Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Turn Back to God...But Which One???

Glenn Beck's Washington rally around traditional values and Mom's apple pie appeared to unite religious conservatives around the theme of "Restoring Honor" by "turning back to God".

The seeming unity was quickly disturbed as the problem surfaced of which God to turn back to. Evangelical Christians began distancing themselves from Beck's religious views even as they applauded his political message. Beck is a follower of Mormonism, which hardline Christians claim is tantamount to a dangerous cult. They maintain that Beck's God can't be the same God they worship.

But wait! How can there be more than one Divine Almighty competing for the title of God? By commonly held definition, God is a singular entity. You can't have more than one trying to be omnipotent and omnipresent at the same time.

This blog has previously commented on the absurdity of Christian leaders such as Franklin Graham depicting Islam as demonic and following a different God. This dispute really begs the question of where major religions draw their concepts of God from.

It stands to reason that if an almighty God exists, it would be the task of any religion to humbly inquire into the actual nature of that God and whatever wisdom that He/She may intend to bestow upon us. Unfortunately, that's not how religion works, and schisms such as "Mormon God vs. Christian God" reveal something quite telling about this: The God each proclaims is the product of individual projection and invention. The message each God has for us happens to coincide with the personal beliefs and biases of the associated religion's leaders. Thus, there is no limit to the number of flavors of God we can encounter, and it's not so surprising that various teachings attributed to God can be opposed or conflicting.

The bottom line, of course, is that religion is a scam, and not a particularly spiritual one at that. True spirituality is something quite removed from any religion, and that includes Christianity.

Turn back to God? Which God? Who can say that we ever left?