Sunday, September 15, 2013

On the Brink with Syria

The end of the world has been predicted so many times in recent years, that it's easy to tune the doomsayers out.

We certainly have the ingredients in place right now for a huge blowup. American warships are steaming around the area, and Russian missiles are installed in Syria. Iran says an attack on Syria will trigger their involvement, and Israel seems anxious to join the scrum if it breaks out.

Of course, any military action launched by the US would be yet another war crime, on top of the many transgressions already inflicted on the region. Even if the Assad regime was responsible for the recent chemical attack on civilians, there is no justification for launching an attack on the sovereign nation of Syria.

Make no mistake, the Assad regime has been brutal. However, there is such a thing as a "false flag" tactic. 9/11 was one notable example, and it worked out so well for the warmongers to get their way on attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, it's only a matter of time before they use it again.

The evidence appears fairly strong that Assad was not responsible for the chemical weapons attack that is being blamed on him. It makes no sense for him to employ a suicidal tactic at this point in the civil war. Syrian forces have turned the tide against the rebels in recent months, and the last thing Assad would want is to draw in more intervention by the US. The CIA has already intervened by shipping arms to the rebels, despite the absurdity  of helping the thugs, mercenaries and Al-Qaeda terrorists who are our ostensible enemies.

The Syrian rebels would stand to benefit enormously from a staged chemical attack, and one could expect that the CIA and Israeli Mossad had their hands in it as well.

So, of course, the entire thing is a gigantic farce: Stage a heinous attack on hapless civilians, blame Assad, and then crank up the warmonger machine.

Obama initially seemed ready to pull the trigger and unleash a bombing campaign. But then he did something quite unexpected: He called on Congress to vote on authorizing military action against Syria. It appeared going in that this would be a tough vote to win, and opposition quickly grew and solidified, so the question begs as to Obama's motive in asking for a vote.

Next, Kerry made what appeared to be a major gaffe, when he rambled into a off-the-cuff discussion of how Syria could avoid a military attack by agreeing to give up all chemical weapons. Putin quickly pounced on the remarks, and proposed  just such a deal with Syria, which Assad quickly agreed to. Now military plans are on hold while these surprising diplomatic developments play out.

I tend to think that very few acts in global brinkmanship are accidental. Kerry is a loathsome character, but he did not get installed in that position to ramble randomly on policy toward Syria.

I continue to entertain the rather fanciful notion that Barack Obama has a private agenda of actually doing some good things as president. Of course, he is a puppet, and is expected to follow the script written by his masters. He knows the lease is taught, and his autonomy is limited; JFK provides daily reminder to any sitting president of what happens when the script is strayed from.

So what if the corporate masters had decreed war, but Obama wanted to resist, but also avoid a premature end to his presidency? What sorts of clever twists in policy could be imagined? Maneuvering the Teapublicans in Congress to lead the antiwar charge would be one possibility, leaving the president looking strong and decisive, but defusing the rush to war all the same.

Cynics point out the many barriers to a deal with Syria: Assad wants a guarantee he will not be attacked by the US or NATO, and may choose to bluster about including in any deal Israel's illegal arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Plus, if the corporate warmongers really want a war, they are likely to get it. Other nations in the region also want Assad removed, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. Rumor has it that American troops have already been ordered to get ready for immediate deployment in Syria. If the diplomatic efforts stall, military action could be ordered very quickly, and would be fait accompli even while negotiations are still underway.

Any attack on Syria runs the risk of a much wider conflict erupting quickly, with World War III and nuclear exchanges a distinct possibility. One would hope that cooler heads would prevail, but the corporate warmongers appear to really want a wider war.

On the brighter side, however, there is hope that higher dimensional forces of Light are intervening. Global consciousness is shifting to a higher level. The dark forces that have been ruling this planet are not the only players on the board. We may be in for some surprising turns of events.

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