Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is the Sky Really Falling?

This blog purports to discuss news events within the context of the spiritual shift currently underway. However, the tone of some articles may strike the reader as a bit gloomy and dark, and unfortunately this may increase in coming months.

I thought it an opportune time to explain my philosophical context. I can assure everyone that my personal outlook is anything but doom and gloom. I view this as an exciting time to be alive, and we have all chosen to be here at this time.

One major question throughout my life has been how to explain the apparent existence of so much evil in the world. How does one begin to sort out the good guys from the bad?

For too long, I relied on the highly polarized perspective of Christianity to explain the dichotomy of Good and Evil. I found simplistic but unambiguous answers, and the good and bad guys were conveniently labled for me.

Eventually, Christian theology's inability to square the concept of evil with an omnipotent God, persuaded me to expand my thinking beyond the confines of dogma. Either God is not in control of everything, or He's playing a two-faced game with us, and neither of these explanations is acceptable.

Now my worldview incorporates the concept of a single consciousness pervading everything. There is no intrinsic evil as such, but there is plenty of drama being played out in this physical dimension that includes realistic "bad guy" roles. To be clear, when use the terms "evil" and "darkness", the context is always the perceived, illusory polarity that our dramas incorporate so effectively.

Many spiritually-minded people resist open discussion of "negative" topics, out of concern that only positive thoughts must be engaged in order to produce positive outcomes. Certainly, I'm a huge believer in positive thinking, and in fact hold to the theory that all reality is created by conscious thought.

Since my high school and college days, I have always been curious to explain major events in the world, which often seem shaped by unseen forces. What are those forces and who are the "powers that be" (PTB) that appear to pull the strings from behind the curtain? My quest led to the realization that a dark underbelly lies beneath the facade of civilization. I feel an imperative to be brutally candid if necessary, to avoid the alternative of slipping back into the anesthetized state of denial that many find appealing. Truth is an ally in our attempt to understand the massive shift we are about to experience.

In essence, darkness is simply the absence of light, just as fear is born from the absence of love. We are loving beings of light that choose to incarnate into a world that can be cold, dark, and frightening. By some miracle, we are actually able to forget who we really are, and immerse ourselves completely into our dramatic roles. We actually think that the illusory reality that we weave is actually the rock-solid, baseline reality of the universe. What a farce!

Forgetting the light and living in fear can cause humans to conclude that the only way of getting one's needs met is to control others and take it by force. This is a necessary ingredient in the drama of human incarnation, and produces a challenging environment for brave souls to stage ambitious lessons and spiritual growth.

In the history of the Earth, there have always been some souls that identify with "darkness", perhaps encouraged or misled by higher-dimensional entities choosing the dark orientation. Civilizations have waxed and waned through cycles of spiritual enlightenment, with oppressive periods of blindness and ignorance in between.

Generally, there is always an organized cadre of dark-oriented humans (abetted in various degrees by certain non-humans), which feel that they "own" the planet and must control it. Major events in history do not occur by random chance, and understanding this is essential for grasping the larger picture.

Cycles of civilization have waxed and waned, partly due to built-in limits that the angelic realm places on our development. When physical knowledge advances to the point where our soul's incarnational environment is threatened, a "reboot" program is executed, if the civilization doesn't do the job first by blowing up everything. The legend of Atlantis refers to such a scenario.

Our civilization is now nearing one of the "reboot" points, as foretold by many religious and esoteric traditions. However, this time around, it has been decided to attempt a jump into a higher level of physical density, to move directly from the Age of Iron to a Golden Age instead of returning to the Stone Age. Sources indicate that this is an immense undertaking, and has drawn the avid attention of the surrounding galaxy and beyond. Apparently nothing like this has been attempted before, and the ascended masters that are guiding it are not even certain about the outcome.

Thus we have...The Shift. It is already underway, as many of us will attest to being aware of the effects. Unfortunately, the dark powers-that-be (PTB) are also aware of it, if only dimly so. They are afraid of the changes that have begun, and are desperate to maintain control. Their grip on humanity is being threatened as never before. The "secrets revealed" meme detected by HPH is one indication of light flooding in to expose the darkness.

Thus the stage is set for the ultimate drama. The key is to understand the drama without being drawn into it. We must learn to surf on the waves of chaos rather than be swamped by them. The events unfolding now must be understood in light of this insight.

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