Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Big Shift Coming?

Those who follow the predictive linguistics work at have been wondering for several months what their predicted November 8th-11th "Tipping Point" portends. Cliff High thinks the coming event(s) appears to be of similar magnitude to September 11 2001. He said the data also suggests several months of "release language" following, which is the emotional reaction of the populace to something enormous and paradigm-changing. For an explanation of the concept of predictive linguistics, visit the above website.

Speculation on the nature of forthcoming events ranges from economic crisis, major reprecussions caused by an attack on Iran, to the possibility of a major outburst of solar storms. Let's review the plausibility of each type of event.

The attack on Iran would not be surprising, with the warmongers having been beating the drums of war for some time. However, the likelihood of an actual attack is difficult to assess. For one thing, the sheer stupidity of attacking Iran would seem to work against it. If the warmongering fools go ahead with it, it's likely that nuclear "bunker buster" bombs would be needed to penetrate the hardened underground facilities. This would risk touching off a regional nuclear exchange between Iran, Israel, and US naval vessels in the area. Iran is not defenseless, and likely already has nuclear weapons in its arsenal. We know that Israel has a tremendous nuclear arsenal, and is willing to use them if attacked. The US naval forces in the area would be likely targets if Iran strikes back. Even if the action is brief and limited to the region, the reprecussions would be enormous. The flow of Middle East oil would be disrupted, sending oil prices to the stratosphere. Speaking of stratosphere, any nuclear exchange would spread radioactive contamination around the globe. Life in the US would go on, but the effects would be huge.

The economic threat is a no-brainer, due to the slow descent into depression over the past two years. However, recent trends do highlight the distinct possibility for a renewed crisis, and crashes always seem to happen in the fall. The Federal Reserve recently issued a statement saying that a second round of  "quantitive easting" (the buzzword is QE2) may be necessary to keep the economy from sinking further. This essentially means printing vast amounts of money and pumping it into the economy by means of Fed purchase of treasury bonds. The world monetary system has already reacted quickly to the hyperinflationary implications by causing the dollar to drop precipitously against other currencies. If the trend continues, prices for oil and other imports will escalate, and an overvalued stock market could be ripe for a plunge.

The third possibility is that of a major event on the Sun. Again, there are recent trends that bear watching. The sun has been acting strangely during the current cycle, to the extent that astrophysicists are openly puzzled. NASA has even published articles expressing bewilderment and concern. Within the past few days, an enormous magnetic filament has appeared stretched across the sun, (shown in picture above) prominent enough to see with backyard telescpoes.

One theory is that magnetic lines of force in the sun get twisted and tangeled over time, leading to a cyclic period when pent-up energy bursts through in a dramatic release of flares and coronal mass ejections (CME). If strong enough, these can penetrate Earth's magnetic shielding and cause electrical havoc on the planet. In 1859, a solar storm was strong enough to throw sparks and cause fires at telegraph stations. The miles of telegraph wires were energized by the intense geomagnetic storm, nearly knocking out the only long-distance communication system of the time. If the telegraph system had used today's electronics it wouldn't have survived. It doesn't take much imagination to visualize what could happen to satellites, electronics, and the power grid if the solar events of 1859 were to repeat. The loss of power grid and communication satellites for the weeks or even months it would take to repair infrastructure would certainly threaten civilization as we know it.

Hopefully, the predictive linguistics overstates the significance of upcoming events. Their predictions for next year and beyond are rather dark. My thinking is that their mechanism for glimpsing the collective unconscious mind is picking up fears and anxieties of worst-case projections, rather than hard data concerning what will likely take place. November 8th will be an interesting test of how accurate of a predictive tool this is.

BTW, the PTB evidently feels threatened by Cliff High's work at Someone from within the eschalons of power convinced Cliff's ISP to pull the plug on his web site last week, apparently without visible reason or pretext. The site is now back up on a different server, but this action only adds interest to the drama. What could they be so concerned about?


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  1. Lynn I agree with you. The project-able outcome not having evidence but more of a tuning into the fears and panic of the collective.