Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So What Now?

This is like dodging a bullet; it's good to escape, but it's no fun being shot at.

It's a relief that Romney was turned back. That sums up my reaction.

My conservative friends can take comfort from the fact that Romney was the "designated loser" in a race that was remarkable in that not a single Republican of stature competed for the nomination. Romney could have damaged the Republican brand and dragged the party down prior to the next election in 2016. It's widely suspected that Jeb Bush has been quietly waiting in the weeds for that date to arrive. If Obama doesn't make the most of his second chance, it will be bad news for Democrats next time around.

As an intuitive, I am most concerned with the broad trends and forces shaping current events. As stated before, we are perilously close to the edge of a cliff, and not just the "fiscal cliff" that must be dealt with by year's end.

Immediate problems on the horizon include:

  • Massive debt bubble about to burst
  • Public unrest at the Bankster cartel for siphoning wealth from the economy
  • Earth changes (including abrupt climate change) - this could soon be headline news
  • Warmongers threatening to launch a conflagration in the middle east
  • Individual liberties threatened by the police state that began under Bush
  • Deep divisions tearing at the nation as Uranus-Pluto square up
The candidates failed to address these issues during the campaign, and there is no reason to think that either one had any better shot at them. Romney used deception to raise false hopes that he had solutions in general, but now that's in the rear-view mirror.

My opinion is that coming events will render the government relatively irrelevant. The brighter future that many intuitives foresee will begin in small pockets under local initiative. Prior to this there may be heavy seas and turbulence.

So now the task is to figure it all out...

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