Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering the Day

It's great that so many feel the need to remember what happened 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the memory recalled by most is something akin to a "screen memory"; images and illusions projected by the Powers-That-Be (PTB). They were able to do that because they own the media outlets that provided most of the reporting.

Those that seek to uncover the "truth" of what happened are marginalized and villified as "conspiracy theorists". This is almost funny, because the official account of 9/11 events reads like an extreme, whacked example of conspiracy theory. To believe this account strains one's sense of credibility more than the alternatives that have floated about on the Internet.

In reality, this is serious, scary business. While it remains unclear as to who pulled off the operation, the government and media orchestrated the coverup. Someone in the halls of power must surely know more than they are telling, and perpetrating the Big Lie apears to fall squarely within their interests. In addition to the obvious interest of promoting warmongering against Iraq and Afghanistan, the 9/11 coverup could have been part of a bold experiment to see just how effective the propaganda machinery is in promulgating the Big Lie. Recently there appears to have been further experiments along this line, with official release of a crude forgery purported to be Obama's birth certificate, followed by the fabricated murder of the already dead "Bin Laden" in Pakistan. (Please note that I was not among the "Birthers" that previously questioned Obama's citizenship. I was only awed and shocked at the White House decision to release an obvious crude forgery of the birth certificate, and can only wonder why they did it.)

The results are in, and the mind control experts must be slapping each other on the back in exultation. The controlled media, of course, bought the entire package without question. While polls indicate that many citizens have their doubts about the official line, no one seems seriously concerned about it. A sampling of mainstream news commentary on this 10 year anniversery contains nauseating reference to Al Qaeda as being an "Evil Force" that took America by surprise 10 years ago. Of course, serious journalism would take to task the fact that no cogent effort was ever made by the US government to provide evidence linking Al Qaeda to the 9/11 attacks. No commentator asks why we attacked Iraq, which actually resulted in instability and created a haven for terrorists where there had been none under Saddam. A similar goal seems in store for Libya.

We sorely need to awaken from our slumber and think objectively once again. The term "Evil" is copyrighted and owned by the US Evil Empire Inc. (with subsidiary branches in several global locations). My definition of Evil includes killing 6 million in Iraq, 2-3 million in Afghanistan, and who knows how many in Libya. These are countries that never attacked us, and did not threaten our interests.

Not to minimize the sudden dispatch of 3000 souls in the WTC, but wouldn't justice for them be better served to investigate who the real perps were? This was a crime scene, but no forensics were carried out and the debris was quickly hauled away under secrecy. Bush said Al Qaeda did it so that seemed to settle the matter. The Bin Laden brand was trotted out to produce a variety of questionable video tapes taking responsibility; several appeared to feature different actors playing Bin Laden. Such a joke; The incredible sophistication and scale of the operation clearly precludes itinerent bands of bearded terrorists lurking in mountain caves.

The tragic legacy of 9/11 is that the putrid Big Lie has been allowed to hang over the land like a toxic smog. This false-flag operation worked well for the perpetrators, as did the subsequent coverup. What comes next?  Is there any limit to what they will try?

The only defense we have is to wake up and become aware.

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