Sunday, September 9, 2012

End of The World (As We Know It)

Does Hell break loose on Earth beginning December 21, 2012? Doomsday predictors are beginning to hedge their bets, with some sliding the date ahead into 2013. The Mayan End-Date is barely  3 months away, but by some calculations, the 2012 date is off, having occurred in 1999 or 2008. In any event, the astronomical significance is quite minimal, with any galactic core alignment taking place over many years.

One predictive thread I've been watching with interest is Cliff High's Half Past Human . Using "web bot" algorithms to analyze the words and phrases used in online posts and articles, the theory is that the collective unconscious mind offers clues that predict the near-term future. It's a fascinating concept that draws loosely from the work of Carl Jung, but the track record thus far hasn't been impressive. Cliff has forecasted a number of "turning points" and global meltdown dates that have not yet resulted in significant events. He had one major hit when the fall of Gen. Zia in Pakistan was predicted months in advance, but predicting the future is a dicey affair - you're bound to roll lucky sevens occasionally.

Anyway, Cliff's current focus is on a "global coastal event" that is supposed to occur during the first half of 2013. Whether caused by a meteor, massive cracking in the Pacific crust, or a hitherto unknown phenomenon, the prediction is that it will effectively cull the population by over a billion people. Throw in the effects of a renewed meltdown at Fukushima, and major flaring on the sun, and life will simply not go on as before. Cliff foresees government being rendered irrelevant (and then disapearing), and the few that survive will be reduced to stone-age existence.

The basic premise of looking for information from the subconscious via patterns in word usage is intruiging, but how do we know whether the data is painting images of the future, or simply reflecting the deeply rooted fears that must also inhabit mass consciousness?

Cliff says he met with Courtney Brown and found correlation between Brown's remote viewing experiments and the Web Bot predictions. However, I watched some of Courtney's videos and heard him say that remote viewing is not a reliable method of predicting the future. The FarSight exercises looked at the conditions that will exist in select cities in June 2013, and several divergent pictures emerged. A minority saw evidence of a major global catastrophe that seemed to involve something affecting the coasts, but the remainder saw only minor problems or none at all.

Courtney goes on to explain that due to the phenomenon of multiple timelines, it's quite difficult to predict which timeline one will actually be experiencing. This is exactly the problem, and one that Cliff High would do well to consider. The collective unconscious is aware of every point of data that exists in an Akashic record - like matrix from past to future, but multiple parallel timelines appear to be a fact of life that governs our existence.

Evidence suggests that the human mind can, consciously or unconsciously, select which timeline to experience. Coupled with the apparent recent increase in timeline instability, this could explain many of the anomalous experiences that I've written about here and here.

To sum it up: Things certainly are changing, and the pace of change is accelerating. However, it's difficult to accurately predict through divination where this change will take us. Furthermore, it's my contention that it's up to us to actively select which timeline we will experience in the future.

According to my thesis, timelines are diverging and some major differences are emerging. The differences are becoming pronounced enough to eventually allow for a horrendous hell-on-earth scenario to parallel the Golden Age Nirvana that others foresee.

How do we make the selection? There are mysteries to uncover regarding the subconscious mind, but in general, it appears to be a matter of your vibratory level matching your timeline. I believe there are things we can do to actively select the highest and best outcome. Focusing one's expectations on doom 'n' gloom and various negative thoughts that are pervasive probably biases your chances toward one of the less desirable timelines.

In coming months, we face an election season in which we will be pummeled by an unprecedented degree of divisive vitriol from both sides. Just be aware that neither side is telling the truth and neither side has real answers. You can vote for the apparent lesser of evils, but be aware that this is just a side-show. The real play of events requires full awareness and subtle perception.

Stay tuned!


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