Thursday, November 8, 2012

Republican Meltdown

This is really phenomenal. This goes beyond anything I would have expected. I'm not surprised that Obama was reelected, but the Republican whining and blame game reveals much about what their party now stands for.

Karl Rove complains that Obama "suppressed the Romney vote" by painting him as "a rich guy who only cares about himself". Wowzers! And didn't Romney help that along just a bit with his occasional candid comments and background as a vulture capitalist? Was Romney's character really that hard to judge without help from Democratic campaign ads?

Maybe what this really tells us is that voters aren't as stupid as Rove had assumed. Perhaps blatant lying with implausible whoppers didn't pay off after all. Rove seems to think that it should have. Shame on us for not falling for the lies! This attitude is an insult to all voters.

It's clear to see what has motivated the GOP push for voter suppression measures, ostensibly known as "Voter ID". They fear that they cannot win if too many of Romney's 47% show up to vote. This apparently accounts for the gross miscalculation made by Rove, Dick Morris, George F. Will and others.

Republicans accuse Obama of engaging in class warfare for attempting to limit tax breaks for the wealthy, but now we see true class warfare clearly demonstrated in their campaign strategy. Unfortunately for them, it's harder than expected to piece together a winning coalition of banksters, angry, white male voters and religious fundamentalists. This has left the nation divided and cynical, but hopefully still intact.

It will be interesting to watch how the Republican party evolves from here. The lunatic fringe Tea Party takeover is complete, and related or not, the fact remains that not one Republican of significant stature bothered to compete for the presidential nomination. It's been suggested that Jeb Bush sat this one out to allow the madness to work its course and then be in line to save the party in 2016. That would require new leadership and some serious changes in four years. One thing for certain, Rove and El Rushbo won't be leading the charge.


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