Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Nasty Mess

The oil continues to gush out of control. It might take days or weeks to plug the leak, and could eventually affect the Atlantic coast. This could become the major story of the year, with unthinkable damage to fishing and wildlife.

No word yet on what caused the explosion and failure of anti-blowout valves. Rush Limbaugh suggested that "environmentalist wackos" had sabotaged the rig to commemorate Earth Day. Of course, Rush is the real wacko here, but he may have subliminally (and accidently) picked up on something relevant; my senses tell me that sabotage is a real possibility.

Many, including Gerald Celente's Trends Research Journal have been predicting that the PTB (Powers That Be) would soon launch a major war to divert the populace from the sad state of the economy. To justify it and to build public support, another false-flag terrorist event on the scale of 9/11 would first be needed.

Celente predicts the coming terrorist event, but it’s anyone’s guess when or where it would happen. Today’s bomb scare in Times Square could have been a failed attempt at such an event.

This may be really reaching out there, but I would not be too surprised if we begin to see rumor circulate that evidence was found of sabotage on the oil rig, followed by official announcement that an Iranian terrorist cell has been linked to the explosion. Of course, the Iranians likely would have had nothing to do with it, or perhaps some Iranians in CIA employ might surface with some clumsily planted “evidence”. (Recall the alleged 9/11 hijackers conveniently leaving their plans behind in rental cars).

Far fetched? Well, we do know that the drumbeat has been building for “getting tough” on Iran, and recent reports surfaced of “bunker buster” warheads being shipped to the naval base at Diego Garcia. After harshly condemning new Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem, the Administration seems to be toning it down and focusing more on the Iranian issue.

I could be completely wrong on this, but it these events pan out, it would track well with Bush’s Iraq strategy. Few could have conceived of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq without 9/11 first setting the stage.

Unfortunately, Gerald Celente’s prediction is plausible, and it’s only a matter of speculation as to where and when.

The American electorate thought regime change was the solution to the Bush nightware. Unfortunately, that nightmare may have been simply the opening scene of a multi-act major drama.

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