Saturday, June 30, 2012

Long Hot Summer?

Looks like this summer will be long and hot, at least weather-wise. Whether or not civilization as we know it begins to break down is an open question.

Predictions have abounded over the past months and years, of the dollar collapsing, the Eurozone imploding, and the entire global economic house of cards simply melting down in the aftermath. The debts that are owed are staggering, and the rampant fraud involving derivatives and bogus bonds are even more so.

Last time I checked, things were still proceeding fairly normally. The stock market still holds at a decent level, and unemployment seems to be easing a bit. Dunn Brothers still sells my favorite mocha with ice cream, and life is generally good.

Will the big meltdown finally occur this year? Those who understand the huge shift in consciousness realize that drastic change is inevitable as the old order collapses, but I for one am still holding out hope for a more gradual changeover. The "Preppers" that are building bunkers probably have it figured wrong; their vision of life is based on the old order of fear and scarcity and fails to take into account the higher energies filtering in. If things indeed collapse rapidly, their bunkers will just become tombs anyway.

There is a new way of looking at the material world, one that does not require predatory competition to acquire one's share. This is the reality that is beginning to emerge, if one has eyes to see it. Perhaps the reality that one experiences varies according to expectations.

A quick note on the ObamaCare Supreme court ruling: This is a fault line along which the toxic and phony partisan battle will be raging throughout the year. It's entertaining to watch the Repubs wince and stutter at the sight of one of their own (Chief Justice Roberts) apparently defecting to the enemy's side. However, as much as progressives like myself favor reforms to the health care system, ObamaCare is not the answer. It creates a huge new bureaucratic entity by merging power centers in Insurance, large Health Care Providers, Big Pharma and regulatory agencies in government. It does not work in favor of individuals or small-scale health providers. The only bright side I see is the possibility that the entire bloated system will break down, while alternative care emerges as an important player.

Mittens Romney is a truly pathetic figure, who bends over backward to kiss the derriere of every power broker. He actually designed the forerunner of ObamaCare in Massachusetts, while now attempting to outdo the most rabid conservatives with his rhetoric. Progressives will stick with Obama, but it doesn't matter who wins. The same boss is in charge no matter what. How much real change have you seen coming from Obama? Guantanamo Bay is still in business, the wars continue to rage, and we now have an even more onerous detention law in place than even Bush-Cheney imagined.

Politics is merely an act to divert our attention. The real powers that be are not to be seen.