Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Momentous Time Begins

We are in the midst of a wrenching period of change in our world, the most profound of any in recent human history. Life as we have known it is being transformed into something radically different. The fundamental paradigms that govern our understanding of civilization are shifting; for simplicity I refer to this as The Paradigm Shift.

The most noticeable aspect of the shift at present is the ongoing global economic collapse. The shift encompasses everything from planetary physics to social systems, culture and religion. The turbulent waves of change are currently moving like a wrecking ball throughout the economic structures of the world, so this tends to be the focus of attention right now.

There is understandably a great deal of fear regarding the present changes, as many are losing jobs, homes, and retirement savings. Coupled with fear is denial, as mainstream economists attempt to explain the meltdown in the context of their traditional paradigm. The business cycle is expected to have ups and downs, so any downturn, however severe, must be followed by recovery. If finding the bottom proves elusive, then the outlook is simply adjusted for a deeper and longer downturn; a “severe recession”. Although more economists are beginning to broach the “D” word (for depression), few are ready to toss their paradigm completely aside and consider the signs of a complete social and economic transformation having begun.
What is actually occurring is that we are leaving one major age of human civilization and entering another. The transformation currently underway will affect far more than the economy; the complete collapse of the current economic system is simply a prerequisite for the transition into the next age.

Civilizations have risen and fallen, and the planet has endured cyclic ages since the beginning of time. Making this particular transition unique is the apparent prospect of a planet-wide shift into a higher physical dimension.

Of course, we have scant knowledge of what has transpired throughout Earth’s ancient history. Some have suggested that humanity has devolved from a much higher level of development. Perhaps we are only returning to where we once had been.

The Ages of Humanity
Mystical tradition holds that there is a recurring cycle of four major ages of humanity, known as Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron. Hindu teaching names the present Age of Iron as Kali Yuga and the forthcoming Golden Age as Satya Yuga. While Hindu tradition tends to peg the length of a Yuga as 100,000 years, the esoteric mysticism under consideration here is concerned with the 25,800 year astronomical cycle of the Zodiac.

Many religions teach that a golden age will eventually arrive, following an end-time period of turmoil. Christianity portrays a horific period in the book of Revelations, after which a millennium of peace and prosperity ensues. This common theme indicates that various mystical sources of wisdom have anticipated the imminent transition into a new age.

Signposts in Time
We are just past the 7 year anniversary of 9/11. Regardless of who was responsible (Turban-wearing Saudis crouched in a cave in Afghanistan are not high on my list of suspects), this event marked a watershed moment in history. Although many events are determined by the variables inherent in human freewill, a few events such as this appear to have been "etched in stone" in the timeline. It was a marker, of sorts, altering the landscape and helping to unfold events to where we are now.

Of particular interest to me is the sense that ancient mystics were aware of a timeframe that marks the end of the present age and beginning of the next. The 12 signs of the Zodiac act as a celestial clock, each sign marking the passage of 2150 years, as the earth wobbles through its cycle of orbital precession. The transition of Pisces into Aquarius appears to have been linked to coincide with the “end of this age”.

How could the ancients have known? Even to become aware of precession would require observations of star movements over thousands of years. Were the creators of the Mayan calendar privy to the same source of knowledge? We shall examine these questions in detail, and consider the various schools of opinion regarding the Mayan end-date.

From what we know, it appears likely that the Mayan end-date, and astrological transition into Aquarius, merely serve as markers in time for events that are otherwise coincidental. Others believe that catastrophic earth changes and widespread destruction are due to occur. This latter approach would imply there is something significant astronomically regarding this point in the precession cycle. Some suggest that periodic alignments with the galactic center are involved, and there is support to be found for this in ancient lore.

In my investigation, I have tried to separate science from pseudo-science. Although I greatly value mystical sources of wisdom and insight, it should be recognized that science and mysticism are still separate disciplines. I respect and consider contributions of mystical insight, but less so those who claim their mystical insight to be scientifically verified, when it is not. Unfortunately, the topic of galactic alignment in 2012 is rife with annoying pseudo-scientific assertions. Claims of a pending extraordinary galactic alignment need to be carefully investigated.

Are astronomical alignments the cause of periodic destruction cycles on Earth? Or are they simply arbitrary markers in time? Certainly cataclysm has swept across our planet on numerous occasions, and the cause could be cyclical. The open question is whether the astronomical alignment on December 21, 2012 marks one of those cycles of destruction.

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