Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beating The War Drums

OMG! The mainstream press finally prints a picture of Amadinejad that doesn't catch him with his eyes blinking shut or otherwise looking like a homeless person living under a bridge. 

The associated article, in the Jerusalem Post, also highlights his call to "annihilate Israel" and liberate Palestine from Zionist rule.

So the mainstream press would lead us to think "Bad Iran", for wanting to attack and annihilate poor Israel, that paragon of peace and democracy in the Mideast.

Of course, a few factoids are always left out...of these two nations, which one has attacked neighbors to enlarge its territory? Umm, the correct answer would not include Iran, at least in modern history. (Israel did). Concerned about renegade nukes, are we? Ok, which nation has an active nuclear arsenal, featuring at least 500 warheads? Again, not Iran? And of course Israel played by the rules of the non-proliferation treaty? What, you mean they didn't???

So let's get this straight: The rogue state that built a huge nuclear arsenal under secrecy and flipped off the international nuclear watchdog agencies in the process, that would be correctly identified as Israel? WTF? So why are we picking on Iran? Looks like we are fingering the wrong culprit here.

Does anyone really believe that Iran poses a threat to Israel? Like they are going to patch together a crude nuke from their centrifuges, and lob it toward Tel Aviv? Everyone realizes that any such provocation would result in Tehran and other major Iranian cities being quickly reduced to smoldering, radioactive rubble. Perceived Muslim fanaticism notwithstanding, no Iranian leader is going to make a rash decision like that, when the odds are stacked so overwhelmingly against them.

Some of the Iranian rhetoric actually rings with truth, insofar as Zionism is depicted as a center of evil in the world. As always, let me make it clear that this is NOT a slur against any religious or ethnic group. Many Israelis and Jews around the world are less than enthused by the prospect of an aggressive, Zionist regime oppressing Palestinians at gunpoint and maintaining a constant warlike posture. There is some support among Israelis for an inclusive, secular state that makes peace with its neighbors.

Not to pile it on Zionism as the source of all evil, they are but a tool of the global PTB, City of London Banksters, Council of Foreign Relations, et al. These folks seem determined to beat the war drums until a major conflagration erupts, which will take the average citizen's mind off the economy and incipient Great Depression II. Hopefully more people will begin asking, "why war, why now?" Neither Obama nor Romney seem inclined to halt the rush to war, but perhaps Ron Paul can inject pertinent questions into the political debate this fall.


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