Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Uranus Squares Pluto = Trouble!

With the economy headed toward a lengthy depression, and the world's oceans threatened by mankind's stupidity in search of oil, it's interesting to look at how astrological alignments might be an influence.

Uranus is currently transiting a square with Pluto, and will be moving into Capricorn by 2012. The last time Uranus squared Pluto was during the Great Depression of the 1930's, so historically this aspect doesn't bode well for business.

Uranus in Capricorn is associated with great social upheavals and revolutions. Last time around we had the American revolution that gave birth to this nation. During the 1530's this alignment helped nudge Europe into the Protestant Reformation and helped pry the world out from under the thumb of the Roman Catholic Empire.

Some visionaries are predicting another cycle of social upheaval and revolution over the next several years, so the Uranus-Pluto aspect may be once again exerting influence.

The lunar eclipse on June 26 conjuncts Pluto, and the last time this happened was 1986, when Bhopal India became the site of a horrible environmental disaster., and don't forget Chernobyl.  Is the timing therefore not auspicious for the Gulf oil leak?

There is a sense that Earth may be about to strike back from all the indignities that have been thrust against her. Earthquakes have increased tremendously in recent months, and southern California/Baja Mexico have been continually hammered by an ongoing series of quakes. The new moon on July 11 (with total eclipse) may portend even more of this activity, and the Chinese are nervously watching cracks develop in the Three Gorges Dam.

The next several months should prove to be interesting. Just keep repeating this mantra: "I agreed to be here at this time..."

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