Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Unstable Timelines?

It would seem that the stable space/time and linear timelines we once enjoyed are a thing of the past. I don't have another explanation at hand, other than the possibility that I'm going completely insane.

I suspect that shifting timelines have been around for a while, though most often we are able to rationalize and explain them away as mere forgetfulness. Isn't John Lennon still alive? Didn't Ringo Starr die of cancer? Nelson Mandela died under South African captivity? Could have sworn.

A funny thing happens, however, when we choose to become more awake and aware of the present moment: Those little space/time slips become more noticeable, and more difficult to rationalize away. Sometimes the subconscious vaguely recalls a different line of events. After all, there quite likely are a number of parallel timelines, containing various versions of reality. The only one we generally are aware of is the one we are in at the present moment, and apparently we do switch between on occasion.

My wife Marie and I both shared a couple of slips beginning last year. The first involved a Valentine's Day dinner for couples put on by a regional park. It books up early, so we registered as soon as the announcement was mailed. Marie is a stickler for scheduling dates, and I clearly recall her mentioning "February 13" as she marked the calendar and sent in the registration. That is her recollection as well, and she normally never gets a date wrong.

When we arrived at the park building at the appointed hour on the 13th, we were stunned to find the place locked up and dark. We asked someone walking her dog nearby, who told us she thought the dinner had been held on the 12th. We went home and checked the emails and printed material, and sure enough - it said dinner on the 12th. Looked at the calendar, which now was marked on the 12th. Marie called the park office on the following Monday to register her confusion and disapointment, since we had paid in advance, and was told that for some bizarre reason, several others had also missed the dinner by thinking it was scheduled for the 13th.

Ok, mere forgetfulness could be at work here, but given that others also "forgot" lends credence to my theory of a time slip. When the timelines shift, all tangible evidence also shifts to support the alternate reality. The conscious mind attempts to adjust and make sense of the change by pretending that the current reality has been in effect all along. Underneath, a nagging awareness may persist that the reality really did change, and this is more pronounced in those possessing greater psychic sensitivity.

A more strange event occurred during the past winter: We have an automatic thermostat that cranks up the heat 45 minutes or so before our wakeup time of 6:00. Sometimes the furnace running and increasing temperature arouses me before the alarm goes off, as happened on this particular occasion. I got up and walked into the kitchen, and noted that the clock said 6:10. Must have slept through the alarm, I thought. Returned to the bedroom and started getting dressed as Marie sleepily asked "What time is it, anyway?".

"6:10" I replied.

She consulted her cell phone, which reported the time as 2:13 am. I checked mine, and it said the same.

"Verizon must be having a server outage", I suggested, but then I inspected the thermostat once again. The furnace had stopped running, and the set point stood at 59, which it normally would be at 2:13 am. The actual temperature was closer to 68, however, which confirmed that the set point had really been 68 as I had noticed when I first got up. Back to the kitchen, the clock now said 2:15 am.

Sure, a sleepy-eyed person can misread the time at 2:10 in the morning. Automatic thermostats do not misread the time, however, and the furnace clearly had been running. The actual temperature would have been closer to 59 if the automatic setting had not been increased to 68 for at least 30 minutes. Later, when I finally did wake up at 6:00, it felt like I had slept longer than usual. Perhaps something like 4 hours longer than usual.

The most recent timeline slip incident affected only me, which made it more confusing and infuriating than ever: I drove past the Penny George Institute in Minneapolis a few days ago, and this reminded me that I had seen an ad for a remote viewing class to be held there. I casually mentioned it to Marie afterward, and she surprised me by saying "That's right! Don't you remember that I had wanted to take that class, but you were dead set against it?"

I didn't recall any such thing, and had only noticed the ad a few days earlier. She continued to remind me how she had approached me several times over the preceding month, and that I had uncharacteristically been against her taking the class. She had thought that was a bit strange for me, but had let it go. Normally I am very supportive of her endeavors, and remote viewing was one topic in particular that I had previously encouraged her to try due to her natural psychic ability. The suggestion that I would have opposed it was unthinkable.

We are both quite busy, and forgetting one conversation would be understandable. Given that, her version of events, wherein she approached me about the class several times over a period of weeks, could surely not be totally forgotten by me. Even following this discussion, I cannot locate even a vague recollection of her discussing the class with me. I had no idea she was interested in taking a class on remote viewing.

This sort of anomaly causes me to feel stranded out in left field somewhere. Marie couldn't understand my confusion, since her version of events was clearly etched in her mind. She was still a bit sore at my apparent role in arguing against her taking the class, and now the registration deadline had passed. But who was that person she should feel sore at? Could another version of me in another timeline have had a different attitude? He sounds like a real jerk.

Another phenomena consists of objects moving and appearing from nowhere in our living space. I have written before on this, but recently this activity has been increasing once again. More on this later...


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