Friday, September 23, 2011

Of Things That Go Bump in the Night...Continued...

This is an update of an ongoing saga...the anomalous events in our home.

The polished stones still move daily. New stones appear occasionally. Recently, a string of beads materialized from the aether. Books and CDs that we have never purchased or seen before sometimes appear. For some reason, Marie tends to attract mystery novels, such as by Mary Higgins Clark. These generally show up in her car, on one of the seats, while it is parked and locked.

Most of the activity seems to take place on our bed. Virtually every night, I must check for objects before climbing into bed. These will mostly consist of polished stones that I keep in a drawer in the bedside nightstand. They sometimes are scattered on top of the sheet or blankets, or else under the bottom sheet next to the mattress. My pillowcase generally gets stuffed with stones and dog chews. Our Shih Tzu Sophie has hinted that she is responsible for moving the latter, but understand that everything is placed in the far end of the pillowcase. A small dog attempting to do physically perform this trick would find it quite challenging. Sometimes I leave the room for a moment while she is on the bed and return to find the pillow stuffed, and she will be lying at the far end of the bed.

One change we have noted recently is that objects tend to move more often while we are present. On one recent occasion, the string of beads moved from a spot in front of me while standing near the bed, and materialized on top of Sophie, who was lying at the far end of the bed. I realized that if I had been looking down at the beads at that moment, I might have been able to catch the trick in the act.

Sometimes the stones drop gently onto me or beside me while lying in bed. The lights are off and my eyes closed, so I have no clue as to what propels them. At other times they materialize underneath where I'm lying, which can be quite uncomfortable.

The most recent anomaly has been the window blind moving vigorously just as I fall off to sleep. I open my eyes to see it swaying in a wavelike motion, as if a strong gust of wind had blown in. However, this happens when the night is calm or the window is completely closed. Other variations include knocking on the wall directly behind my head, or the sound of object shifting around on the nightstand or dresser. Sometimes Marie hears sounds that I don't, and sometimes only I hear them.

I have begun to theorize that some form of psychokinesis is involved here. The window blind movement and wall knocking only occur at the precise moment I or Marie begin to fall asleep - referred to as the hypnogogic state. While it can be common to hear or see strange things while passing through the hypnogogic state, having it actually affect physical objects in the vicinity. This is certainly new to me.

The moving objects seem to be attracted to spots where I've been sitting or sleeping, implying a connection to the human etheric field.

Once again, I'll mention that my reason for writing about these anomalies is to perhaps hear of others who have similar stories. It's not something generally brought up in casual conversation; imagine telling a colleague at work that I lost sleep due to stones moving and the window blind billowing. My guess is that most people don't have this problem!

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