Friday, September 24, 2010

Sometimes The Truth Hurts

News item: Iranian president Ahmadinejad addresses the UN general assembly, and delivers some plain talk about who was behind the 9/11 attacks. This resulted in the US and many allies walking out of the session. Predictably, the mainstream media (MSM) took the opportunity to once again paint Ahmadinejad as a whackjob crackpot.

My take on it: The MSM has virtually blacked out any reporting of research and evidence that discredits the official account of what happened on 9/11, despite the fact that the official account reads like a fanciful but poorly constructed "conspiracy theory". It must be highly embarassing to the PTB that a foreigh head of state could get a few contrarian words in edgewise, as it were. Whatever might be otherwise thought of him, at least he is not subject to censorship by the MSM and PTB.

MSM reports will be sure to mention that Ahmadinejad is also a "holocaust denier" and this supposedly discredits anything else he might have to say. Well, let's just say that there is scant evidence supporting holocaust denial, but tons of independent research that questions the credibility of the government's 9/11 explanation. If he states that roses are red, are you going to therefore conclude they must be blue?

Some things are rather obvious.

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  1. I've actually heard Ahmadinejad speak with real intelligence and clarity. Too bad he alway has to fall into ideological rhetoric. Not much different from our own bullshit political rhetoric. It gets nowhere, as far as solving world problems. Only when the frightened Islamic Right can sit down and have an intelligent conversation with our frightened Republican Right, will we see...screech...Hah! Like that's ever going to happen! Fear-based societies will be the death of us all.