Sunday, May 29, 2011

Get a Grip...

Grabbed this picture from George Ure's Blog, since he frequently refers to the "pinch me" type of reality check. Given the current pace of world events, the metaphor can be extended to clamping down with vice grips and leaving it there.

Where to begin? The crippled reactors at Fukushima continue to spew radiation, but an eerie silence is maintained by all major news media. Many individuals on the west coast report elevated readings on their personal Geiger counters, but if the EPA can be believed, nothing unusual is reaching the US. The open question remains how much the radiation is affecting us and whether cancer rates will skyrocket in coming years. The reactors continue to melt down in "China Syndrome" mode with no effective remedy in sight.

Then we have the phony Bin Laden killing, and Obama released an amateurish forgery of his birth certificate.

I for one never took the "birther" controversy seriously, assuming that the PTB took everything into account when they anointed their choice for president. Each president seems to come with unique baggage that helps maintain compliance with the handlers. Most certainly, the intel agencies that can produce authentic-looking passports and visa papers for undercover agents would be able to crank out an unassailable version of a 1961 birth certificate with no sweat at all. The birther controversy appeared to be bone tossed at the rabid right-wingers to give them yet another "conspiracy issue" to obsess over. This also helps maintain a sense of ridicule with the public that discredits researchers who simply want to uncover the truth.

Thus it's difficult to discern the agenda behind release of a crude birth certificate forgery with obvious signs of Adobe Illustrator editing. The referenced hospital name didn’t exist prior to 1978, and the father’s race is listed as “African” born in “Kenya, East Africa”. Kenya didn’t exist as a country in 1961, and “negro” was the commonly used designation for blacks at that time.

Is this a stunt to prove how stupid we are? It's rather frightening and insulting to think they don't feel the need to conceal things a bit better. Of course, the mainstream media bought it without question.

The Bin Laden issue appears to be another “in your face – let’s see what we can get away with” exercise. Anyone who has merely scratched the surface of the 9/11 ruse knows that Bin Laden was managed as a CIA asset beginning in the late ‘70s. Photos exist of him meeting later with Donald Rumsfeld and oil industry executives attempting to negotiate a pipeline across Afghanistan.

In the aftermath of 9/11, President Bush stated that conclusive evidence would be released linking Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda to the attack. However, this was never done, and soon all attention turned toward trashing Iraq. Bush vowed to "hunt down those responsible" but the path veered instead toward Baghdad.

Many of the ostensible Bin Laden videos released in recent years featured apparent doubles, almost as ubiquitous as Santa Claus in department stores during Christmas season. Reports surfaced of Bin Laden being cornered by US forces on several occasions, but orders always came to pull back and allow his escape. Considerable investment had been made in developing this “poster boy” of the Terrorist Threat, so the handlers were not willing to throw it away prematurely. It didn’t matter if the original Bin Laden was alive or dead, as long as the legend continued to live on.

Rumors of Bin Laden’s death were numerous, and he reportedly suffered from advanced kidney disease that required dialysis. In November 2007, Benazir Bhutto let slip mention of Bin Laden’s murder by Omar Sheik in an interview with David Frost, which may have been a factor in her subsequent assassination a few months later.

So now, with Obama’s approval rating slipping below 40%, the PTB apparently decided to cash in the Bin Laden card. So many aspects of the reported operation raise suspicion, it’s incredible that media pundits are not asking questions. With the real Bin Laden long gone, the best that could be arranged is to knock off some hapless look-alike. Common reasoning would expect that every effort be made to capture him alive so he could take his place in the gulag at Guantanamo Bay, but apparently the suspect was shot in his living quarters without much if any resistance. The body was then dumped at sea, which by itself should alert every thinking person to the true nature of this charade.

The real question is why the PTB are initiating these renewed acts of deception at this time. In the background, we have an incipient economic crisis as the “PIIGS” nations of Europe stumble toward default on their debt. The US dollar continues to weaken as the Evil Empire expands warmongering into Libya. On the domestic front, the Patriot Act gets routinely extended, the TSA looks to expand their “grope or cook” tactics into bus and train terminals, and even propose random checkpoints on highways or at public events. Legislative attempts are underway to repress small-scale organic farming and freedom of expression on the Internet.

It doesn’t even matter that Obama has failed to deliver on promises to increase transparency and decrease warmongering. It must be understood is that our partisan political system is a SHAM and the president has little power to decide anything. The Republicans attack everything Obama but the real issues are never debated. For example, they expend enormous resources debating budget cuts, while the true mechanism of Federal Reserve borrowing is never mentioned. What does it mean to slip a couple of trillions farther into debt this year, and to whom do we owe it? Why do the Republicans think that borrowing is better than taxation?

In order to understand how the world works, it is necessary to look beyond the fa├žade of partisan politics and even beyond the Republican myth that government is too powerful. The true center of power has evolved and migrated beyond governmental institutions. We now behold the maturing of the “military-industrial” complex that Eisenhower warned about into a quasi-corptocracy with blurred boundaries of power. Why would the EPA permit use of nicotine-based pesticides when their internal studies prove that they are the major cause of honeybee disappearance? Why is Monsanto corporation allowed to tinker freely with the gene pool of our crops? These issues potentially affect everyone, but governmental agencies sworn to serve public interest evidently take their orders from somewhere else. The average citizen has no voice in these matters.

Underneath it all, it is clear that something major is shifting in the nature of reality. The shadowy figures that hold power are uneasily aware of this. Evidence suggests that they are building bunkers or even spacecraft to escape some looming catastrophe; aside from that an end game strategy surely exists to steer through the imminent end-of-age. We can only speculate as to their strategy and plans as they certainly don't consult with us. However, the emerging increase in individual consciousness threatens their lock on power. This feeds into the growing instability and chaos.

In this blog, I am striving to analyze these issues and connect the dots in an unconventional manner in order to achieve understanding. How will this planet of 7+ billion humans steer through the coming changes? Is major reduction in population inevitable? Will fragile food supplies dwindle rapidly due to the combination of drought, flood, pollution, fungus, etc? What is the reason so many souls have assembled on this planet at this time? Surely the story goes beyond the dire threats to existence.

Surely there is a very positive reason why we are here. I want to know what it is.