Sunday, August 2, 2009

Letting Bush off the hook

Leon Panetta says Bush/Cheney & Co can be excused for crimes of constitutional usurpation of power and torture, due to “the reality of 9/11”. Seems like calls for a congressional inquiry into the past administration’s war crimes are hitting a sensitive nerve with the PowersThatBe (PTB). My first guess would be that they would dearly have us continue to cling to the “unreality of 9/11”.

Of course, the official line is still the implausible theory that 19 ill-trained Saudis somehow took over the controls of large passenger jets and caused buildings to collapse, and Bin Laden was supposedly the mastermind of the operation. Oops! Panetta may have not caught the just-released news item where Sibel Edmonds spills some classified information on how Bin Laden was a CIA asset until 9/11. Not that it would matter – all public officials are required to toe the official line on these things. Even congressmen Collin Peterson of MN had to take his obligatory shots at “conspiracy theorists”, while admitting that a quarter of his constituents questioned the official account of 9/11. Some national polls have pegged this higher than 50%, but oh well. Must be a lot of ignorant people around to placate.

The “birther movement” is providing another excuse to pile it on anything that smacks of “conspiracy theory”, with some TV pundits even implying that anyone in that camp is “psychologically disturbed”. Of course, such opportunities are generally taken to paint all “conspiracy theorists” with the same broad brush, implying that distinguished scholars such as James Fetzer and Steven Jones are in the same camp with crazed militia groups in rural Idaho or the nutjobs that kill abortion doctors. As I’ve pointed out before, there are several laws on the books that target illegal conspiracies of various sorts, and the FBI and federal courts take them very seriously. The only difference between these conspiracies and the ones scorned by the media is magnitude of scale, and the fact that crimes committed by the upper echelon in power are generally covered up and not brought to justice. Part of the cover-up is to ridicule anyone who actually looks too closely at evidence.

I never expected Obama to pursue justice against Bush/Cheney, because the PTB do not wish to risk exposing too much to the light of day. However, Eric Holder is quoted to be seriously considering appointing a special prosecutor. If he goes ahead with that against Obama’s wishes, it should provide for an interesting confrontation. Don’t get your hopes up; The likely outcome would be a cover-up along the lines of the 9/11 commission, and the earlier Warren commission that investigated the JFK assignation. Recall Gerald Ford’s comments shortly before his death that tacitly admitted the JFK cover-up as being necessary for the “good of the nation”. I’m so glad these folks in power are looking out for my interests. :(


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