Friday, June 17, 2011

Perceiving Reality

This photo is of my maternal Grandfather, who died about 20 years ago at age 95. On his birthday in mid-October last fall, this photo mysteriously opened itself overnight on my computer. When I turned on the monitor in the morning, his face greeted me. I had forgotten that images scanned from a photo album were even on that computer, and the file names consisted of the long numerical format assigned by digital cameras. Unless viewing thumbnails, no one would guess what each picture contained. As if to make sure this trick had caught my attention, the same thing was repeated the following morning. Some intelligence had picked out the proper image from among several hundred, and opened it on the desktop,

This is an example of the many anomalies that happen frequently in our home, and is not particularly remarkable or unusual in itself. Objects frequently move, polished stones appear from thin air, and our little dog Sophie somehow routinely moves her favorite chewy treats into the far end of my pillowcase or under the bottom bed sheet at bedtime. She accomplishes this while appearing to be curled up and sleeping. Quite a trick.

This is my reality. Is it shared by anyone else? I've collected a few stories in response to my blog articles, but I suspect that for most people, these anomalies would not fit into their definition of reality. As pointed out repeatedly in the channeled Seth material, reality is uniquely perceived by each individual, and yet there is a collective version of reality experienced by most everyone.

This blog is largely about how I perceive reality, and the tentative conclusions reached by my analysis of it. I consider this to be a spiritually-oriented blog, despite commenting frequently on news items or political subject matter. I view my reality through a deeply spiritual lens, and am convinced that we are experiencing a remarkable shift on our planet as one age ends and another begins.

I've made frequent mention that our nation plays a leading role in the "The Evil Empire", for understanding this is vital for understanding the Shift. I'm fascinated by history, and have researched the roots of "Evil" in our nation. Of course I use the term "Evil" in a qualified sense, not propounding a moral or religious slant. The term does seem to fit in a metaphorical sense, since the dark acts perpetrated by the PTB (Powers That Be) would clearly fit most definitions of evil. For example, killing millions of people and contaminating vast areas of Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium (DU) is Evil in my opinion.

I may do a series on the contribution Nazi philosophy has made to the Evil Empire; it's fascinating to trace the history of this.


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