Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sending Libya Back to the 12th Century

Here you have it, folks...irrefutable proof of what I've been contending. You may have believed the talking heads on network TV when they said the US & NATO were helping freedom fighters to kick out a nasty dictator. You have have thought Hilary Clinton was leading a humane and sensible foreign policy. Now look upon the results as Al Qaeda hoists its banner, and darkness decends upon a once-proud nation.

The Arab "color revolutions" did not occur spontaneously. There is ample evidence of agents provacateur having been planted by western intelligence organizations. In Libya, Al-Qaeda mercenaries were brought in to spearhead the fighting. Yet even this would not have been enough to defeat Gadaffi without brutal pounding by NATO air strikes. There was no popular uprising. Untold thousands were killed by the bombing, and now methodical assassinations of intelligentsia are reported.

Under Gadaffi, Libyan women gained a degree of freedom and dignity unprecedented in the Arab world. They could refuse arranged marriages, achieve education, and avoid repressive Muslim dress requirements. Now Libya could be plunged back into the dark ages. The coalition of thugs, mercenaries and Muslim extremists want to impose strict Sharia laws. The Burqa and Abaya may soon become the dominant fashion, but that may be the least of concerns for Libyan women; Genital mutilation and forced "marriage" for young girls may be the lasting legacy of NATO's regime change policies.

It will be interesting to see what Hilary has to say as the new rulers organize themselves. If anyone is expecting to see a western-style democracy take hold, bitter disappointment most likely awaits. But just remember...Your tax dollars at work!

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