Friday, September 17, 2010

creatio ex nihilo

creatio ex nihilo : Creation out of Nothing

No, this isn't a spell from Harry Potter.It's the concept that God created the universe from nothing. It gained traction during the early Christian church, even though the phrase does not appear anywhere in the Bible. This was perhaps prompted by a desire to discredit Gnostic ideas that the material world is inherently evil.

The concept of creation seemingly out of nothing is fascinating. What is the true nature of physical matter? I am curious to understand it in relation to the hierarchy of dimensions within commonly held spiritual thought. The science of physics has its own theories of multiple dimensions. Although some great minds are attempting to merge science and spirituality together, it's still a work in progress. I don't feel the need to choose one over the other, but simply note that each discipline has its own tools for gathering data. At some point the data tends to converge.

Those adept in spiritual thought are aware of higher dimensions being the realm of spirit, while our physical lives take place in the relatively dense dimension of matter. While traditional Christianity really downplays the role of spirit in human incarnation, the interaction between spirit and flesh forms the core of my spiritual philosophy. The basic concept is that spirit, which is the soul, temporarily forgoes the trappings of its higher dimensional home to experience life on the dense physical plane.

There are many sources of information regarding existence on the higher spiritual planes; these include near-death experiences (NDE), recall of the soul's life-between-lives through hypnosis, channeled information from discarnate beings (ascended souls, ETs or angels), and conscious exploration of higher dimensions via out-of-body experiences (OBE).

The gist of all collected information essentially tells us that the existence of the physical universe is maintained by the consciousness that pervades everything - call it God or Source or "spirit in the sky" if you wish. The Source consciousness is constantly creating, and since souls are really fragments of the central Source, we are all creators as well.

In the spiritual realm, creation occurs at the speed of thought, for this is a fundamental characteristic of the soul entity. When the soul incarnates into physicality (i.e. you and I living on the Earth as humans), tremendous limitations begin to apply. Of course, this is intentional, for it has to do with the very reason we are here (see this earlier post). Creation still takes place, but at a much slower pace. So slowly that we generally remain unaware of our role in shaping the physical reality around us. The fact is that everything in our personal world and environment has been created by us and by consensus of everyone else we interact with.

I would like to explore the very mechanism by which we create and mold the daily reality around us. The strange materializations reported in this earlier post have added fuel to my curiosity. How do solid objects spontaneously move from one location to another? How do mystics from India or Tibet embed a fork into a solid table as if it were putty? They obviously have developed conscious control as their minds interact with matter.

More to come on this.

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