Wednesday, June 15, 2011

War Powers Showdown

Speaker of the House John Boner (ok it's Boehner, but who can resist?) is threatening a showdown with Obama over the illegal war action in Libya. If he carries through and fights this battle to the finish, my opinion of him will definitely improve.

The intervention in Libya is a clear illustration of how US governmental policy does not reflect the will or interests of the American people. There was absolutely no defensible reason to pick a fight with Muammar Gaddafi. Whatever high-sounding principles we ever pretended to have for "spreading democracy" in the world have long since crumbled into DU-contaminated dust.

Despite looking like a street thug, Gaddafi is one of the least objectionable dictators within that particular genre. He has done a great deal to improve the lives of his people, including a massive water project that promised to turn desert into arable farmland. He "found religion" after Reagan ordered bombing of his palace, and totally swore off terrorism of any kind. He has done NOTHING that threatens our interests  for nearly 30 years.

What are Gaddafi's sins that put him on the shit list with the US and NATO? He refused to play ball with the Globalist banksters. He kept Libyan monetary reserves stored in gold in Libyan vaults. His policies were tailored to Libyan interests, rather than be sumissive to the Globalist masters. Most significantly, he kept Libyan oil out of the dominating reach of the Globalists.

For these sins, Gadaffi is as good as dead. The so-called "color revolution" is led by - guess who - Al Qaeda operatives. These are the supposed "good guys" we are blasting up Libya to support? Wait a minute! I thought these were the "bad guys"! We often hear of predator drones taking out Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and just a few weeks ago the legendary Bin Laden was supposedly dispatched to his reward. What gives? How to tell good Al Qaeda from bad?

Well, do you s'pose that the entire thing is just a ruse? One clue might be that Al Qaeda was invented and chartered by the CIA during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Since they fall into the category of "CIA asset", this understanding should put a different spin on the situation. By the way, one of their first acts in areas of Libya they control was to establish a central bank under control of the Globalists. The oil they are shipping now pours proceeds into Globalist coffers. Look surprised!

Look for every regime in the middle east to be threatened by "color revolutions" unless they submit to Globalist control. We'll see how many get the message following the Libyan example.


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