Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Collectively Holding Our Breaths...

As I've been mentioning repeatedly, something BIG is brewing in world events and global consciousness. By this time next week more should be known.

I'll mention a few likely possibilities that news reports will focus on, but it should be remembered that the catalyst behind it all is the emerging shift in global consciousness.

The major initial story will likely be economic and financial. The ingredients are in place for a major upheaval. The Fed is pushing ahead with a $600B "quantitive easing" which means "printing" of Dollars to purchase Treasury Bonds. Supposedly this improves liquidity and lowers mortgage interest rates even further, but it's been likened to pushing on a string. Many economists question why the Fed is pressing ahead on this now, with nascent signs of recovery already appearing in some sectors. The huge risk is that foreign trading partners will react to deliberate inflation of the Dollar by launching a trade war, and China may retaliate in some fashion due to their holdings of a $Trillion or so in Treasury Bonds.

Overlooked in the reporting by Mainstream Media (MSM) is the possibility that the Fed is taking this action now in a desperate gamble to head off a major collapse in the mortgage market. There appears to have been massive fraud involved with issuance of mortgage-backed securities during the real estate bubble. The word is that major players fraudulently used the same mortgage equity many times over as backing for derivative investments. By slicing and dicing the individual mortgages and rolling into investments that were sold as high-grade and low-risk, the paper trail disappeared so that the fraud was difficult to detect. Now many holders of these securities realize that their true value may be a fraction of the face amount. The banks holding these investments have found it in their interest to keep it under the radar as long as possible in order to stave off a system-wide collapse.

The recent controversy over "robo-signing" of foreclosure documents could be one tip of the iceberg starting to show. Some courts are beginning to insist on the foreclosing bank producing a verified copy of the mortgage note. Since the digital database known as MERS was the black hole which swallowed the original paper trail, authentic mortgage notes will never be found in many cases. Once widespread knowledge of this sets in, the entire banking system could collapse. By many estimates, there are many $Trillions worth of toxic derivatives still floating about. This exceeds the annual economic output of the entire world, so it's difficult to imagine a happy outcome.

David Stockman (former Budget Director under Reagan) was interviewed over the weekend, and he had some sobering math to discuss. Freed now from partisan concerns, he predicted that major cuts in Social Security & Medicare will need to be combined with equally brutal tax increases. In other words, the only choices left are severe austerity or national bankruptcy, and both political parties are failing to address the issue truthfully. Republicans continue to insist on tax cuts for the rich, while Democrats seem to believe that spending can rise indefinitely.

Turning now to a more spiritual angle, many sense that we are moving closer to a major shift in consciousness. Apparently the dark PowersThatBe (PTB) that control the world are also aware of this to some extent, although it's likely that their understanding is distorted. They are afraid that their grip on control may be threatened (it is), so they may be inclined toward taking rash actions.

Another fascinating angle is that many scientific sources have recently surfaced that lend some credence to the New Age teaching that a "Photon Belt" will engulf the Solar System by 2012. This will supposedly result in a planet-wide shift toward a higher dimension. A scientific study released in 1978 recently resurfaced, which describes a very strange "magnetic ribbon" dust cloud in our galaxy that we are moving into. This could be a cyclic phenomenon that the ancient mystics knew of, which results in massive disruptions in the Sun and Earth. The channeled information concerning the Photon Belt suggested that it's made of esoteric, non-physical matter. Of course science has no vocabulary for that (as of yet), but many of the articles popping up use phrases like "unknown", and "no current models explain this" etc. ("Dark Matter" may turn out to be more esoteric than physical.) The Sun is apparently already reacting to the presence of this galactic cloud, so this topic is sure to receive more attention in coming months. Here is a link which summarizes these emerging reports.

Most disturbing for me, personally, is the apparent lack of certainty of the outcome of this shift - even among angels and ascended master beings who make it their business to oversee such things. In her book series "The Convoluted Universe", Dolores Cannon encountered the message repeatedly, that this type of ascension has never been tried anywhere else, and no one of celestial guide caliber seems to be certain of how it will turn out. There is tremendous polarization between light and dark in our part of the galaxy, and moving an entire planet upward in vibrational frequency must involve some risks. Those that continue to choose the dark path must continue their existence somewhere, and can't be forcibly ascended to higher frequency. Some channeled sources suggest that a new Earth is being prepared for the higher frequency ascension, although this might be more of a backup plan in case things really tank here.

My personal sense has been that in recent weeks, a true uncertainty has settled upon the spirit world. It would seem that many things are on hold, and this would explain why many are finding that forward progress of any kind in their lives is difficult at this time. Are others sensing this too? I hear clues in many conversations that others sense something big is approaching - most often this seems to be unconscious by the speaker. The Jungian theory of the collective unconscious being aware of the near future has been exploited by an Internet data-gathering technique at http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ . They predict major turmoil beginning on November 14. Interestingly, a website promoting the late Terrence McKenna's "TimeWave Zero" concept and purporting to offer channeled information, has picked the same date of November 14 as an important "tipping point". 

Perhaps things will look more clear at that time.


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