Friday, January 20, 2012

2012: Looking out my window at the year ahead

The much-anticipated year of 2012 is finally upon us, but I'm not making any predictions about what will occur in the months ahead. One thing I am certain about is that the world is shifting and changing at an accelerating pace, and chaotic energy abounds. Whether this is deemed favorable or not depends on where your vested interest lies. One can surf the waves of chaos, or be swamped by them.

The global financial system creaks and groans. Will the Eurozone implode, and bring down the rest of the system? When you look at the staggering debt totals involved, it seems merely a matter of time. Not only is Europe trapped in a debt gridlock, but the US as well. Again, the numbers - $600 quadrillion in toxic derivatives are estimated to be on the books. Any sudden shock could lead to a domino effect like the one that nearly melted down the world as we know it in 2008.

The US government now pays nearly 20% of revenue toward interest on the national debt, and this is while interest rates remain near zero. What if investors grow weary of lending their money for free, and hold out for higher rates? If rates climb even a few percentage points, it could be game over US, really quickly.

It seems clear to me that the Banksters are merely holding things together for now with duct tape and bailing wire. It's very difficult to imagine a path out of debt gridlock that doesn't involve massive collapse, runaway inflation, or currency devaluation. What their end game could be is a mystery to me.

This blog is not about doom and gloom. We are observing the end of an age, and the eventual result could be a very good thing for humanity. The Banksters and criminals that run the world are faced with an end game of some sort regardless. They may scheme to maintain power by tightening the screws on the 99%(witness the military rendition of citizens provision in the defense authorization bill, or proposals to censor the Internet). Whatever draconian tactics they may resort to, they cannot stop the shift in consciousness.

I've been trying to understand just what the Shift entails. Very strange things are occuring in my own reality, and reports are surfacing that others experience it too. It's as if the very structures that maintain physical reality in this dimension are dissolving.

Dolores Cannon has channeled a large amount of data via hypnosis regarding the Shift. In coming articles, I'll be taking a look at this topic, and attempt to sort out the most likely scenario.

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