Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toward a Vision of Utopia

As mentioned frequently here, the structures and institutions of the old 3D Earth are decaying and dying. This much is good news, except for the chaos and disruption that inevitably accompany transition between ages. And a major question naturally arises, as to what will the new age look like? What new structures will replace the old?

This could be the basis of a very broad and far-ranging discussion, but for now I will focus on the area of economics.

As most spiritually-minded people are aware, the present economic system is pervaded by evil and darkness, greed and corruption. Some have even called for those who are spiritually aware to begin withdrawing from the monetary system, even at the risk of greatly reduced material comforts.

While I'm aware of the evil and corruption, and the fact that the system is going down, I can't bring myself to embrace a prematurely minimalist and withdrawn lifestyle. Those that do must assume that money is inherently evil, but I disagree. Money is simply a means of exchange.

In primitive societies, barter is the natural medium of exchange. A hunter/gatherer might exchange 10 animal furs for a farmer's sack of grain. A carpenter might fix the cobbler's roof in exchange for a pair of shoes.

In a technological society, work is too specialized and complex to use barter, so money is used as a convenient means of exchange. There is nothing inherently wrong with this. The problems begin when the ego sees the amassing of money as a means of exerting power and control over others, and also as the only means of providing security for itself.

Our capitalist system may be quite efficient at producing material goods, but there are few constraints on abuse that leads to corruption and oppression. The tendency throughout history has been for power and wealth to stratify and concentrate at the top, leading to a landed nobility class at odds with a peasant class. Industrialization only increased the distortions and disparity.

There is a natural tendency for severe disparity to eventually correct itself through revolution, but this is a violent and messy means of resolution. This is something that our own system may in danger of facing before long.

I continue to hope for a "soft landing", where the shift in consciousness produces enough positive change to offset as the old system is in the process of crashing. This may be less than likely if the evil and dark PTB thrash and fight for control to the bitter end.

What would a utopian society look like? Work would be considered to be whatever activity best expresses the soul's creativity. A creative flow naturally results in creation of material wealth and wellbeing, but such wealth would not be measured in the narrow materialistic terms of today's society. Rather than "working for the man", engaged in mundane or stressful tasks, every person would discover their optimum role. For several reasons, unemployment and poverty would not exist (except for those who might somehow choose that experience).

The vast economic distortions caused by greed and accumulation of wealth could be prevented by simple rules that limit how much money and property anyone can accumulate. If everyone were limited to a net worth of, say $250,000, then the ego would lose its incentive to gain power and oppress others. Perhaps saving more for retirement would be permitted, but everyone would need to understand that money is a form of stored energy and there is a limit to how much can be stored and remain static for long periods of time. Wealth is dynamic and needs to be kept in play.

The ancient Israeli practice of Jubilee had great merits, and is something that would benefit the world today. Every 50 years, all debt was forgiven and wealth was redistributed. Pushing the reset button like that would prevent inequitable pressures from building to the breaking point.

However, it's hard to imagine our present leaders instituting reforms like this. Politicians of both parties are thoroughly bought and paid for by the Banksters and corrupt money interests. Leaders such as Patrick Leahy in the Senate and Barney Franks in the House are essentially employees of the Bankster's Guild and carry out their bidding in total disregard of constituent's interests. Now that the balance of power shifts to Republicans in the House, we will undoutedly see business as usual as the money conduits simply readjust. Looks like things will need to come crashing down before any real change begins. I'm just sayin'.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Into the Shift

Having now passed the long-anticipated "tipping point" on November 14, I'm looking about me to determine what, if anything, seems different. No mega-catastrophe was reported, nor the obvious beginnings of a collective slide into Hell (so sorry to disappoint the fundamentalist Christians looking for Armageddon). Since this shift involves a change in spiritual consciousness, it seems reasonable to expect changes to be subtle, at least in the beginning.

Over the following months and years, several waves of shifts in consciousness will be percolating through the world. Following are a number of characteristics that I believe will mark this period in history.


The Earth has been ruled for millennia by dark forces; primarily non-human entities operating through a minion class of humans. The rise in consciousness threatens to break through the darkside's control grip, and bring about true liberation of the human spirit on this planet. Of course, the darkside fails to appreciate any challenges to its control, so expect it to lash out and strike back in various ways in futile attempt to keep a lid on things.

Major events of the next few years will be a product of the underlying conflict between light and dark. At times it may be difficult to make sense of chaotic twists and turns in events as the line of scrimmage moves like a writhing serpent. One example could be in the field of economics: Last Friday, news stories focused on fears of a crashing Dollar, while on Monday, reports were that the Dollar was strengthening and now China reportedly is concerned about its own inflation. Today the markets are down again over fears of debt default by Ireland, Spain and Portugal. There is fear that a major global crash could begin as any one of a myriad weak links gives way, but at the same time happier news is announced for domestic retail sales, employment, and manufacturing. We could be entering a time of slow-but-steady recovery, or staring over the edge of a huge cliff. If it seems difficult to determine a trend, it may well be that there is none. This uncertainty means that really bad things could happen at any time, but equal possibilities favor really good things as well.

Those who understand what is occurring can surf the waves of chaos rather than being swamped by them. The ability to create is enhanced when surrounding elements are in flux, and the shift in dimensional boundaries further affects this. The primary trick is to remain grounded and avoid fear.


The meme of "secrets revealed" is pervasive throughout the collective unconscious at this time. As this wave travels through global structures and institutions, it threatens to wreak havoc. The PTB sense the danger to themselves and their grip on power. As the Light newly shines into dark places, it's a good and necessary part of the Shift, but the resulting wreckage can be ugly and scary at times.

Disclosure means dark, evil secrets being made public. This can include information on government Black Ops, involvement with ETs, human sacrifice by Satanic ritual at the highest levels of society and government, Nazi ideologues still in power 65 years after WWII, the true darkside of major religions exposed, true identity of those in control, etc.

Setting aside for now the more esoteric possibilities, we have the front-and-center spectacle of widespread fraud in the mortgage and financial industry. This has been a huge, well-kept secret until now, but it could be set for unraveling. Several Congressional hearings are now scheduled to investigate mortgage document fraud, and major institutional investors are pressing ahead with lawsuits over mortgage-backed securities. Thus far, the PTB has lined up against common homeowners in their fight to keep their homes. Some courts have been rubber-stamping obvious document forgeries by the banks, as detailed in this article. Despite the government's official program to encourage mortgage modification, banks have made it obvious that they find foreclosure in their best interest, and often use any tactic imaginable to stall and resist helping the homeowner.

The spectacle of beleaguered homeowners being booted into the street as courts and regulators routinely approve fraudulent paperwork should enrage everyone. The problem is that the extent of the fraud has been concealed, so the average citizen passively buys into the bankster's argument that "only deadbeats who don't pay their mortgages are in jeopardy". The evident fact is that mortgage fraud is so widespread and pervasive that many in the know are shaking in their boots. When this scandal is fully revealed, the damage to the banking system will be incalculable. Revelation is coming, because the investors who are discovering that their mortgage-backed securities are nearly worthless are not going to cooperate with the banksters & fraudsters and remain silent.

Earth Changes

This has been touched on in previous posts, and we'll return to it again. A cyclic period of natural catastrophic destruction appears to coincide with transitions between ages of civilization, as evidenced by diverse ancient legends and prophecies. This could involve galactic alignments or the solar system moving through various types of interstellar dust clouds. Physicists such as Dr. Paul LaViolette have speculated on how periodic supernova explosions or outbursts from our galactic center can explain past extinction events.

Whatever the cause, many indigenous traditions warn of earth changes and upheavals as we approach 2012. The alignment of the Zodiac and the Mayan calendar may just be markers in time for some natural phenomenon that occurs on a cyclic schedule.

Alternately, a shift in collective consciousness may be enough to send waves of disruption throughout the Earth and surrounding space/time. Some prophetic sources, including the Bible, refer to this as "birth pangs" of a new age (Matthew 24:8). In any case, earthquake and volcanic activity have definitely increased recently (even more in recent weeks), and the Sun is exhibiting heretofore unseen behavior.

How far the upheavals go is anyone's guess. There could be multiple timelines to choose from, and it could be up to enlightened souls to take charge and begin the healing of the planet. Some ET contactees have been told that it's up to the people on Earth to reach out to their sun and stabilize it before it sends forth deadly flares. This is something that we can do, that has been long forgotten during our millennia of slumber. Now is the time to awaken.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conscious Creation

Andromeda galaxy -  as our own galaxy is thought to look from afar

In my last post, I mentioned how even the celestial hierarchy that we count on to "run things" is unsure of how the massive ascension shift will turn out. Many might react adversely to this prospect, and insist that of course God is in control of everything. I'd like to explore this thought in more depth.

My spiritual understanding has evolved to a place where I see the external God as a concept that has been invented by humans, insecure and desperate as we are for a higher power to be in control.

As explained in my blog profile, my understanding of the cosmos includes a Godhead of sorts, but in the Hermetic tradition of a single, unitary consciousness pervading all that is. We are all splinters from this primordial soul, engaging in the collective illusion of being separate. Those who have chosen to incarnate in physical form on this planet are engaged in a grand adventure.

Channeled sources tell us that ascension is a bold experiment, and as such the outcome is uncertain. This is not really so shocking when one contemplates how each individual life is a bold experiment. Souls tend to arrive here with ambitious agendas, and many appear to fail, but judgment concerning failure should be withheld unless you understand the extent of what was undertaken. From spirit's perspective, no life can be deemed a failure, because experience is what it's all about.

As the present dark Age of Iron winds down, we need to realize that our dependence on a belief that the external God controls everything is really holding us back. It's a scary thought, at least initially: What if it turns out that there is no external control? What if we are - what if I am - in the driver's seat? What if no one is going to rescue us and fix things for us? Welcome to Ascension 2012.

So here we arrive at the core of my point: Perhaps the reason that Angelic Hosts and Ascended Masters are sounding uncertain about the outcome of the Shift, is that the torch has been handed to us. Perhaps it's graduation time for the Human Race. Perhaps the reason they don't know the outcome is that it's up to us to determine the outcome.

If this is true, then it's truly a marvelous time to be alive. The dimensional veils are thinning, and pure creation can happen more easily than ever. This would explain a lot about how my own life has evolved up to this point. It would explain my lifelong fascination with nature, with trying to see the "big picture" in everything, with fantasizing what my role could be if a new world were to be recreated from scratch. This could be what it's all about.

Dolores Cannon reports that the entire universe is focused and fascinated with the ascension process on Earth at this time. Souls have clamored to incarnate and be here at this momentous occasion, which is why global population is climbing past 7 billion.

During coming weeks and months, news reports could become increasingly grim. The old system must crumble and fall in order to make way for the new. It will be disruptive at times. The PTB will lash out in desperate attempt to hold control. The Earth will groan and creak under the duress of change, as the current upswing in volcanic and earthquake activity attests. Today, as the G20 summit convenes to discuss global economic issues, China has already announced a downgrade of US Treasury bond rating. This could be the first shot in the coming economic war.

Rather than fret about our security, we should each be asking of ourselves the question,  "what do I wish to create?" What to create in our personal lives, and also collectively on a global scale. No one is going to step in and do it for us. Earth has a brutal reputation throughout the galaxy, and now we can finally begin to change that. Those who dare incarnate here are exceptional souls, with exceptional purpose. Let's see what we can do with that.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Collectively Holding Our Breaths...

As I've been mentioning repeatedly, something BIG is brewing in world events and global consciousness. By this time next week more should be known.

I'll mention a few likely possibilities that news reports will focus on, but it should be remembered that the catalyst behind it all is the emerging shift in global consciousness.

The major initial story will likely be economic and financial. The ingredients are in place for a major upheaval. The Fed is pushing ahead with a $600B "quantitive easing" which means "printing" of Dollars to purchase Treasury Bonds. Supposedly this improves liquidity and lowers mortgage interest rates even further, but it's been likened to pushing on a string. Many economists question why the Fed is pressing ahead on this now, with nascent signs of recovery already appearing in some sectors. The huge risk is that foreign trading partners will react to deliberate inflation of the Dollar by launching a trade war, and China may retaliate in some fashion due to their holdings of a $Trillion or so in Treasury Bonds.

Overlooked in the reporting by Mainstream Media (MSM) is the possibility that the Fed is taking this action now in a desperate gamble to head off a major collapse in the mortgage market. There appears to have been massive fraud involved with issuance of mortgage-backed securities during the real estate bubble. The word is that major players fraudulently used the same mortgage equity many times over as backing for derivative investments. By slicing and dicing the individual mortgages and rolling into investments that were sold as high-grade and low-risk, the paper trail disappeared so that the fraud was difficult to detect. Now many holders of these securities realize that their true value may be a fraction of the face amount. The banks holding these investments have found it in their interest to keep it under the radar as long as possible in order to stave off a system-wide collapse.

The recent controversy over "robo-signing" of foreclosure documents could be one tip of the iceberg starting to show. Some courts are beginning to insist on the foreclosing bank producing a verified copy of the mortgage note. Since the digital database known as MERS was the black hole which swallowed the original paper trail, authentic mortgage notes will never be found in many cases. Once widespread knowledge of this sets in, the entire banking system could collapse. By many estimates, there are many $Trillions worth of toxic derivatives still floating about. This exceeds the annual economic output of the entire world, so it's difficult to imagine a happy outcome.

David Stockman (former Budget Director under Reagan) was interviewed over the weekend, and he had some sobering math to discuss. Freed now from partisan concerns, he predicted that major cuts in Social Security & Medicare will need to be combined with equally brutal tax increases. In other words, the only choices left are severe austerity or national bankruptcy, and both political parties are failing to address the issue truthfully. Republicans continue to insist on tax cuts for the rich, while Democrats seem to believe that spending can rise indefinitely.

Turning now to a more spiritual angle, many sense that we are moving closer to a major shift in consciousness. Apparently the dark PowersThatBe (PTB) that control the world are also aware of this to some extent, although it's likely that their understanding is distorted. They are afraid that their grip on control may be threatened (it is), so they may be inclined toward taking rash actions.

Another fascinating angle is that many scientific sources have recently surfaced that lend some credence to the New Age teaching that a "Photon Belt" will engulf the Solar System by 2012. This will supposedly result in a planet-wide shift toward a higher dimension. A scientific study released in 1978 recently resurfaced, which describes a very strange "magnetic ribbon" dust cloud in our galaxy that we are moving into. This could be a cyclic phenomenon that the ancient mystics knew of, which results in massive disruptions in the Sun and Earth. The channeled information concerning the Photon Belt suggested that it's made of esoteric, non-physical matter. Of course science has no vocabulary for that (as of yet), but many of the articles popping up use phrases like "unknown", and "no current models explain this" etc. ("Dark Matter" may turn out to be more esoteric than physical.) The Sun is apparently already reacting to the presence of this galactic cloud, so this topic is sure to receive more attention in coming months. Here is a link which summarizes these emerging reports.

Most disturbing for me, personally, is the apparent lack of certainty of the outcome of this shift - even among angels and ascended master beings who make it their business to oversee such things. In her book series "The Convoluted Universe", Dolores Cannon encountered the message repeatedly, that this type of ascension has never been tried anywhere else, and no one of celestial guide caliber seems to be certain of how it will turn out. There is tremendous polarization between light and dark in our part of the galaxy, and moving an entire planet upward in vibrational frequency must involve some risks. Those that continue to choose the dark path must continue their existence somewhere, and can't be forcibly ascended to higher frequency. Some channeled sources suggest that a new Earth is being prepared for the higher frequency ascension, although this might be more of a backup plan in case things really tank here.

My personal sense has been that in recent weeks, a true uncertainty has settled upon the spirit world. It would seem that many things are on hold, and this would explain why many are finding that forward progress of any kind in their lives is difficult at this time. Are others sensing this too? I hear clues in many conversations that others sense something big is approaching - most often this seems to be unconscious by the speaker. The Jungian theory of the collective unconscious being aware of the near future has been exploited by an Internet data-gathering technique at . They predict major turmoil beginning on November 14. Interestingly, a website promoting the late Terrence McKenna's "TimeWave Zero" concept and purporting to offer channeled information, has picked the same date of November 14 as an important "tipping point". 

Perhaps things will look more clear at that time.


Friday, November 5, 2010

In the Aftermath of the Elections

Most are very glad it's over (except media ad salespersons). Whether it resolved anything is anyone's guess. Looks like we're in for stalemate at the federal level and in many states.

Here in Minnesota we are set to endure another recount, this time in the gubernatorial race. If Dayton's apparent victory is sustained through the recount, we will have the odd outcome of both legislative and executive branches switching party control. Perhaps stalemate is not all bad, if it neutralizes the worst impulses from either party. Whoever sits in the governor's seat will face a difficult time dealing with the budget. All the available gimmicks and shifts have been played out, so the only solutions left involve lots of pain.

If anyone thinks that swinging the pendulum back to the Republicans will help resolve the nation's problems, think again. Both parties have been equally guilty of selling out the interests of ordinary citizens and selling themselves to the highest corporate bidders. Shame on them all! Nothing will change until people realize that democracy requires actively holding elected officials to account. Even then, behind the obvious money trails lurks shadowy darker centers of power, who likely won't yield without a fight.

One hopeful element is the Republican resolve to repeal Obama's health care legislation, although this seems rather unlikely. The Dems still hold the Senate and a veto override just isn't gonna happen.

Major concerns on the horizon are the risk of widespread war, a sinking dollar causing trade wars and hyperinflation, and perhaps Earth changes kicking into higher gear. The incidence of earthquakes and volcanoes has been increasing along the Pacific "ring of fire", and faults along the US west coast have been increasingly rumbling.

This is not meant as "doom and gloom", just saying. A major shift in consciousness looms ahead in November, and the physical reality reacts to it. What waits for us on the other side of the shift? Many of us intuitively know something. I have heard certain topics come up repeatedly in conversations, perhaps without conscious knowlede of the implications: focus on local solutions, small-scale cooperatives, Green and Earth-friendly technology. Forget big banks and institutions as they fade from relevance.

Something BIG is definitely around the corner. I can feel it. The past weeks have seemed like a slow-motion daze, as if the shoreline recedes to presage an incoming tsunami.

Here is an interesting link to ponder.