Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is the Sky Really Falling? Pt 2: The Way Things Really work

Now that I've postulated a framework, let's look at how it applies to specific issues.


Major events on this planet are tightly controlled, and that would include wars between nations.

On one level, the PTB orchestrates conflicts as they are deemed beneficial to their economic interests and strategic objectives. A study of history from a conspiratorial perspective reveals numerous examples.

Early in the 20th century, the seeds of endless conflict were sown by the PTB (London Bankers, Council on Foreign Relations, et al) by promoting the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the Zionist movement in Europe and Palestine. The evidence for this is easy to discover; one excellent source is Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs.

WWI achieved removal of the stabilizing influence of the Ottoman Empire and traditional aristocratic classes in Europe in order to create a vacuum for other forces to fill.

WWII resulted from behind-the-scenes promotion of the Nazi movement. Industrialists such as Henry Ford were highly supportive of Nazi ideology, and helped the Germans to build their military-industrial base. Corporate examples include IBM , which developed a database for tracking concentration camp inmates. George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott was implicated in a scheme for providing aid to the Germans even after hostilities broke out.

The PTB only tilted against Hitler after he threatened to subjugate all of Europe and Russia, not to mention northern Africa and the Mideast. The PTB's goal was to redraw the lines of future conflict, not unify much of the world under a single empire. The Nazi military machine was crushed, but the Nazis themselves dispersed and were incorporated into various levels of the global elite. They lost the war but gained a permanent place in the halls of power.

WWII set the stage for the Cold War, and the Jewish Holocaust played into plans for Zionist conflict in Palestine. Most subsequent wars in the 20th century developed along those two fault lines.

Following the "Fall of Communism" (likely engineered by the PTB as well), False Flag terrorism became the replacement catalyst for conflict. The CIA had developed a close working relationship with the Taliban during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, so Bin Laden was tapped as the poster boy to help rally Americans into fighting the "War on Terror".

No more cold war to foment conflict? No problem; we now have Iraq and Afghanistan to consume our resources. (Iran will be next). The false-flag attack of 9/11 opened the door for a new endless conflict.

Opposition to the carnage in Iraq finally grew until the present administration took power, promising to wind down the intervention. Surprise! We have another war to replace it. Sure, this isn't Bush's war, but the same activity has simply been transferred to another country. American troops are being blown into small pieces, the local population is being massacred, and the land is being poisoned for the next 4.2 billion years by radioactive "depleted" uranium (DU). The Democratic politicians who were stalwart opponents of Bush's war are now lined up behind Obama's war. This is not difficult to make sense of if you understand how policy is made and who really makes it. Clue: It's not the folks we elect.

The tragedy of war is that loyal soldiers from both sides march into battle convinced that they are defending their nation's legitimate interests. Their sacrifice seems vastly more tragic when one realizes the insidious, hidden agenda behind the conflicts.

There is another level that war appears to operate on: Spiritual.

In the early days of Christianity, Gnostics believed that discarnate entities known as Archons attempt to influence human behavior. They may be known elsewhere by other names, and there are probably numerous groups and points of origin. Essentially, any being that cuts itself off from Source or denies the existence thereof, can be classified as "dark". They don't represent evil in the biblical sense, but if you don't believe in Source then it follows that continued existence requires stealing energy from other beings.

The Archons supposedly manipulate human emotions to stir violent passions, and then harvest the resulting energy. I believe that this explains much of the irrational behavior in the world.

The ruling PTB appear to be somewhat integrated with the darker spiritual realms. There is evidence that arcane religious practices take place within the halls of power and at the highest levels of government. We are not talking your garden-variety Masonic temple here; Some of the deities worshipped would be totally unfamiliar to the average person. More information can be found here and here. One Nation Under God, right?

I also believe that Satanic Ritual Abuse of children is a widespread practice among the ruling class; there is an intriguing amount of evidence for this, such as the “Finders” story that surfaced a few years ago. Another connecting dot is found in a Roman Catholic priest named Malachi Martin, who wrote a “fact-based” novel about ritual abuse in the Church.

There are entities, both light and dark, involved with influencing reality on Earth. There is also a mystical connection between the realm of spirit and physical events. This is somewhat due to the fact that souls incarnate here with an agenda to learn through experience, and the extreme level of polarization in this world makes it somewhat attractive as an advanced (as in difficult) training ground.

One fascinating glimpse of this is found in the book “Cosmic Explorers” by Courtney Brown. He led a remote viewing exercise that targeted the North Korean society. Brown has developed a remote viewing technique that sees into the spiritual dimension as well as the physical. He discovered that the North Korean people tend to reincarnate from the same soul group, and there appears to be an extraordinary degree of connection and oversight between physical life and souls on the Other Side. This does not mean that North Korean souls come here with a destiny to wage war upon their southern brethren, but it does offer some insight into the behavior of that particular group of people.

I would expand upon that insight by suggesting that we all are connected and influenced by spiritual forces on the Other Side, and understanding this is a key to understanding life. Our souls enter this world with an agenda that our human ego-based personalities may not grasp. Major events are planned into our life scripts, and our contracts with other souls determines a great deal of our life’s course.

War is simply one form of drama on this stage among many. My goal is to understand the determining causes behind it, and then we are freed to choose our role with it based on knowledge and insight, rather than blind emotion.

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