Saturday, October 30, 2010

More On the November Shift


Many people are feeling that something big is imminent. The past few weeks have seemed eerily quiet and subdued, as the tide might recede just prior to a tsunami. Some intuitives sense a major shift in consciousness is just ahead; others warn that it's time to store food and water and head for the hills.

As I've mentioned before, the predictive linguistics technique employed at half past human has been foretelling of major events coming during the period of November 8-12. Just what the events are isn't clear, but they term it a major "tipping point" that will be followed by 3-4 months of "emotional release" in the populace.

We have speculated here on several possibilities, and it could be that several events combine for a larger effect.

Another possibility has caught my attention: The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is scheduled to go online on November 9. A great deal of controversy has erupted over this device, with some credentialed physicists expressing concern. One scientific theory has it that the HSC could produce minature black holes, which could eventually grow large enough to swallow the Earth.

While most physicists dismiss the fears, there could be some reason for concern from a metaphysical perspective. We know, for example, that nuclear explosions affect several energetic dimensional levels beyond the physical plane. This is apparently the reason that ETs stepped up their involvment on this planet following the first atomic blast in 1945, and why many incidents continue to get reported of UFOs deactivating nuclear missile installations.

Rumors persist that the time travel experiments at Montauk have seriously screwed up our timelines in ways that affect everyone. While this might border on woo-woo land for many, it's not implausible to me that black-ops activities could be intruding into the basic fabric of reality in this universe. The geniuses in Atlantis apparently blew themselves into oblivion, and this could be a repeating cycle that ends civilizations.

So the theory is that the LHC could produce exotic particles of matter that affects higher dimensions. This comes at a time in history when a major shift in consciousness is already underway, and some channeled information suggests that this will feature a split in physical timelines.

If the timelines don't split, something has to give as the critical mass of global consciousness tips toward a more enlightened state. The world has been ruled by dark forces for thousands of years. The shift into enlightenment challenges their hold over major institutions of society. The ongoing threat of economic collapse and widespread war should be seen in this light. It could be that more bad news on these fronts really means that consciousness is shifting - old forms have to give way at some point for the new to replace them.

The November tipping point could be financial, as major banks are apparently greatly exposed to fraudulent mortgage investments, and desperately trying to conceal the extent of the risk. The emerging story of fraudulent foreclosure documents is the tip of the iceberg that might about to be uncork in a big way.

Remember that events that are viewed as traumatic disasters by some might not look so bad to others. As the old forms get replaced by new, those of higher vibrational consciousness will welcome this, but those of lower consciousness will think that the dreaded apocalypse has finally arrived.

My own meditations lead me to conclude that there is nothing to fear from the November shift, but it could be an interesting month for news headlines. And, the possibility exists that something major and wonderful is about to be revealed on the spiritual level. Stay tuned.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creation & Manifestation Part 3

Living the Prosperous Life

As I've commented before, the movie "The Secret" was a mixed bag insofar as bringing enlightenment on the topic of prosperity. The implication in the title of this knowledge having been deliberately withheld is ludicrous, of course. While the concept of "Law of Attraction" seems valid, the essential purpose in life would seem to be portrayed as "attracting" expensive cars, large homes, and perfect health. These end results are presented as apparent definition of what a prosperous life means.

In my view of things, the definition of success in life goes well beyond how effectively we can attract the trappings of wealth. I wish The Secret had focused more on learning to recognize the soul's path. While it's true that many suffer because ingrained thoughts and attitudes attract negative results, some of life's challenges are scripted by the soul. There is no simplistic formula for determining what the soul considers successful. Health and wealth are nice to achieve, but may mean little to the soul's agenda. Of course, deprivation and suffering are not virtuous in themselves either.

I  speak as one who has embraced the "Law of Deprivation" all of my life, as handed down from parents and grandparents. Not that we ever experienced true deprivation, but "money doesn't grow on trees" and the "wolf" always threatened to "howl at the door". I've generally lived a fairly comfortable life, with basic needs met, but always felt this was somehow difficult to achieve, and required hard work under stressful conditions.

At mid-life, I began to question my values and beliefs about money and prosperity. The motivation for doing this was prompted by the realization that my soul longed for freedom of expression. While I had a good job in my field that paid well, the thought kept running through my mind that "I'm working for the Man", doing things all day that I wouldn't necessarily choose to do otherwise. At the end of the day I felt drained, with little spark left for hobbies or an avocation. I asked myself what things I'd be doing if not working for the Man, and came up with a substantial list. My angst grew as I realized that some of those items were things that I dearly wanted to accomplish while on Earth. "Don't die with your music still in you" as Wayne Dyer says.

The opportunity came for self-employment, so I took it and traded cube life for freedom - and a lot more risk. I found that working as a consultant still involves "working for the Man", just not in a cubicle provided by the Man.

I began to ponder the philosophy behind money - what it is, how we get it and how we seem to become slaves in the process. I wondered what if we were all handed a chunk of cash and told to spend our time as we see fit. Works for me, wouldn't you think?

As I digested the teachings of Abraham and The Secret, I wondered why I couldn't simply utilize the LOA to manifest a big pile of green ones and declare my freedom. I began to place my hopes around this, but thus far it hasn't happened. However, I remain convinced that freedom is a good thing, and is obtainable.

Here is the sum of my conclusions: Money is simply a form of energy. While Source can supply inexhaustible energy, the human desire to store up money and stash it away runs contrary to the natural laws of the universe. This spawns greed and equates money with power, and leads to some of the darker examples of human behavior. Abraham even commented in response to a question that the stated desire for a large bank acount implies fear of deprivation - the human ego assumes that only a large stash will provide security in the future.

One basic principle that I've only recently learned is that prosperity comes through maintaining a creative flow from your inner core. As Stuart Wilde put it in "The Trick to Money is Having Some":

"It is simpler therefore to agree that one doesn't need security. One doesn't even need a system that favors one. All that is ever needed, is what one already has, which is creativity and energy. You don't have to become immortal to be safe. All you have to do is to acknowledge that what you are right now is enough to keep you safe and more than enough to keep you in abundance for the rest of your days in spite of circumstances, You just need you, comfortable inside yourself."

There is nothing wrong with having money. It's just that money represents stored energy and is static; the soul is dynamic and lives in the moment and is interested only in what is flowing right now. Stasis is generally not a good thing in this life. Retirement may be appropriate at a certain age, but even then those who fail to remain engaged in something generally don't live long afterward. Those whose primary goal is to float in bliss without a care are better served in an astral plane on the Other Side.

I assume that my soul is clever and knows how to pull in what it needs, especially if I open the flow of creative expression. The entire world was somehow created from nothing, and may be nothing more than a projection of consciousness. The precise mechanism of how this works is still a mystery worthy of further exploration. We are brought back once again to the high strangeness of stones and books dropping from the aether onto my desk or chair. Can this be directed to provide items of greater value, such as gold coins or large-denomination bills? Just how pliable is reality? The jury is still out on that one.

We know that thought produces instant form on some etheric level, but it takes a bit more process to actually produce the goods in solid material form. There may be ways of mastering this and conjuring things more directly, but generally some action is required to channel creative energy into useful form, i.e. money that can be exchanged for goods. This action can be a creative inspiration taking form as a businesss venture or inovative idea, but it doesn't need to require drudgery or "working for the Man".

It could also be that our financial system is in the process of disintegratng, as the new wave of consciousness shifts out the old. In that case, those who put their faith in dollars could be greatly disapointed, while the principles of creative expression will prove transferrable to whatever system emerges. Thus it behooves us to get the principles of prosperity figured out in a manner that will meet material needs no matter what apocalypse looms ahead.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Creation & Manifestation Part 2

How the Universe Works

Note: This is the continuation of a discussion on creation & manifestation that began with an account of anomalous manifestations in and around my home. These primarily involve the appearance of numerous polished stones, as well as occasional books and other common objects. One key element of inquiry is that these actions defy the laws of physics as we presently understand them, so how do these things occur?.

Classical physics insists that matter cannot be created or destroyed except within accordance to Einstein’s famous equation, which involves enormous amounts of energy. Material objects cannot change locations except by physical motion through space, although some exotic theories postulate existence of wormholes connecting multiple dimensions. In everyday life, the solidity of matter is a given, and objects are guaranteed to remain where they are placed unless physically moved. Consciousness in any case is but an accidental by-product of random physical processes.

Metaphysics offers a radically differing perspective, which begins by informing us that the solidity of matter is but an illusion. Consciousness is the stable foundation of reality upon which all else is derived. Matter is created and rearranged according to the intent of Spirit.

Previously I alluded to information from such sources as mystical teaching, channeling, NDEs and OBEs. Now an attempt will be made to draw from these sources a cogent understanding of how the universe really works.

Out of Body Experiences

Author William Buhlman originally held the common perspective that all reality is encompassed in the material universe. He held no notion that life extends beyond the physical. However, when he began having OBEs he was stunned to discover a multi-layered reality that extends toward infinity. His explorations confirmed that ordinary objects in physical reality have etheric counterparts extending one or more layers beyond the physical. He also found that the higher energy planes are extremely responsive to thought, and eventually concluded that all physical reality originated as thought.

The following excerpts are from William Buhlman’s “Adventures Beyond the Body”:

“I made several startling observations. First, we assume that our physical surroundings are the stable and firm basis of reality. We view density and form as the ultimate test of ‘real’. But what if we are wrong in our assumptions? What if reality is completely relative to the vibratory rate of the observer?

“Matter is not the center of reality as we view it. Instead, reality appears to be the end result of a series of energy interactions occurring in the unseen dimensions. With each out-of-body experience I realized more clearly that matter is only a tiny portion of the energy environments that exist.”

Speaking of an OBE where a huge engine in an ethereal 'museum' transformed into a brilliant source of light, Buhlman says

“I suddenly understand that I am the engine of my life – I’m the creative force within me…For the first time I realize that I can create whatever reality I choose – my creative power is beyond my comprehension. I now know that I have limited myself by the ideas and beliefs I accepted, and I recognize the need to release all my limits, fears, and expectations.”

Buhlman goes into great detail on his many explorations, and includes his ideas on how physical matter is simply the outer crust of a vast energy substrate composed of intricate structure.

Experiences From the “Other Side” Gleaned Through Hypnosis

To offer an example of the native creative capability of the human soul, the following excerpt is from “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton:

“Since it is possible to create any reality in the spirit world, it is not unusual that some souls wish to spend their off periods in the houses where they lived on Earth. Frequently, these souls prefer to suspend the timeline where they lived in a former life and not expose themselves to huge increases in population and alternations in their old neighborhoods."

"These souls may want to mentally construct an exact duplication of familiar settings around where they used to live, such as surrounding countryside, parks and streets, and any structures which remind them of their old hometowns. They only have to conjure up these places from memory and used directed energy beams for the images to appear. To fully implement these projects created out of pure energy, the assistance of others may be required. Once in place, they will disintegrate only when the soul loses interest."

"The bodies souls had during this time when they lived in certain locations are also recreated by them whenever they are in residence. Souls may wish to add their old pets to these scenes, which I will explain more about in the section on animals.”

Is External Reality Simply a Projection from the Unconscious Mind?

Many native spiritual traditions teach that waking reality is but a dream state, and that true reality originates when we are asleep. The aboriginal natives of Australia believe that nothing exists without first being conceived of in a dream, and they greatly honor and value those who can recall vivid dreams.

In his book “The Inner Guide Meditation”, Edwin Steinbrecher presents the case that the unconscious mind projects what we perceive as reality. He came to this belief from experience in exploring his inner “reality” with assistance from his spiritual guides and archetypes.

Drawing from and expanding on the theories of Carl Jung, Steinbrecher found that portions of our personality that we dislike tend to get deeply submerged in the unconscious mind. This includes the familiar “shadow” concept, but also may include personality archetypes that are so deeply buried that we are unaware of them.

Most significant to consider is the fact that archetypal energies are quite powerful, and possess a strong desire for expression. Those that are repressed tend to project themselves into aspects of our external reality that we find most unpleasant. Thus, the difficulties found in life are thought to result from these projections. Conversely, those areas of life that we find to be relatively satisfying and successful tend to be projected from archetypal energies that find easy expression in our personalities, and that we are at peace with.

Steinbrecher claims to have discovered that virtually any area of personal reality can be changed or improved by locating the archetype responsible for projecting it, and then negotiating a peaceful coexistence with it. He offers a systematic method of achieving this through exploring our inner landscape.

The concept of reality being a projection of the mind harmonizes with a great deal of mystical teaching. Channeled sources such as Seth and Abraham elaborate at length on this theme.

The implications of this are staggering; if no event or condition can be forced upon us by some outside force or agency, then claiming victim status is no longer an option. If every aspect of our personal reality is our own creation, then the inward journey is the most effective means of self-improvement. This process involves waking up and becoming more aware. We have the choice between sleepwalking through life on autopilot, in which case the soul may still achieve some of it’s intended lessons and goals, or of consciously actualizing all of our potential.

This blog and article series is dedicated toward encouraging and facilitating the latter.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Criminal Behavior Behind the Foreclosure Mess

The recent news that major banks have been "robo-signing" inacurate foreclosure documents is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. To add insult to injury, Bank of America has now announced it will resume foreclosure action, having "fixed" the problem. The fix may be in, but the truth is not as it would appear.

Mainstream media (MSM) has not reported much on this, but an explosive issue is behind the difficulty banks are experiencing with establishing chain-of-custody to mortgage notes. That issue potentially involves massive amounts of criminal fraud. As a few astute observers have reported, the real estate bubble culminated in a frenzy of investment in mortgage-backed derivitives. Large numbers of mortgages were often rolled up into something called collateralized debt obligations, or CDO. The original mortgage notes were supposed to be tracked by a digital database known as MERS, but as the CDOs were sliced up and parceled out, the chain-of-custody became less clear.

Real estate securitization was vastly profitable as long as the bubble expanded. Legitimately-achieved profits were apparently not enough for some. According to Catherine Austin Fitts, some CDOs were created using the same collateral over and over - the mortage notes were simply duplicated. Once the data was input into the black hole of MERS, who's to know the difference?

Another layer of complicity was added by the notorious credit default swaps, in which some investors bet on investments defaulting. Some reporting was done on this in the aftermath of the scary crisis in the fall of 2008. For the real estate market, it amounts to betting on homeowners falling into default and losing their homes. This could be one reason why mortgages were agressively pushed for people that couldn't afford them.

What we seem to have now is many banks coming to realize that their real estate portfolios are worth much less than face value. This is not simply due to some individual homeowners defaulting, but rather to the underlying fraudulant or non-existent mortgage note documentation.

Banks like BOA realize that they are better off foreclosing sooner rather than later, even if this depresses the market still further. There is the danger of the fraud being exposed, but also, whoever owns the CDOs on the mortgage securities benefits financially if more mortgages default. Thus, this could explain why the banks have generally stonewalled efforts by homeowners to seek mortgage modification. Many report overcoming numerous delays, lost paperwork, nit-picky requirements, etc only to have the bank still balk in the end without further explanation.

I sincerely hope that the rising tide of consciousness results in the light fully shining on these criminal misdeeds. Some courts have begun to insist that a valid copy of the original note be produced before foreclosure is allowed to proceed. This could result in the extent of fraud being revealed, and could be one reason many banks are not pressing ahead with foreclosure actions and leaving the affected homeowners in limbo. I suspect there is a looming problem that could blow up the entire banking system once it is revealed.

We have been done a serious disservice by our elected officials, who have been bought and paid for by the Banksters. Word was that Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd rushed through emergency legistation that eased bank requirements for notarized signatures on foreclosure documents, to "fix" a looming problem for the banks. Unfortunately this would be business as usual for congre$$.

A congress representitive of citizen's interests would have passed a foreclosure moratorium long ago, and vigorously investigated the allegations of fraud. Perhaps the light will soon shine into those dark places, and the result will not be pretty.

Voters may be about to swing the pendulum the other direction, and return power to the Republicans. It's vital to remember that this really doesn't matter. Both parties line up at the same feeding trough. Both sides speak of change, but change will be recognized only when the interests of ordinary people starts to come first.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Big Shift Coming?

Those who follow the predictive linguistics work at have been wondering for several months what their predicted November 8th-11th "Tipping Point" portends. Cliff High thinks the coming event(s) appears to be of similar magnitude to September 11 2001. He said the data also suggests several months of "release language" following, which is the emotional reaction of the populace to something enormous and paradigm-changing. For an explanation of the concept of predictive linguistics, visit the above website.

Speculation on the nature of forthcoming events ranges from economic crisis, major reprecussions caused by an attack on Iran, to the possibility of a major outburst of solar storms. Let's review the plausibility of each type of event.

The attack on Iran would not be surprising, with the warmongers having been beating the drums of war for some time. However, the likelihood of an actual attack is difficult to assess. For one thing, the sheer stupidity of attacking Iran would seem to work against it. If the warmongering fools go ahead with it, it's likely that nuclear "bunker buster" bombs would be needed to penetrate the hardened underground facilities. This would risk touching off a regional nuclear exchange between Iran, Israel, and US naval vessels in the area. Iran is not defenseless, and likely already has nuclear weapons in its arsenal. We know that Israel has a tremendous nuclear arsenal, and is willing to use them if attacked. The US naval forces in the area would be likely targets if Iran strikes back. Even if the action is brief and limited to the region, the reprecussions would be enormous. The flow of Middle East oil would be disrupted, sending oil prices to the stratosphere. Speaking of stratosphere, any nuclear exchange would spread radioactive contamination around the globe. Life in the US would go on, but the effects would be huge.

The economic threat is a no-brainer, due to the slow descent into depression over the past two years. However, recent trends do highlight the distinct possibility for a renewed crisis, and crashes always seem to happen in the fall. The Federal Reserve recently issued a statement saying that a second round of  "quantitive easting" (the buzzword is QE2) may be necessary to keep the economy from sinking further. This essentially means printing vast amounts of money and pumping it into the economy by means of Fed purchase of treasury bonds. The world monetary system has already reacted quickly to the hyperinflationary implications by causing the dollar to drop precipitously against other currencies. If the trend continues, prices for oil and other imports will escalate, and an overvalued stock market could be ripe for a plunge.

The third possibility is that of a major event on the Sun. Again, there are recent trends that bear watching. The sun has been acting strangely during the current cycle, to the extent that astrophysicists are openly puzzled. NASA has even published articles expressing bewilderment and concern. Within the past few days, an enormous magnetic filament has appeared stretched across the sun, (shown in picture above) prominent enough to see with backyard telescpoes.

One theory is that magnetic lines of force in the sun get twisted and tangeled over time, leading to a cyclic period when pent-up energy bursts through in a dramatic release of flares and coronal mass ejections (CME). If strong enough, these can penetrate Earth's magnetic shielding and cause electrical havoc on the planet. In 1859, a solar storm was strong enough to throw sparks and cause fires at telegraph stations. The miles of telegraph wires were energized by the intense geomagnetic storm, nearly knocking out the only long-distance communication system of the time. If the telegraph system had used today's electronics it wouldn't have survived. It doesn't take much imagination to visualize what could happen to satellites, electronics, and the power grid if the solar events of 1859 were to repeat. The loss of power grid and communication satellites for the weeks or even months it would take to repair infrastructure would certainly threaten civilization as we know it.

Hopefully, the predictive linguistics overstates the significance of upcoming events. Their predictions for next year and beyond are rather dark. My thinking is that their mechanism for glimpsing the collective unconscious mind is picking up fears and anxieties of worst-case projections, rather than hard data concerning what will likely take place. November 8th will be an interesting test of how accurate of a predictive tool this is.

BTW, the PTB evidently feels threatened by Cliff High's work at Someone from within the eschalons of power convinced Cliff's ISP to pull the plug on his web site last week, apparently without visible reason or pretext. The site is now back up on a different server, but this action only adds interest to the drama. What could they be so concerned about?