Monday, October 3, 2011

Talk of Impeachment

Is Ron Paul the only intellectually honest presidential candidate? Leave it to him to be the only one pointing out the obvious: That targeting US citizens abroad for murder violates the law and constitution.

What is it with the others - can't they read? Did they all flunk civics in high school? Among the field of candidates, only Herman Cain offered even faint support for Paul's remarks on the Al-Awlaki murder. Michele "Loony Toons" Bachmann and Rick Santorum chose to beat their chests on the anti-terrorist theme, constitutional law notwithstanding. Quite a disgusting spectacle.

Here we have a classic example of the US Evil Empire in action. Imagine the passions stirred in the citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya when they hear and see those dreaded drones buzzing across their skies. If the operators mistake a school or clinic for a Taliban compound, oops - so sorry!!!

The fact is, we are not waging a constitutional, declared war against any of those people or national governments. If Hitler had these weapons at his disposal and used them against the Allies, the Nuremberg trials would have been greatly expanded. Clinton, Bush Jr and Sr, and now Obama would face similar inquisition if the same standard were applied.

Of course, Obama is merely the front man, the spokesman, the mouthpiece for official policy. The real source of power remains cloaked and unaccountable. How else could one explain the results of a presidential election where the majority of voters were quite sick and tired of the previous occupant's policies?

Seeing such brutal realpolitik emerge from an expected progressive leader has thrown the Left into dismay and disarray. Only a few brave voices such as Van White continue rise above the noise (remember him? Obama's original choice for "Green Czar", he was forced to step down after questioning the official account of the 9/11 attack)

So we have the bizarre situation of Obama's warmongering policies being questioned primarily by Republicans. We face a deepening depression, and not only is no major economic initiative on the table, but the president is on his heels while Republicans threaten to shut down the government if one single wealthy person looses a tax break.

This result is not surprising, given the delusional state of both political parties, coupled with the seat of true power residing elsewhere. All the players realize this, but continue to play the game. Brave voices such as Ron Paul will be marginalized at best, or a worse fate could befall him if the sheer number of his supporters manage a breakthrough of the media blockade. The PTB are not about to cede power to a democratic process.

I identify neither as Republican nor Libertarian, but deeply respect the stand Ron Paul has taken against warmongering and other constitutional issues. On the economic side, Libertarians like Paul would just as soon allow the unemployed to wither away and die. Au contraire, what is needed is a bold New Deal plan, coupled with robust measures to reign in the fraud and corruption perpetrated by the Banksters. Their criminal activity caused the economic collapse, yet no serious action has been taken against them under Bush or Obama.

Our leaders lie to us and no serious action is being taken  to save the economy. Many sense this, and are driven to cynicism by the man who dared them to "hope". Such cynicism could become dangerous. The French Revolution fermented because there was no middle ground. When the poor protested, the ruling class simply tightened the screws. When upheavals eventually erupted, the starving peasantry transformed into brutal executioners with startling rapidity. Could this happen again? With our electoral process having been proven to be a fraud, just how much middle ground remains for us? Violence is not an appropriate response, and if we slip down that slope, we all will lose. My hope is based on ascension taking hold before that point is reached, and lifting us intact into the next age.

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