Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Shift in Reality

So good to have the election over with, but didn't it seem as though a switch had been flipped somewhere on the following day? Just prior to election day, every one's assumption seemed that Romney was gaining ground and Obama was on the ropes. Republican campaign propaganda appeared to be defining the debate on major issues.

Starting on the day after, it was like any moron could have seen that Romney didn't stand a chance. Republican pundits expiated over the their party's strategic blunders. The numbers of white males and Christian fundamentalists were now seen as shrinking in favor of Hispanics and other progressive people of color, so Republicans began to openly suggest that the party needs to reinvent itself.

Rather than continuing the assault on common sense, right-wing pundits suddenly began sounding reasonable for a change! William Kristol weighed in on the "fiscal cliff" by stating that "it would be foolish for Republicans to fall on their swords" by opposing tax increases for the ultra-rich. Grover Norquist has suddenly become a non-person! And then even the likes of mega-bitch Ann Coulter chided Republicans for their misogynist blunders regarding rape. It was like Alice in Wonderland, with everything turned around!

But back to reality: the nation is deeply divided, the fiscal cliff must be resolved, and warmongering is ramping up in Israel.

The situation in the Mideast is particularly worrisome. As usual, the Zionist-controlled media is portraying Hamas as a terrorist organization, hell bent on destroying Israel. Hamas launched rockets on Tel Aviv in a brazen provocation, we are told. Coverage focuses on the 3 Israeli civilians killed and 60 wounded, while the losses inflicted by Israel in Gaza are many times greater.

The corporate media does not ask the obvious question of why Hamas would make the suicidal mistake of provoking an attack. There was evidence of Israeli agents launching rockets from Hamas in the past, so I certainly would suspect it again. An expanded war would seem to fit into Israel's agenda at the moment.

Fighting rages in Syria, and the destabilized situation must present a tempting opportunity for Israel. Provoke a few rocket exchanges with Egypt, trade fire with Syrian tanks at Golan, and perhaps a major conflagration could be kindled. This could provide perfect context for the long-awaited attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

This warmongering is flirting with disaster, but few voices are heard in opposition. Corporate media can't even report events accurately, and little spotlight is shone on the carnage suffered by Palestinians. Hopefully we can avoid nuclear exchanges and WW III, or at least reschedule Armageddon for a later date.


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