Friday, November 5, 2010

In the Aftermath of the Elections

Most are very glad it's over (except media ad salespersons). Whether it resolved anything is anyone's guess. Looks like we're in for stalemate at the federal level and in many states.

Here in Minnesota we are set to endure another recount, this time in the gubernatorial race. If Dayton's apparent victory is sustained through the recount, we will have the odd outcome of both legislative and executive branches switching party control. Perhaps stalemate is not all bad, if it neutralizes the worst impulses from either party. Whoever sits in the governor's seat will face a difficult time dealing with the budget. All the available gimmicks and shifts have been played out, so the only solutions left involve lots of pain.

If anyone thinks that swinging the pendulum back to the Republicans will help resolve the nation's problems, think again. Both parties have been equally guilty of selling out the interests of ordinary citizens and selling themselves to the highest corporate bidders. Shame on them all! Nothing will change until people realize that democracy requires actively holding elected officials to account. Even then, behind the obvious money trails lurks shadowy darker centers of power, who likely won't yield without a fight.

One hopeful element is the Republican resolve to repeal Obama's health care legislation, although this seems rather unlikely. The Dems still hold the Senate and a veto override just isn't gonna happen.

Major concerns on the horizon are the risk of widespread war, a sinking dollar causing trade wars and hyperinflation, and perhaps Earth changes kicking into higher gear. The incidence of earthquakes and volcanoes has been increasing along the Pacific "ring of fire", and faults along the US west coast have been increasingly rumbling.

This is not meant as "doom and gloom", just saying. A major shift in consciousness looms ahead in November, and the physical reality reacts to it. What waits for us on the other side of the shift? Many of us intuitively know something. I have heard certain topics come up repeatedly in conversations, perhaps without conscious knowlede of the implications: focus on local solutions, small-scale cooperatives, Green and Earth-friendly technology. Forget big banks and institutions as they fade from relevance.

Something BIG is definitely around the corner. I can feel it. The past weeks have seemed like a slow-motion daze, as if the shoreline recedes to presage an incoming tsunami.

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  1. Things are definitely starting to move towards the 2012 shift; most notable in the last few days. I think we can plan on a demise of our government as we know it now; not such a bad thing considering all of the corruption. Yes, it will be painful, but so is childbirth. We are birthing a new paradigm.