services that many wouldn't want to lose. However, the inexorable trend of growth leads inquiring minds to wonder if there is a limit before the tax rate hits 100%.

Ostensibly, we are governed under a democratic system. In theory, the level of public spending and taxation should reflect the will of the voters. If the majority enjoy the good life in Minnesota, and can see how their tax money is spent beneficially, then a consensus should be easy to reach.

In practice, the growth in cynicism and political polarization make consensus building far more difficult. Budgetary issues are complex and few understand where the money goes. The sense of distrust and disempowerment grows until it solidifies into something as rigid as the "Taxpayer's Pledge" that binds the core faithful to vote against tax increase in any form.

To his discredit, Governor Dayton has inflamed passions by insisting on a "class warfare" approach that makes tax increases on the wealthy a central part of his message. Skilled leadership and a more appropriate message may have had a chance at successful compromise, but that was not in the cards.

Dayton may have painted himself in to a corner from which no compromise can emerge. Perhaps this was by design, based on shrewd calculation that public opinon will rise up against the Republican leadership and hammer them in the next election. If this turns out to have been the strategy, then the "evil" moniker will need to be spread beyond the Republicans to include the governor's office.

It may be that Dayton's only realistic course at this point is to cave completely and then announce to the state that responsibility for the harsh budget rests on the Republicans. If voters disapprove, they can take vent their angst in the next election. A new legistlature will be elected in 2012, but the governor's term runs until 2014.

We can't forget that this dispute takes place in the midst of a deepening depression, and things could get worse before it's over. What happens if projected revenues fall short of even the Republican budget? Somehow the gap between revenues and public need must be addressed in more creative ways than either party has thus far demonstrated.

The ideological divide that separates Governor Dayton from his 2010 Republican opponent Tom Emmer is vast, and indicative of the deepening partisan rift. Dayton only won by the slimmest of margins. If this is a trend that continues in the future, then it could signal an eventual breakdown in our system of governance. The meme of revolution is circulating within global consciousness. Is the present ideological divide a taste of what is to come? Watch a similar drama play out on the federal level, and Stay Tuned.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Summer of Our Discontent

News item: June unemployment statistics released, showing that job creation virtually stalled. If not for the convenient elimination from calculation of long-term "losers" whose unemployment benefits have run out, the unemployment rate would be substantially higher than the official 9.2%. As it is, this figure caused a momentary buzz in Washington, causing Obama to cancel a vacation so he could make a public statement. Essentially his message was "don't worry, better days just around the corner" a la President Hoover circa 1930.

So what do we expect the big guy to do about it? With trillions in stimulus already spent, and budget cutting rhetoric heating up, there isn't much ammunition left - at least within the traditional paradigm. Welcome to the depression.

As I've railed upon many times before, the partisan divide is getting deeper, while neither side addresses the problems truthfully or realistically. One realistic solution to intractable debt is to essentially default through inflation, a fix that already may be quietly underway. Unfortunately, we have Chinese, Russians and other major nations having invested their savings deeply in dollars, who are likely to object. If they bail from the dollar en masse, the precipitous rise in import costs will drive another stake or two into the American economic corpse.

One factor keeping the dollar on life support is the exceptional weakness of the Euro, which is haunted by the specter of the "PIIGS" nations ongoing flirtation with default. Still, when outright default occurs. perhaps beginning with Greece and Portugal, the resulting tsunami may swamp the dollar and the rest of the global system.

Here in Minnesota, we have more the the same partisan polarization, this time resulting in actual shutdown of government. It's hard to believe that positions are so hardened that they would let this happen over less than 2 billion out of a 36 billion dollar budget. The Republicans exhibit religious fervor with their "no new taxes" mantra, while the Governor seems bent on poking the opposition in the eye with a class warfare zeal to "soak the rich". Why not simply split the difference and get on with it??

Shame on them all! Shame on them for proposing more gimmicky accounting shifts that already have caused one bond rating agency to downgrade the state's credit rating. School districts are already in hock by several billion from the last shifts. Again I ask the Republicans, why is borrowing better than taxation? They preach living within our means, but this is not what that entails.

Of course the Repubs are correct to question the enormous rate of growth in the state budget, but let them speak openly of where the money is going and who gets hurt if they arbitrarily slash it back. Most of the increase is in social services and health care, but we are in the midst of a DEPRESSION and have an aging population to contend with. There are major public policy decisions to be made in dealing with these trends, but this should be done in open debate. If the answer is to put poor people out in the street and watch idly as "Hoovervilles" spring up once again, then at least get a consensus from the voters. The results will be ugly, and do we really wish to travel down that road?

Of course poll respondents say "cut the budget" when the question is framed in terms of an impersonal. bloated bureaucracy consuming an ever increasing portion of our earnings. Somehow "they" are spending too much of "our" money, but when it's your own parents affected by cuts in nursing home care, or your children facing curtailed opportunities in school, then it takes on a more personal dimension.

The tragedy is that all of the bailout and stimulus spending was blown without much impact to the average citizen. I saw a statistic somewhere that claimed that the trillions spent on bailout of the Banksters could have paid off every distressed mortgage.  Imagine the foreclosure problem instantly resolved! Imagine the difference if the average Joe had access to that kind of assistance. But then that is dreaming; in reality the Banksters Rule while the rest of us Drool.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Economic Crisis?

The markets reacted favorably to the latest announced European bailout agreement for Greece, but reaction on Greek streets went opposite. The terms called for increased austerity measures, which in plain terms means the common people get screwed to pay for the sins of the Banksters. Just how much austerity can be forced the "PIIGS" nations of Europe without open rebellion remains an unanswered question.

Back on the domestic front, Republicans walked out of congressional budget negotiations because Dems offended them by broaching the dreaded T word. This time it was the suggested phase-out of certain tax breaks that benefit wealthy corporations and individuals that wedged Republican shorts into a bind. Again I'll ask the rhetorical question of why Republicans think borrowing is better than taxation. Why is the ending of tax loopholes that benefit a wealthy few considered a tax increase?

The debt situation in this country is becoming so dire that one wonders how soon the IMF will be dictating austerity terms to the United States. What will be the response in our streets? It certainly behooves congress to address the escalating national debt while we still posess some sovereignty. However, the solution required goes beyond spending cuts or tax increases. The interest on the debt alone threatens to reach gridlock levels. It's difficult to foresee an end game that doesn't involve default or hyperinflation. The present system is unsustainable, and perhaps was designed that way intentionally.

The opening phase of Great Depression II has been relatively painless due to extended unemployment benefits and other safety net programs. The initial stimulus spending facilitated denial for a time, but a new phase is about to begin in which the harsh reality is fully revealed. This appears to be a necessary aspect of the ending of the pesent age.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

The New Digital Divide

John Rash writes in the Star Tribune about the "New Digital Divide", which doesn't involve income disparity or socio-economic status, but refers instead to the widening partisan polarization associated with digital media. The part that caught my eye was how liberals and conservatives tend to view the world from increasingly divergent perspectives. The article discusses how the proliferating choices in alternative media may be either cause or effect.

Of course, the increasing polarization in politics is of concern, especially when deeply divided legislators at state and national levels must resolve thorny economic issues. The result is often stalemate and impasse, as is presently the case here in Minnesota.

Rash points out that 40 years ago, political opponents at least agreed on the basic facts of an issue, whereas today opposing camps come from differing views of reality. Depending on one's version of reality, raising taxes to balance the budget could be seen as a necessary annoyance or extremely detestable. Common sense asks why the two sides can't split the difference and avoid a nasty shutdown of government, but within each polarized version of reality, the obvious compromise solution doesn't seem so apparent.

Rash also touched on the increasing tendency to view fundamental facts of science through an ideological lens. Quoting Seth Lewis, he writes "The idea of empiricism is being questioned as never before."

While it's regrettable that Christian Fundamentalists wish to replace scientific theory with religious beliefs, this issue is not so simple. What Rash and Lewis are leaving out of the discussion is that there are divergent views of reality because stratified power structures in science, medicine and academia have often suppressed open-minded inquiry and alternative research. Paradigm defense generally takes precedence over exploration of new ideas, so innovators are marginalized and not published. Because alternative media can provide ordinary people with access to alternative thought and research, it's only natural that distrust of mainstream information would increase.

Plausible examples of alternative science abound, from Michael Cremo's Forbidden Archeology, Richard Hoagland's exposé of NASA concealment of ancient artifacts on the Moon and Mars, or even Minnesota physicist James McCanney's theories on the electrical nature of the solar system.

Is it a problem that many are beginning to distrust the mainstream oracles of truth? Or is this simply a reflection that critical thinking is not dead and that alternative media allow free thinkers to cast their nets a bit wider? I guess the answer depends on which version of reality you embrace.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Perceiving Reality

This photo is of my maternal Grandfather, who died about 20 years ago at age 95. On his birthday in mid-October last fall, this photo mysteriously opened itself overnight on my computer. When I turned on the monitor in the morning, his face greeted me. I had forgotten that images scanned from a photo album were even on that computer, and the file names consisted of the long numerical format assigned by digital cameras. Unless viewing thumbnails, no one would guess what each picture contained. As if to make sure this trick had caught my attention, the same thing was repeated the following morning. Some intelligence had picked out the proper image from among several hundred, and opened it on the desktop,

This is an example of the many anomalies that happen frequently in our home, and is not particularly remarkable or unusual in itself. Objects frequently move, polished stones appear from thin air, and our little dog Sophie somehow routinely moves her favorite chewy treats into the far end of my pillowcase or under the bottom bed sheet at bedtime. She accomplishes this while appearing to be curled up and sleeping. Quite a trick.

This is my reality. Is it shared by anyone else? I've collected a few stories in response to my blog articles, but I suspect that for most people, these anomalies would not fit into their definition of reality. As pointed out repeatedly in the channeled Seth material, reality is uniquely perceived by each individual, and yet there is a collective version of reality experienced by most everyone.

This blog is largely about how I perceive reality, and the tentative conclusions reached by my analysis of it. I consider this to be a spiritually-oriented blog, despite commenting frequently on news items or political subject matter. I view my reality through a deeply spiritual lens, and am convinced that we are experiencing a remarkable shift on our planet as one age ends and another begins.

I've made frequent mention that our nation plays a leading role in the "The Evil Empire", for understanding this is vital for understanding the Shift. I'm fascinated by history, and have researched the roots of "Evil" in our nation. Of course I use the term "Evil" in a qualified sense, not propounding a moral or religious slant. The term does seem to fit in a metaphorical sense, since the dark acts perpetrated by the PTB (Powers That Be) would clearly fit most definitions of evil. For example, killing millions of people and contaminating vast areas of Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium (DU) is Evil in my opinion.

I may do a series on the contribution Nazi philosophy has made to the Evil Empire; it's fascinating to trace the history of this.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

War Powers Showdown

Speaker of the House John Boner (ok it's Boehner, but who can resist?) is threatening a showdown with Obama over the illegal war action in Libya. If he carries through and fights this battle to the finish, my opinion of him will definitely improve.

The intervention in Libya is a clear illustration of how US governmental policy does not reflect the will or interests of the American people. There was absolutely no defensible reason to pick a fight with Muammar Gaddafi. Whatever high-sounding principles we ever pretended to have for "spreading democracy" in the world have long since crumbled into DU-contaminated dust.

Despite looking like a street thug, Gaddafi is one of the least objectionable dictators within that particular genre. He has done a great deal to improve the lives of his people, including a massive water project that promised to turn desert into arable farmland. He "found religion" after Reagan ordered bombing of his palace, and totally swore off terrorism of any kind. He has done NOTHING that threatens our interests  for nearly 30 years.

What are Gaddafi's sins that put him on the shit list with the US and NATO? He refused to play ball with the Globalist banksters. He kept Libyan monetary reserves stored in gold in Libyan vaults. His policies were tailored to Libyan interests, rather than be sumissive to the Globalist masters. Most significantly, he kept Libyan oil out of the dominating reach of the Globalists.

For these sins, Gadaffi is as good as dead. The so-called "color revolution" is led by - guess who - Al Qaeda operatives. These are the supposed "good guys" we are blasting up Libya to support? Wait a minute! I thought these were the "bad guys"! We often hear of predator drones taking out Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and just a few weeks ago the legendary Bin Laden was supposedly dispatched to his reward. What gives? How to tell good Al Qaeda from bad?

Well, do you s'pose that the entire thing is just a ruse? One clue might be that Al Qaeda was invented and chartered by the CIA during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Since they fall into the category of "CIA asset", this understanding should put a different spin on the situation. By the way, one of their first acts in areas of Libya they control was to establish a central bank under control of the Globalists. The oil they are shipping now pours proceeds into Globalist coffers. Look surprised!

Look for every regime in the middle east to be threatened by "color revolutions" unless they submit to Globalist control. We'll see how many get the message following the Libyan example.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Lunatic Right and Beyond

News Item: Newt Gingrich's nascent presidential campaign crashed and burned as his entire staff bailed. Newt took it in stride, evidently feeling no pain as he and his wife continued on the two-week pleasure cruise that his advisers had urged against.

Newt's a "big picture" kind of guy, who can't be bothered with arcane details, so the patience of his staff apparently was tested beyond its limits. One item that made waves was Newt's recent trashing of Rep. Paul Ryan's proposals for health care an example of "right-wing social engineering".

Newt's comments illustrate the shocking reality of just how far right the political spectrum has shifted since back in the day when he helped define the radical edge of right-wing thought with the infamous "Contract with America". Now Newt can position himself as a mainstream conservative while the new generation of extremists take up their positions on the edge.

The radical right is flirting with fascist philosophy, attacking Big Government while remaining quite comfortable and cozy with Big Corporations shifting power into their domain. In addition, we see elements of class warfare emerging as the Depression deepens. We saw how passionately Republicans defended tax cuts for the rich; Banksters and Wall Street have raked in record profits as the rest of the economy struggles. The first targets on the budget cutting block are unemployment benefits and anything benefiting the poor.

Unfortunately, progressive forces are bereft of leadership. There is no standard bearer leading the battle against creeping fascism. Despite a Liberal-sounding platform, Obama is difficult to distinguish from his predecessor. He squandered his initial political capital on the ill-conceived health care bill, the Gulag at Gitmo remains open for business and warmongering is more robust than ever. The nefarious Patriot Act was renewed with little debate, and the environment continues to be trashed as the EPA apparently allows industry to write the regulations.

My use of the word fascist is not merely a partisan attack on the Right; There is ample evidence that elements of Nazism survived Germany's defeat in WWII. This has been well documented by authors such as Peter Levenda and Joseph Farrell. I find it fascinating to study how this has influenced the rise of the Evil American Empire. More will be forthcoming on this.