Saturday, October 30, 2010

More On the November Shift


Many people are feeling that something big is imminent. The past few weeks have seemed eerily quiet and subdued, as the tide might recede just prior to a tsunami. Some intuitives sense a major shift in consciousness is just ahead; others warn that it's time to store food and water and head for the hills.

As I've mentioned before, the predictive linguistics technique employed at half past human has been foretelling of major events coming during the period of November 8-12. Just what the events are isn't clear, but they term it a major "tipping point" that will be followed by 3-4 months of "emotional release" in the populace.

We have speculated here on several possibilities, and it could be that several events combine for a larger effect.

Another possibility has caught my attention: The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is scheduled to go online on November 9. A great deal of controversy has erupted over this device, with some credentialed physicists expressing concern. One scientific theory has it that the HSC could produce minature black holes, which could eventually grow large enough to swallow the Earth.

While most physicists dismiss the fears, there could be some reason for concern from a metaphysical perspective. We know, for example, that nuclear explosions affect several energetic dimensional levels beyond the physical plane. This is apparently the reason that ETs stepped up their involvment on this planet following the first atomic blast in 1945, and why many incidents continue to get reported of UFOs deactivating nuclear missile installations.

Rumors persist that the time travel experiments at Montauk have seriously screwed up our timelines in ways that affect everyone. While this might border on woo-woo land for many, it's not implausible to me that black-ops activities could be intruding into the basic fabric of reality in this universe. The geniuses in Atlantis apparently blew themselves into oblivion, and this could be a repeating cycle that ends civilizations.

So the theory is that the LHC could produce exotic particles of matter that affects higher dimensions. This comes at a time in history when a major shift in consciousness is already underway, and some channeled information suggests that this will feature a split in physical timelines.

If the timelines don't split, something has to give as the critical mass of global consciousness tips toward a more enlightened state. The world has been ruled by dark forces for thousands of years. The shift into enlightenment challenges their hold over major institutions of society. The ongoing threat of economic collapse and widespread war should be seen in this light. It could be that more bad news on these fronts really means that consciousness is shifting - old forms have to give way at some point for the new to replace them.

The November tipping point could be financial, as major banks are apparently greatly exposed to fraudulent mortgage investments, and desperately trying to conceal the extent of the risk. The emerging story of fraudulent foreclosure documents is the tip of the iceberg that might about to be uncork in a big way.

Remember that events that are viewed as traumatic disasters by some might not look so bad to others. As the old forms get replaced by new, those of higher vibrational consciousness will welcome this, but those of lower consciousness will think that the dreaded apocalypse has finally arrived.

My own meditations lead me to conclude that there is nothing to fear from the November shift, but it could be an interesting month for news headlines. And, the possibility exists that something major and wonderful is about to be revealed on the spiritual level. Stay tuned.


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