Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Designated Loser

I'm sure the awareness has not caught up with him yet, but it's becoming painfully obvious that Romney has been set up as the designated loser in the 2012 election. Playing from the same script that resurrected John McCain from certain death in the polls during the 2008 primaries and propelled him into the nomination, Romney appears to be treading the same path.

McCain's choice of Sara Palin helped seal his demise, but was this simply an ill-considered, hastily conceived gaffe? A story surfaced at the time that a web site name had been reserved several months previously that incorporated "McCain/Palin", long before McCain's nomination had been secured. This suggests a high level of guidance for these events from unknown hands.

Whatever motivated McCain's quest, Romney appears to be driven by strictly personal ambition. To succeed in his quest for the nomination, he had to abandon whatever shards of principle he might have once possessed. He managed to sufficiently overcome his image as a moderate to placate the misgivings of the rightwing extremists in his party. Conspiracy theorists were skeptical that the PTB would ever accept a candidate such as Romney, who might not have the necessary moral weaknesses that allow complete control over other politicians. Now it appears that he has what it takes to pose as the Designated Loser.

The theory, of course, is that the PTB have perfected total control over our erstwhile democratic process, while still permitting the illusion that leaders are chosen by the voters. For whatever reason, Obama is their guy at the moment. He was handled from an early age in preparation for his rise to power. His rapid ascension from community organizer to first-term junior senator to President took place in just a few short years, a very implausible feat without help from powerful sources.

The PTB have decreed that Obama serve a second term, but he needs a credible yet defeatable opponent. The nation is deeply but evenly divided along partisan lines, so a charismatic Republican candidate could conceivably turn the tide and defeat the incumbent. To ensure this did not happen, the PTB carefully manipulated the Republican primary process by promoting a succession of looney-tunes candidates such as Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. This tactic successfully distracted and divided Tea Party extremists and kept the field in play long enough for Romney to slog through to the finish.

Interestingly, no Republican of notable stature and credibility stepped forward into the obvious vacuum. That fact alone would argue convincingly in favor of conspiratorial explanations.

Once he had secured the nomination, Romney began spinning into gaffe after gaffe. His choice of Paul Ryan as running mate looks like a boneheaded move that may not even manage to carry Wisconsin. Many Republicans now speak as if the cause has already been lost.

Is Romney really such a bonehead? It doesn't seem likely, given his past accomplishments. He probably is every bit the heartless aristocrat as he is being portrayed, but smart politicians spin a smooth image that has public appeal. Why that hasn't been done in this case is the open question. The "secret video" of Romney's callous remarks during an elite fundraiser may not have been an accident, and it seems hard to believe such a thing could surface with perfect timing without powerful help.

As often stated in this blog, it makes little difference which party is in power because the real power is behind the scenes. Every president is assigned a handler and is briefed regularly on what is expected of them. They learn how to follow orders...or else. Romney has surrounded himself with Trilateralists, CFR members and Bilderberger attendees. Although he's an outsider, he apparently realizes how insiders run things and is willing to cut his deal with the Devil.

Nevertheless, the men behind the curtain appear to have decided that Obama is their preferred puppet, so that seems the likely result. The faux partisan debate is meaningless, since the real problems cannot be openly discussed. Republicans call Obama a socialist and claim his policies are bent on "destroying America", but that horse left the barn a long time ago - and probably under a Republican administration.

As meaningless as it might be, my bias favors Democratic party positions on issues that affect the working class. I'll probably enjoy the presidential debates, as Obama the skilled orator takes on the gaffe-prone Romney. Would be entertaining to see a knife get stuck into the premise that the values of a wealthy elitist could possibly be in the interest of the working class. Just remember that at the end of the day, none of it really matters.

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