Thursday, June 3, 2010

Durins' Bane

The downfall of Moria came, as Gandalf put it, when the Dwarves "delved too greedily and too deep, disturbed that from which they fled, Durin's Bane." It was a Balrog, a servant of Morgoth the Enemy, that had been hiding at the roots of the mountain since the end of the First Age. It was called Durin's Bane because it killed Durin VI and routed his people from their underground community.

Coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster has appeared less than candid and complete. A picture emerges from surviving crew of risky and ultimately fatal decision-making due to BP's relentless pressure to maintain schedules and contain costs. A series of mistakes and bad-luck accidents may have damaged the blowout-prevention valve, and allowed oil and gas under enormous pressure to pour out.

So was tragedy the result of corporate greed run amok? Others are suggesting that merely drilling so deep (over 30,000 feet under the seabed) only 50 miles off the coast was an unacceptably risky proposition, although the Deepwater Horizon had successfully drilled even deeper in 2009. Oil patch experts say that pressures of 18,000 PSI are common at such depths, so supposedly the technology was designed to handle it.

This may be only me waxing poetic, but Tolkien's tale of delving too deeply seems to fit. A monster has been unleashed from the depths that is immensely more threatening than a Balrog. The damage may go beyond anyone's worst case scenarios.

I dearly hope they are wrong, but the predictive linguistics work at Half Past Human suggests that the oil leak will not be stopped until 2012, and then by an earthquake rather than human technolgy. Prior to April 20, the source of the "ocean sickness" meme cropping up could only be speculated at. The massive diaspora of 20 million people in North America also appeared in the linguistics, which was difficult to fathom until now.The possibility of hurricanes dropping toxic oil and chemical dispersants over southeastern states is truly chilling.

By the way, the predictive linguistics technique is rooted in Jung's theory of the collective unconscious. Experiments have proven conclusively that everyone is capable of sensing at least 6 seconds into the future. The subconcious appears to be aware of future probabilities stretching months or years ahead. The theory is that our unconscious use of certain words and phrases can be analyzed for predictive content. The linguistic output of millions of contributors to Internet articles, blogs and forums (fora?) are crunched by computer algorithim, and patterns definitely emerge.

Some of the Half Past Human predictions for the coming two years are frighteningly dark, but I'm pondering whether this technology is actually foreseeing the future, or merely reading the darkest fears lurking deep within people's psyches. Certainly some subscribe to a chialistic "end times" fatalism as portrayed in the Book of Revelations, so that could be the source of some of the darker undercurrents in the global psyche.

A wild card that may throw a wrench into anyone's predictions is the possibility that multiple probable time lines exist, and the 2012 phenomonon may be about growing instability in space-time as two or more probable outcomes split apart. The sources cited by Dolores Cannon in her Convoluted Universe series suggest that those of a higher vibration will actually split off from the more dense lower vibrational dimension. Not everyone is able or willing to embrace ascension, so the present polarized dimension will likely remain in place for them.

My own theory is that the dimensions are indeed splitting, but will remain overlaid together for an extended period. Thus, reality for those choosing the higher frequencies will shift away from the old system, but gradually enough so that continued interaction with the old is possible for a time. Have you noticed that old friends that don't "get the shift" seem to just fade away? I have many examples of this in my life. They are still out there, but becoming harder to locate, and when I do find them, there just isn't much left in common.

Thus, we can speak of oil spills, global depression and upcoming wars with a sense of detachment. It's hard not to grieve for the dying planet (those poor sea creatures covered in oil!), but we came here for a reason at this time. If all we accomplish is to check out during one of the waves of catastrophe, then at least we will remember not to reincarnate here any time soon!

I have a sense that we are here for a much more lofty goal than mere survival. If enough higher consciousness coalesces, we can begin to reverse the damage and heal the planet. One thing we can do right now is begin to look for traces of the new higher dimenional reality forming in our midst, and embrace it. Find the beauty and abide there, and see where it takes you.

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  1. These are exciting times we are witnessing. I'm now coming to terms with the premise that our elected government is only a smokescreen for the corporate overlords that control society. This hurt, especially with my adoration of Obama. Live and learn.

    So now that I've eliminated the government as an entity that works for the common people, I'm left with a mighty big whole.

    I'd like the big shift to happen a bit faster. I'm sure I'm not ready but I still welcome it. Ignorance is bliss on my part.