Sunday, October 2, 2011

Same Old Same Old

Many people thought that George Bush Jr had done terrible things to this country during his presidency. A majority of voters agreed with this thought and voted for what they expected was a different direction for the nation's policies. Unfortunately, changing parties doesn't equate with changing policies, not when some hidden power behind the stage is calling all the major plays.

With Obama, we seem to have a smooth continuation of the Bush years. Same old warmongering, same old bailouts for the bankster cartel, same old escalation in the national debt, same old sense of economic crisis about to erupt. If economic indicators are actually worse off than under Bush, it's only because the downward trend needed time to sink to depression levels. It continues to sink further as I am writing this.

With the employment situation stagnating, the dreaded double-dip emerging, and the world economy threatening to collapse over the European debt crisis, one would think the 2012 elections would provide a forum for debating new ideas and solutions. Those expecting this are sure to be disappointed, but I predict more of the same old same old. Here's why:

Although ostensibly a democratic republic, the US has devolved into an Evil Empire, controlled by shadowy forces behind the scenes. The two-party system is a complete ruse. Oh sure, legislative bodies on the state and national level are polarized as never before, to the point of stalemate and gridlock. Polarized because each side clings stubbornly to a flawed and incomplete version of reality.

Republicans are especially deluded in their insistence that big government is at the root of the problem. If only industry had less regulation they would be free to grow and expand hiring. If only the shadow of big government weren't hovering over the average citizen, we could solve our economic problems and move forward. Toward this end they favor slashing "entitlement" spending and further tax cuts for the wealthy "who are the job creators".

While generally more compassionate toward the poor, Democrats are currently in complete disarray over solutions for the economy. Their president has betrayed progressive principles in nearly every category, and appears to have no stomach for providing bold leadership amidst the economic crisis. He shot off nearly all ammunition on a half-baked health care act that favors the large corporate players in the health care field at great expense to consumers. He has caved repeatedly to Republicans and special interests on taxes, environmental regulation, and economic stimulus.

The stark fact that both parties fail to recognize is that the government has been taken over by corporate powers. In attacking big government. Republicans shoot their arrows at the wrong target. Reduce regulation? Monsanto continues to promote the use of nicotinoid-based pesticides, despite overwhelming scientific evidence that they are responsible for the massive decline in bee colonies. GMO "Frankenfoods" continue to be introduced with little oversight. Growth hormone for dairy cows is still permitted and hormone-free milk producers are forbidden to label as such.

The economic crisis is clearly being maipulated by forces outside of any government. These same forces control the election of politicians, such that independent voices are screened out. Perhaps it has been that way since this country was founded. The revolutionary colonists that crafted our constitution consisted primarily of wealthy land owners and the merchant class. They accepted slavery and kept power out of the hands of women and the lower classes by design; the Senate was not elected by voters until 1912.

It is my contention that the United States has never been the free democracy we often fancy it to be. As throughout the entire existence of humanity, power always gravitates toward the top and to a select few. The only change in recent history has been that the ruling PTB have become more adroit at cloaking their control mechanisms. We ostensibly have free elections, but the elections are controlled, and all serious contenders have clear understanding as to who holds the reigns of power. No one is free to voice serious dissent with present policy without facing repercussion. Consequently no one asks who owns the Federal Reserve or how the sophisticated 9/11 operation was carried out and by whom.

The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech from governmental interference, but this right does not extend to the corporate sphere. A coup has taken place but no one notices. Our new rulers are not restrained by a constitution. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

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