Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome to The New Age

I guess you can call me a "New Ager". My spiritual and metaphysical beliefs surely place me well to the south of traditional spirituality, but this is not about labels or belief systems. Like it or not, believe it or not, we all are being swept into a New Age. As Aquarius pours out his water onto creation, the Picsean fish will find that opportunities for swimming are expanding.

Many expect the change of ages to be violent and chaotic, as legend holds was true of past age transitions. Phrophetic literature, most notably the Bible, portray complete destruction of civilization as an angry God pours out his supposed wrath on a wayward planet.

Some anticipate that the Mayan calendar presages an end to present civilization before the forthcoming golden age can begin. An asteroid strike, pole shift, or massive solar flares are among popular speculations for age-ending catastrophes.

Sorry to pour cold water on anyone's doom and gloom expectations, but indications are that this time around something quite different is poised to occur.

What is happening is a shift and ascension to a higher vibrational level. In the ancient past, groups or even entire ethnic clans may have ascended (think Anasazi). This time, the entire planet is slated for ascension.

The enigma is, how can an entire planet ascend to higher dimensionality, when darkness and lower vibration rules over so many? This planet has a nasty reputation in the galaxy, which is probably one reason we have been quarantined from open interaction with other star systems. To ascend requires actively embracing and becoming the higher vibration. Quite clearly, many are not in this space. So what gives?

What gives is an overlay process, whereby those who are ascending are slipping into timelines that gradually take on characteristics of higher dimensionality. The remainder of humanity that clings to lower vibration continues on as if nothing changed. There have always been parallel timelines, but space-time had stable enough structure so that only minor differences in events were experienced. Now, instability is increasing, and the signs are more difficult to ignore. Everyday objects change location, and we generally rationalize that we are merely forgetful.

Instability and chaos are increasing as a natural consequence of the acension process, and will continue to grow until the timelines are sufficiently separated. The economy may crumble as fear and desperation ramps up. The phony partisan political division will exacerbate, as the hidden dark masters try desparately to shore up their control and pretend that someone has the answers. The inane political debate is but a distraction from the real events unfolding behind the scenes. Those in the know will watch in mild bemusement as each side demonizes the other, but remember this is all theater.

The good news is, those who awaken and match their vibration to the unfolding ascension process, should be able to manifest a timeline that looks quite different. For those who so choose, life does not need to descend into darkness and chaos. For those on the Ascension path, the next Golden Age beckons.