Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conscious Creation

Andromeda galaxy -  as our own galaxy is thought to look from afar

In my last post, I mentioned how even the celestial hierarchy that we count on to "run things" is unsure of how the massive ascension shift will turn out. Many might react adversely to this prospect, and insist that of course God is in control of everything. I'd like to explore this thought in more depth.

My spiritual understanding has evolved to a place where I see the external God as a concept that has been invented by humans, insecure and desperate as we are for a higher power to be in control.

As explained in my blog profile, my understanding of the cosmos includes a Godhead of sorts, but in the Hermetic tradition of a single, unitary consciousness pervading all that is. We are all splinters from this primordial soul, engaging in the collective illusion of being separate. Those who have chosen to incarnate in physical form on this planet are engaged in a grand adventure.

Channeled sources tell us that ascension is a bold experiment, and as such the outcome is uncertain. This is not really so shocking when one contemplates how each individual life is a bold experiment. Souls tend to arrive here with ambitious agendas, and many appear to fail, but judgment concerning failure should be withheld unless you understand the extent of what was undertaken. From spirit's perspective, no life can be deemed a failure, because experience is what it's all about.

As the present dark Age of Iron winds down, we need to realize that our dependence on a belief that the external God controls everything is really holding us back. It's a scary thought, at least initially: What if it turns out that there is no external control? What if we are - what if I am - in the driver's seat? What if no one is going to rescue us and fix things for us? Welcome to Ascension 2012.

So here we arrive at the core of my point: Perhaps the reason that Angelic Hosts and Ascended Masters are sounding uncertain about the outcome of the Shift, is that the torch has been handed to us. Perhaps it's graduation time for the Human Race. Perhaps the reason they don't know the outcome is that it's up to us to determine the outcome.

If this is true, then it's truly a marvelous time to be alive. The dimensional veils are thinning, and pure creation can happen more easily than ever. This would explain a lot about how my own life has evolved up to this point. It would explain my lifelong fascination with nature, with trying to see the "big picture" in everything, with fantasizing what my role could be if a new world were to be recreated from scratch. This could be what it's all about.

Dolores Cannon reports that the entire universe is focused and fascinated with the ascension process on Earth at this time. Souls have clamored to incarnate and be here at this momentous occasion, which is why global population is climbing past 7 billion.

During coming weeks and months, news reports could become increasingly grim. The old system must crumble and fall in order to make way for the new. It will be disruptive at times. The PTB will lash out in desperate attempt to hold control. The Earth will groan and creak under the duress of change, as the current upswing in volcanic and earthquake activity attests. Today, as the G20 summit convenes to discuss global economic issues, China has already announced a downgrade of US Treasury bond rating. This could be the first shot in the coming economic war.

Rather than fret about our security, we should each be asking of ourselves the question,  "what do I wish to create?" What to create in our personal lives, and also collectively on a global scale. No one is going to step in and do it for us. Earth has a brutal reputation throughout the galaxy, and now we can finally begin to change that. Those who dare incarnate here are exceptional souls, with exceptional purpose. Let's see what we can do with that.


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