Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why religion will soon be obsolete: Focus on Christianity

This is written as the Christmas season winds into full swing. Nativity scenes pop up beside homes and churches, depicting the Christ child lying in a manger. Various decorations feature related themes; Angels announcing the advent, Wise Men traveling from afar to confer blessing upon the newborn king, donkeys and cattle looking in at the scene.
Celebrating the religious aspect of Christmas is a time-honored tradition, but despite orthodox belief to the contrary, this tradition is not based upon historical events. In fact, the entire historicity of Jesus and events depicted in the Gospels is open to serious question and doubt.

The reader may wonder why this even matters enough to write articles about. Couldn’t I promote my own spiritual beliefs without criticizing an established orthodox faith, which is embraced by millions?

Certainly, I could and generally do. However, in order to fully illustrate what it means to raise the vibrational level and spiritual awareness of this planet (The Ascension Shift), it’s relevant to examine the lack of spirituality found in major religions. I am loath to criticize that which I have not experienced, but I happened to have been a solid adherent of orthodox Christianity for over 40 years. Everything I have to say on this subject concerns belief and practice that I once fully embraced. Furthermore, my only reason for parting ways with Christianity was a desire to explore spirituality. In my experience, organized Christianity impedes the path toward deeper spirituality.
And so, driven by a desire for deeper spirituality and curiosity as to the ultimate reason for being here in human form, I began to entertain a wider range of possibilities. No sooner had I began to consider data from a wider perspective, I was shocked at how ingrained and circular orthodox reasoning really is. I was surprised at how weak the arguments are for historicity and legitimacy of the Gospels.  The clincher came when I finally understood that the most basic, essential facts of spiritual life are not even taught by the church. If anything, the spiritual truth that I now embrace would be condemned as heresy!

An important point to stress: I’m not trying to convert anyone to my belief system. As I understand the process of the soul’s incarnation into physicality, it’s not essential that the ego-mind grasp everything. The soul’s agenda generally involves learning lessons, experiencing certain situations, and clearing karmic imbalances. These things can usually be accomplished regardless of a person’s belief system. You can remain blissfully unaware that the principal players in your life drama were probably present in many previous lives without affecting the outcome. Personally, I’m curious to know these things, but it’s not essential.
I am writing this because the time has arrived for increased spiritual awareness. A tremendous shift has begun on this planet, and many can sense this and are curious to know more. Many of the curious are deeply involved with Christianity, as I once was. It is for those that I write this, so they can see that abandoning their dogma does not mean abandoning their sacred communion with God.

In the emerging age to come, those who complete the ascension process will find themselves living with one foot in the physical dimension and one foot "In Atlantis". This is something worth seeking.

Coming: Reasons to Disbelieve

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to Gulag Amerika

So you didn't think it could happen here, did you?

So you let the specter of Gulag Guantanamo Bay slide from your cognizence, thinking it was only for foreign radicals picked up with bomb-making aparatus in their hands?

You probably never figured on Senate Republicans turning their backs on the constitution and the people they are sworn to serve. Well, we've had the unconstitutional Patriot Act with us for a decade, and both parties routinely vote to renew it. But now this goes beyond that...

Senate Republicans inserted a provision in the Defense authorization bill that would require military custody and trial for any American citizen accused of "terrorism", whatever that happens to mean.

As for that little matter of the constitution and bill of rights, it doesn't appear to be much of an obstacle. Apparently most lawmakers are unaware of the protections ostensibly enjoyed by citizens in this country.

Here is a sample of the moronic level of thinking behind this bill:

“If [President Obama] were to veto this bill, it would be saying that giving rights to terrorists is more important than passing the defense authorization, which has many other important provisions,” - Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.)

So only "terrorists" need be concerned, and making sure they don't have any "rights" helps make this country safer? Point of correction, Sen. Ayotte: Those "rights" you speak of aren't something to be dispensed at the whim of congress or the president. And the slippery definition of "terrorist" may someday be extended to anyone who stores extra food, or (gulp) writes blogs like this. And won't we all feel safer with these miscreants and rabble-rousers locked away indefinitely in some military base?

The thing that you gotta ask is, why now? Why is this illegal monstrosity being proposed at this time? Has the threat level suddenly gone up? Or, more ominously, is there another "false flag" terror operation in the works to take everyone's mind off the economy?

Perhaps a bill should be introduced that mandates hard prison time for any lawmaker who votes for illegal and unconstitutional measures.