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Creation & Manifestation Part 2

How the Universe Works

Note: This is the continuation of a discussion on creation & manifestation that began with an account of anomalous manifestations in and around my home. These primarily involve the appearance of numerous polished stones, as well as occasional books and other common objects. One key element of inquiry is that these actions defy the laws of physics as we presently understand them, so how do these things occur?.

Classical physics insists that matter cannot be created or destroyed except within accordance to Einstein’s famous equation, which involves enormous amounts of energy. Material objects cannot change locations except by physical motion through space, although some exotic theories postulate existence of wormholes connecting multiple dimensions. In everyday life, the solidity of matter is a given, and objects are guaranteed to remain where they are placed unless physically moved. Consciousness in any case is but an accidental by-product of random physical processes.

Metaphysics offers a radically differing perspective, which begins by informing us that the solidity of matter is but an illusion. Consciousness is the stable foundation of reality upon which all else is derived. Matter is created and rearranged according to the intent of Spirit.

Previously I alluded to information from such sources as mystical teaching, channeling, NDEs and OBEs. Now an attempt will be made to draw from these sources a cogent understanding of how the universe really works.

Out of Body Experiences

Author William Buhlman originally held the common perspective that all reality is encompassed in the material universe. He held no notion that life extends beyond the physical. However, when he began having OBEs he was stunned to discover a multi-layered reality that extends toward infinity. His explorations confirmed that ordinary objects in physical reality have etheric counterparts extending one or more layers beyond the physical. He also found that the higher energy planes are extremely responsive to thought, and eventually concluded that all physical reality originated as thought.

The following excerpts are from William Buhlman’s “Adventures Beyond the Body”:

“I made several startling observations. First, we assume that our physical surroundings are the stable and firm basis of reality. We view density and form as the ultimate test of ‘real’. But what if we are wrong in our assumptions? What if reality is completely relative to the vibratory rate of the observer?

“Matter is not the center of reality as we view it. Instead, reality appears to be the end result of a series of energy interactions occurring in the unseen dimensions. With each out-of-body experience I realized more clearly that matter is only a tiny portion of the energy environments that exist.”

Speaking of an OBE where a huge engine in an ethereal 'museum' transformed into a brilliant source of light, Buhlman says

“I suddenly understand that I am the engine of my life – I’m the creative force within me…For the first time I realize that I can create whatever reality I choose – my creative power is beyond my comprehension. I now know that I have limited myself by the ideas and beliefs I accepted, and I recognize the need to release all my limits, fears, and expectations.”

Buhlman goes into great detail on his many explorations, and includes his ideas on how physical matter is simply the outer crust of a vast energy substrate composed of intricate structure.

Experiences From the “Other Side” Gleaned Through Hypnosis

To offer an example of the native creative capability of the human soul, the following excerpt is from “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton:

“Since it is possible to create any reality in the spirit world, it is not unusual that some souls wish to spend their off periods in the houses where they lived on Earth. Frequently, these souls prefer to suspend the timeline where they lived in a former life and not expose themselves to huge increases in population and alternations in their old neighborhoods."

"These souls may want to mentally construct an exact duplication of familiar settings around where they used to live, such as surrounding countryside, parks and streets, and any structures which remind them of their old hometowns. They only have to conjure up these places from memory and used directed energy beams for the images to appear. To fully implement these projects created out of pure energy, the assistance of others may be required. Once in place, they will disintegrate only when the soul loses interest."

"The bodies souls had during this time when they lived in certain locations are also recreated by them whenever they are in residence. Souls may wish to add their old pets to these scenes, which I will explain more about in the section on animals.”

Is External Reality Simply a Projection from the Unconscious Mind?

Many native spiritual traditions teach that waking reality is but a dream state, and that true reality originates when we are asleep. The aboriginal natives of Australia believe that nothing exists without first being conceived of in a dream, and they greatly honor and value those who can recall vivid dreams.

In his book “The Inner Guide Meditation”, Edwin Steinbrecher presents the case that the unconscious mind projects what we perceive as reality. He came to this belief from experience in exploring his inner “reality” with assistance from his spiritual guides and archetypes.

Drawing from and expanding on the theories of Carl Jung, Steinbrecher found that portions of our personality that we dislike tend to get deeply submerged in the unconscious mind. This includes the familiar “shadow” concept, but also may include personality archetypes that are so deeply buried that we are unaware of them.

Most significant to consider is the fact that archetypal energies are quite powerful, and possess a strong desire for expression. Those that are repressed tend to project themselves into aspects of our external reality that we find most unpleasant. Thus, the difficulties found in life are thought to result from these projections. Conversely, those areas of life that we find to be relatively satisfying and successful tend to be projected from archetypal energies that find easy expression in our personalities, and that we are at peace with.

Steinbrecher claims to have discovered that virtually any area of personal reality can be changed or improved by locating the archetype responsible for projecting it, and then negotiating a peaceful coexistence with it. He offers a systematic method of achieving this through exploring our inner landscape.

The concept of reality being a projection of the mind harmonizes with a great deal of mystical teaching. Channeled sources such as Seth and Abraham elaborate at length on this theme.

The implications of this are staggering; if no event or condition can be forced upon us by some outside force or agency, then claiming victim status is no longer an option. If every aspect of our personal reality is our own creation, then the inward journey is the most effective means of self-improvement. This process involves waking up and becoming more aware. We have the choice between sleepwalking through life on autopilot, in which case the soul may still achieve some of it’s intended lessons and goals, or of consciously actualizing all of our potential.

This blog and article series is dedicated toward encouraging and facilitating the latter.


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