Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things That Go Bump in the Night revisited

This tale is likely to be an ongoing saga. Many thanks to those who are leaving comments, which I read with great interest.

At this point, the most plausible explanation for the anomalous materializations is the thinning of dimensional boundaries and subsequent overlay of one or more alternate dimensions. There may be something in this particular location that predisposes for this activity, and the proximity of psychically active minds seems to help.

To those who suggest that demonic activity is involved, let me just say when you're brainstorming, you can't reject anything out of hand. However, having met demons in person on occasion, it's hard to mistake their signature dark energy for something else. It's like a black hole, and I think Christians tend to give them too much credit for guile and subtlety. They're about as subtle as a brick hitting you in the head.

For those wondering (perhaps humorously?) whether materializations at my house is connected to disappearances at yours, certainly this gets me to thinking. Are the objects a fresh creation from energy, or simply relocated from somewhere else? Does someone now have corresponding objects missing? Did some bookseller come up short on inventory? If the gold coins I seek finally show up, does an investor somewhere wonder who got into their vault?

I'm certainly not out to steal from anyone, and would prefer to think in terms of unlimited energy from Source creating unlimited supply of material needs. Hopefully this is what we are learning to consciously do. Author Ann Albers likes to point out that demons are simply misguided entities that are cut off from source because they deny the existence of Source. If you don't believe in Source, then your alternative is to conclude you must steal your energy from elsewhere, and that's what they do. Conversely, if you believe in Source, you can create abundance and have enough to give away.

My focus is on exploring the specific mechanism by which the material universe is created from energy and conscious thought. Seth covered this topic thoroughly in "Seth Speaks" and "The Nature of Personal Reality":

"The objective world is the end result of inner action. You can indeed manipulate the objective world from within, for this is the means and definition of true manipulation..."

"Thoughts and images are formed into physical reality and become physical fact. They are propelled chemically. A thought IS energy. It begins to produce itself physically at the moment of its conception."

"Your spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness, to help create a dimension of reality of colors and form. Your spirit was born in flesh to enrich a marvelous area of sense awareness, to feel  energy made into corporeal form. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body. You are here to aid in the great expansion of consciousness. You are not here to cry about the miseries of the human condition, but to change them when you find them not to your liking through the joy, strength, and vitality that is within you; to create the spirit as faithfully and beautifully as you can in flesh."
Seth even states in "Seth Speaks" that certain locations are more inclined to produce manifestation more quickly, and mentions Minneapolis/Saint Paul as one. (Where I live).

The flip side to this is the possibility that negative thoughts can produce unpleasant manifestations. The old sci fi flick "Forbidden Planet" comes to mind, where an alien machine turned thoughts into reality. The mad-scientist type experimenting with it discovered to his dismay that his Freudian "Id" mind created the monster that killed off nearly everyone else.

In future articles I'll be exploring the topic of creation and manifestation, and how to create the abundant life. I'm still in the process of learning how to do this, but I'll share as I'm learning. The strange manifestations around me are the perfect laboratory in which to explore. Hopefully it can be consciously directed. If it's us doing it, then why not? If not, then who is?

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