Monday, August 29, 2011

The Evil Empire Illustrated

NATO bombers over Libya - your tax $$$ at work

The focus of this blog is primarily spiritual. So why, might you ask, does this 'Evil Empire' theme crop up so often? Simple...with Ascension at work, lifting consciousness and vibratory levels of those who "get it", certain other things must necessarily go down. Not to understate the matter, the entire ruling system of this planet is on the chopping block. Some elements of this system are evil by anyone's definition, and have historical roots snaking back for millennia.

Again, I must offer this disclaimer regarding the term "Evil": I do not believe that Evil exists as an organized hierarchy, ruled by "Satan" and hordes of demons as portrayed by the Christian Church. I use the term loosely to describe activity and behavior that normal, sensible people find frightening and repulsive. I have an understanding of why such darkness exists on this polarized planet, but that's another discussion.

If you watch nightly coverage of events in Libya on one of the corporate media networks, you  might think that the US and NATO are doing a good deed by helping plant the seeds of democracy in a nation ruled for 40 years by an iron-fisted dictator. If you really believe that version of reality, then you probably also believe that the World Trade towers were brought down by incompetent terrorist pilots. You probably also believe that the Adobe-edited version of Obama's birth certificate is authentic, and that the hapless guy killed by Navy seals in Pakistan was Osama Bin Laden. Sorry, there's nothing I can do to gently bring you up to speed on the true nature of things. If this is your reality, then the rest of this blog probably will not make sense.

If you are aware of independent news reports from alternative sources, then you may wonder why our government supports a brutal rape of a secular, relatively progressive nation where poverty is rare and women enjoy more freedom than any other Arab country. The rebellion did not occur spontaneously by "freedom fighters" attempting to throw off the yoke of oppression, but rather was incited by mercenaries, Al-Queda terrorists and various factions of Muslim extremists. A major goal of the rebels is to institute a strict version of Islamic Sharia law. This means that Libyan women stand to lose their sovereign status and be subject to genial mutilation and male-dominated slavery as is the case under the Taliban of Afghanistan. All this because Gaddafi would not play ball with the global banksters. Just bomb them back to medieval times - our tax dollars at work!

The US Evil Empire has killed many millions in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. This is done as part of a brutal game of international chess. It's all about raw power, and certainly not for any of the fig leaf explanations offered by our leaders.

What amazes me is how widespread and deep the lies have penetrated the masses. The only whimpers of protest come from a few principled Republicans in congress. The progressive Left has been co-opted and neutered by Obama's betrayal of principle. (Not that anyone should find that surprising)  The corporate media turns a deaf ear and marginalizes any voices of dissent. This video clip of Jon Stewart taking a shot at the resulting massive incongruity is really funny but so instructive of the powerful manipulation at work in the media.

Next in the warmonger's sights could be Iran. How far this evil game can continue depends on how rapidly the old system disintegrates. Cracks are appearing in the wall and the winds of change are blowing. The best anyone can do is to raise personal awareness and consciousness and stay informed of the "true" reality. Don't buy into the fabricated reality being force-fed through corporate media. We have the ability to discern truth if we choose.